Mar 12, 2014

My Skin Care Routine-Updated

I have been getting some questions recently about my skin care routine, so I wanted to share with you ladies! While I do think I was blessed with good skin, I also put a lot of time and effort into making sure I am taking care of said skin!! I am not getting any younger over preventative efforts are key!

I have been using the theraderm skin care line (you local ladies can get from Dr. Luftman, sweetest man ever!! Or if not local, here is the website.)

I absolutely love it. there are 4 steps: a cleansing wash, a fruit acid exfoliant, a reparative gel, and a moisturizer. There is also a lip balm which I am OBSESSED with, but only use at night.

The cleanser is light and sudsy enough to pair with my clarisonic, which makes me even happier, because I love feeling super clean.

I also follow up to the theraderm steps by applying this eye cream by Mary Kay. I am obsessed with it. It is pretty thick, but perfect for that fragile skin around your eyes. {If you are in need of a Mary Kay consultant, contact my friend Darcy!}

About once a week, or whenever I feel like it, I use this Abeeco Bee Venom Mask (yes bee venom) which helps tighten and firm skin, promising botox like effects, but naturally! I seriously can tell a difference when I use it, my skins is more glowy and in my mind, I don't move my forehead as much!! I love it, but I was super scared to try it at first!! If you are allergic to bees, this would clearly be a no go. 

And perhaps most important of all, I remove my makeup with ponds cold cream. Yes I am 76. I swear, it is the best. It removes makeup so easily. I am super conscious of not pulling at the skin around my eyes (says the almost 30 year old...waaaahhhh!). This stuff literally takes off all your eye makeup in one swipe. I just put a little bit on and gently rub it around then wipe off with a little cotton round. SO easy, and so less traumatic for your eyes than some of the harsher makeup removers, or even wipes, that I have tried (and use to love!).
Ok so while I was googling ponds cold cream (lol), I found all these adorable vintage ads-are they not precious?? See I told you, I am 76. ha! 

What is the correlation with getting engaged and using ponds? Should I be expecting a ring? ;) 

Anyhoo, that is my two cents in the skin care department. If you do one thing, just make sure you are moisturizing your skin! That is the basic key to keeping that young skin of yours! Oh, and stay out of the tanning beds... shudder. 

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Miranda said...

I definitely need to look into those makeup remover pads. I just purchased some and cannot stand them, they take everything off but mascara and eyeliner (hello raccoon eyes!)

Hosting a giveaway for a monogrammed bow...hope you come and check it out.

Kenzie S said...

I definitely need to look into that Pond's Cold Cream, especially if it means I will get engaged ;D Thanks for sharing this!

Jen Watts said...

Nice to know your secrets cause you've been glowing lately sister!!

The Shabby Princess said...

Ok, I'm ordering that mask. I admit I've dabbled in botox (I'm almost 30 too, waaahhh!), but, don't have the funds for it right now--anything that promises to smooth mah damn forehead, I am in! Thanks for sharing--you do have fab skin! xox

Angi Solle said...

I love reading others skin care routine. I just recently started using a few of these products and love them! I will have to check out the rest.

Angi Solle said...

I love reading others skin care routine. I just recently started using a few of these products and love them! I will have to check out the rest.

Kelly said...

Hey Lady! I love reading your blog but have never commented before. Have you ever tried Nerium AD? It's a one step night treatment that replaces everything. You just wash your face put it on at night and that's it. let me know if you would like to try a sample!

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