Dec 13, 2013

Believe it or not...

I am still here! 

Things have been insane. But here are some updates:

Last week I got this precious jacket from I felt it called for the perfect flirty pony, so I gave it just that. 
I love the little ruffles in the front. I paired it with my scarf from here
cute huh?

Like the rest of you, I tuned in to catch Carrie on the sound of music. However, I was kinda bored since I had never seen the original (I know, I know...)
So I decided me and my bad self would recreate her 'do instead. LOL. 
The following night,  I attended my big sis' annual Christmas party. I always look forward to it every year, their house is magical at Christmas! (if you are new around here, she is not really my actual big sis, but she is the next best thing, I use to be her nanny! deets here)

 She's a pretty great big sis though, I think I'll keep her ;) 
Here was the hair. (nothing to write home about, but I did enjoy the fancy little headband from who knows where... maybe Forever 21?)
The next day, I woke up bright and early to go help with an event in Lexington called Help Portrait. It was such a cool concept (I had never heard of it) but photographers, hair and makeup artists, and many many more people, all come together to volunteer their time to help love on people in the community. 

the video below will tell you a little more about the day. It was made (and has been the past couple years I believe) but my new found friend Ryan at Reel Special Productions! (He also did one of my brides wedding videos this past year)

This video is so sweet. 

I wish I had been able to stay longer, but I had to high tail it to Cincinnati for a Bengals game weekend with a bunch of friends!  it.was.FREEZING. 

As soon as we got back Monday from the game, I rushed to get my girls from school (big sis and her hubs were gone until Wednesday, so I had mommy duty.) 

I love these babies!
So that is what I have been doing. OH and juggling like 4 jobs. All at once. ;) 

All good things, for sure, but sister is TIRED! Ready for a break tomorrow!!

Over and out. TGIF!

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Emily said...

Love all your looks. And can we discuss that adorable little girl's blue dress and tights!! Do they make that in my size?! So cute.

Alyse said...

I pretty much love that the bf made an appearance in the big sis post! so precious!

Lauren said...

You and the bf are sooooo beautiful, happy for you! I also got a little bored with sound of music :/

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Gorgeous dress and hairdo of course :)

That party your "big sis" throws every year looks incredible!

Kerr said...

So small world alert, I believe that's tracy in the photo of you and big sis, she is my swim coach's wife!

C Mae said...

WHAT>!?! You've never seen the original!?! Okay, the next time you fall ill and catch a cold, do yourself a favor, rent it, via itunes or where ever and watch it. Julie Andrews will knock your socks off. The original is anything but boring I promise!

Lauren said...

Sound of Music put me to sleep, girlfriend! Ha! You weren't the only one!

Lauren said...

Sound of Music put me to sleep, girlfriend! Ha! You weren't the only one!

P!nky said...

So purdy in all your pictures lady!

Next time I'm in cincy with the husband we need to plan a meet up!!!


Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

OH your hair. I love ittttttttt.

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

You look gorgeous even in sub below temps! Beautiful hair pics!

Jill said...

I really think you should post the video you sent to us following the hairdo ;) There's that supermodel Bengals picture...for 2014 I think I want you to give me a makeover.

Alexis McConihay said...

You are so beautiful! love the hairstyle and the black shimmery dress!

Ashley said...

Loooove that flirty pony!! Those girls are adorable.


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