Apr 9, 2014

American Blogger Trailer Released!

Do you remember last summer, filmmaker Chris Wiegand {Casey's husband!!} stopped in KY on his journey across the country, filming for his documentary American Blogger?? You can read more about the project, and his time in KY here

WELL, I have been anxiously awaiting the release ever since, and am excited to share that the trailer has been completed!! It looks SO good! I am excited, and nervous all at the same time, surely I said something ridiculously stupid at some point, HA! But I am excited for him, as this is such an awesome accomplishment. 

I am not in the trailer, but he did say everyone was in the movie at some point (it looks like around 50 bloggers!) so we shall see! You can see the other bloggers included on the American Blogger website here

And here is the beautifully done trailer! I think my favorite part is Chris's wife Casey, and their little angel baby laughing and snuggling, it is just so sweet! 

Well done Chris! I am beyond excited to see the film! Congrats one finishing such a big project, and thank you for letting me be a teeny part of it!! 

I will keep you all posted with details on a release date, coming very soon! 

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The Girl who Loved to Write said...

So incredibly exciting!

Mrs Gable said...

How awesome!

Emily Clark said...

I was so disappointed that the trailer seemed to make it more about his journey instead of the blogging world! I hope the documentary focuses on the bloggers and their experiences rather than Chris driving cross country. (Like why highlight that he's in an air-stream? Who is this story really about?)

End rant :)

Stephanie said...

Ahh what a tease! I am so excited to see the whole film.

Lauren said...

Can't wait to watch this! :)

Dina said...

We are excited to see this film, as blogging has changed our lives. We most definitely would like to see a look into the lives of more female bloggers of color. We've got stories. Great stuff!
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