May 19, 2014

Bluetique-Cheap Chic!

Warm weather is FINALLY here, and I couldn't be happier. The first person to say "it's too hot" is getting smacked because this past winter was absolutely brutal!!

What better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with a little shopping trip, amiright?

A few weeks ago, sis and I headed downtown to do some boutique shopping, or Bluetique shopping to be exact. Buetique is one of the cutest little places in Lexington, and so reasonably priced! Before you get disappointed because you don't live in Lexington, never fear, for Bluetique has over 9 locations now, and you can order on their website too!! 
They have everything you need from accessories to clothes to handbags-and each piece is so unique. I want everything in there to magically jump in my closet. 

If you are looking for cute game day attire, search no more, because they have an entire blue section for all of us UK ladies. 

And how cute is this tiny pink purse?!

I made it home with some really fab pieces! One of my favorites was this blue top that I think I have already worn three times.

 I also swiped this pair of white jeans, that I am 100% obsessed with. They are stretchy, but also thick enough to have structure, if that makes sense. And I love this peachy top and necklace, perfect for spring when it is sometimes still cool out, ya know? (did anyone else just have a Miss Congeniality, "all you need is a light jacket" moment? No? Anyway...)

I also got this maxi that I wore in Florida. They made it easy and monogrammed it for me too! It is SO comfortable I could seriously live in it!

Love Bluetique! Definitely check it out, I follow them on Instagram for daily fashion inspiration and new arrivals! 

So happy that spring is FINALLY here and I am getting to wear some of these recent purchases! Happy spring shopping!

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Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

I follow them on Instagram and regularly love some of the things they post! Oddly, though, I have just ONE thing from there (a dress)....I rarely stop by, though I need to. I could use some flowy tops these days ;)

P!nky said...

Seriously, I'm ready to fight the first person to complain about the heat. I hate two faced weather complainers!

How is sissy wedding planning goin?


Carolyn said...

Such cute stuff!!!

Brooke said...

I love that place!! And ps. your hair is getting soo long!

Leslie Hein said...

Wow their stuff is adorable!! Looks like my closet needs to have some stuff magically appear in it... ;)

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