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Catch up!

YIKES, long time no see!! I took some time off over the Holidays to spend time with my family, and this little cutie who flew in from Hawaii! We did lots of fun Christmas-y things like family stack photos… and…

Believe it or not…

I am still here! Things have been insane. But here are some updates: Last week I got this precious jacket from jane.com. I felt it called for the perfect flirty pony, so I gave it just that. I love the little…

Holiday Carrie

Do you catch Carrie on Jimmy Fallon? I totally missed it but thankfully I found it on youtube. Hilarious, love it.  Here it is… I have a feeling her adorable little outfit has already inspired many ladies this Holiday season,…


  • Is there anything better than a brand new @beccacosmetics Champagne Pop highlighter?! I think not.
In case you missed my recent everyday makeup routine that I posted on my IGTV, I re-posted it on the blog today, and included links to all of my favorites products to make it super easy for ya!!
What is the one product you can’t live without? Mascara? Lipstick? Mine is a toss up between my moisturizer and Champagne Pop. It’s JUST SO PRETTY!!
Link to blog post in my profile! #makeuptutorial #makeuproutine #beccacosmetics #nars #mac #ysl
  • One year of marriage ✔️
This past year has been one of the sweetest times in our lives. I love being married to you @janx3000. 💕
📷: @claireandbarrett #popfizzjenks #101417
  • This is by no means an exceptional photo, but it is one of my favorites that I don't think I've shared. Apparently if you bury a bottle of bourbon on a beautiful day, your wedding day weather will be just as gorgeous. There's some specific rules, but we just made ours up, and luckily it worked!! We dug it up the day before our wedding, and had THE most beautiful wedding day. It was 75 and sunny, the bluest sky you've ever seen. I'll never forget what it looked like!
I love this pic of us, especially of my adorable husband. We were so excited, it was truly the best weekend ever! #weddingflashback #popfizzjenks #1yearanniversary #101417
  • We're still in the thick of wedding season over here, October is the new June ya know?! So in honor of my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY (coming up this weekend 🥂🍾!!) I wanted to remind you guys about a blog post I did recently on the 'Top 10 Mistakes Every Bride Makes'. I am going to link it in my bio!! I am still seeing many of these mistakes every weekend, and I truly want to help you all avoid them!
Now, I didn't do things perfectly I assure you!! My biggest wedding regret was the party bus. In hindsight I would have taken a car just Tim and I, so we could spend some time together alone going from the ceremony to the reception. I needed a few minutes of quiet time, so keep that in mind if you think you might as well! 📷: @claireandbarrett
  • Any other perfectionists out there?? What a blessing and a curse it is. I have always been a perfectionist, I have to have everything perfect always or I’LL JUST DIE. It can be so hindering at times. I do fear I miss out on things, or am hesitant to do things I want to do because I just want it to be PERFECT. News flash, nothing is ever perfect!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
One of my favorite quotes from @bossbabe.inc has been on my mind a lot lately.
“Don’t forget you can:
-Start late
-Start over
-Be uncertain
-Look different
-Act different
-Try and fail
And STILL succeed.”
That’s so powerful!! So here’s to just doing things, and not stressing about PERFECTION. It’s OK to give it your best, and continue to learn as you go!
📷: @mrs_malicotephoto
👚: @peplumlexington

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