Jun 2, 2014

Sissy Wedding Update!

Whoever said wedding planning was fun is lying to you...and I am not even the one planning the wedding!! But sis is, and let me just tell you, it's overwhelming. 

I feel like there are 100 things I should be doing to help her--yet I don't even know where to begin. Just gimme a list, Beck! I have ordered my bridesmaids dress, and booked the bachelorette party (houseboat, fourth of July woop woop!!) but that is about as far as I have gotten. She has done a good job of being organized, so at least that makes one of us!
{how gorgeous is her save the date, above?!}

She and Matt did their engagement pics a month or two ago with Claire Marie Photo, and I just thought they turned out so beautiful!! You can see Claire's full post on the shoot here!

She is getting married August 23 (holy moly that is so close!!) in Louisville, KY. She and Matt chose the Frazier Museum for it's killer rooftop ceremony spot. It is SO gorgeous! (all pics from the Frazier Museum website
The reception will be in the 4th floor loft, which has these beautiful windows and lots of exposed brick. 
We love it :) 

She also has other big things booked like the photographer, and the videographer! Photographing the day will be my favorite hubby and wife duo...Claire Marie Photo!! Aren't they the cutest? We love them.

Reel Special will be doing the video, and I am SO excited!! You have to check out their wedding videos, they are so great. I have gotten to work with them a couple times and they are so talented. Hey wait a minute, they are husband and wife too! I just love that.
As far as decor and things go... I think Pinterest is as far as we have gotten. HA! She wants lots of gold, and to recreate this fancy chandelier thingy. 

And YES she does have her dress! It should be in any day, but it looks just like this one...
Clearly I kid. 

I am personally more excited to talk about how we will style her hair. I am hoping she will be up for a nice headpiece a la Celine Dion. No?

Now that is aggressive. 

Wish us luck... two and a half months out and there is so much to do!! Where the heck is Franck when you need him?

Oh how I wish he was real.

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Other Somewhere said...

Looks gorgeous, especially the Celine Dion headpiece ;)

P!nky said...

YAY for the wedding update. I agree 100% with you, the idea of planning a wedding is fun, the actual planning, woof!

I love all her ideas though, a chandelier, divine, just divine.

Can't wait to see how things turn out! So exciting!

Lauren Lu said...

Thanks for the wedding details! I can't wait to crash it ;o) I clearly kid.

No matter what y'all plan and pull off, it'll be a spectacular day with gorgeous memories!

I simply adore her updated Roaring 20's style!


Christy said...

Love your blog! I'm getting married the week before her, August 16th and let me tell you as the Bride, I'm overwhelmed! Now I see why people have destination weddings! :) Try to do things little by little so they don't all pile up. It will be a GORGEOUS wedding I'm sure!

Kait said...

Ahh that's my wedding date too and seeing you type out two and a half months almost just sent me into cardiac arrest! It's creeping so close!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

I cannot wait to see her wedding pictures because I know they will be gorgeous! :)

Kate said...

How exciting! Wedding planning is so hard, I about pulled my hair out during mine :) But it looks like things are coming along fantastically for you guys. Also, can I say that I'm SO anxious to see your Bachelorette Party recap for this one. A houseboat? Seriously? that sounds like so much fun!!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Gorgeous e-pics! Can't wait to see the wedding pics :)

And Frank from Father of the Bride was loosely based off of the party planner in Beverly Hills that Lisa Vanderpump uses for all her parties. The guy who goes "Beverly Hills chic chic chic chic". *oy*

Raeven said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks wedding planning is anything but fun! Your sissy and I are getting married on the same day, and even though it's only 2.5 months away, I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing! Haha! She's lucky to have you to help! Gorgeous venue, too!

13lucky13 said...

Your sister and I are getting married the same day! It comes so quickly!

Lauren said...

hehe. I wish he was real too! Good luck with all of the planning! It will be perfect!

Terrai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Terrai said...

My birthday is August 23rd ! Great date :))

Kenzie Smith said...

How exciting for your sister! Her save the date cards are too cute.

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

Yep, wedding planning is not ALL fun and games. It is stresful! I've only noticed planning my own!
You are too funny! That headpiece is redic!
Showered With Design

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