Nov 8, 2013

you thought I forgot?

Au contraire. 

Just been bizzzay trying on bridesmaid dresses with Chrissy, wedding venue shopping with sissy, and preparing for a little engagement soiree I am helping host tonight. It doesn't stop girls...

In case you missed is, Brad and Carrie dominated the CMA's this year, yet again. However I must interject at this moment and set the record straight that this was not may favorite Carrie outfit year. She is flawless, so therefore can do no wrong, but I just didn't have a lot of favorites this year? I will tell you what was awesome... her legs. Duh. 

Get a life Carrie, get a life. 
I want sparkly tassels on my shoes...
Her performance rocked, per usual. 

Here it is if you missed:

I did enjoy her red carpet dress, it was typical Carrie, predictable, but gorgeous. She knows what she does best, good for her.
And I liked the gold shimmer she had on her bottom lashes.. pretty. I will attempt this and end up with an eye patch because I got glitter in my eye.
Her hair color also looks different, she has some warmer blonde hues in there. Maybe it is the way she is parting it, because it looks super blonde during her performance. Who knows, haha. 

Happy weekend ladies!! TGIF!! 

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LB @ Table For One said...

She rocked that performance!!! Her legs were the talk of Twitter and Facebook! So much talk that I'm doing a Carrie Underwood leg workout challenge on my blog. Silly yes but I hope to look like her when I get done :)

The Pink Growl said...

She is just flawless!

Helene in Between said...

I just don't understand how she can look THAT good all the time!?

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

She seriously could not be more fabulous. Love her!

Happy Friday hun! Have fun at the engagement soiree!

Lauren said...

She's seriously flawless!!!!!

Cat Simmonds said...

I think her legs look to manly now, she needs to cut back on the lunges

Just What Jess is Up to said...

I agree with the outfit year--I was disappointed to be honest. However, during her performance…all I do was stare at her legs and think about how in the world she got them to be like that! Haha

Angi Solle said...

She is perfection. How annoying! ha! Weddings are so fun though, you are so lucky to be surrounded by them right now!

Marjorie said...

Love her shoes, but not with that outfit. Makes her tighs look big and they aren't. The dress is a little washed out with her hair and complexion, but still pretty. She is a beautiful woman.

Samantha said...

My fiance and I spent the evening trying to figure out what is actually wrong with her. I mean she can't actually be perfect, can she? I'm sure her only flaws are very insignificant details that no one cares about - like maybe she's terrible at parking her car. No, probably not.

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

Yay, you put up a Carrie post :) Her makeup on the red carpet looks so pretty, I absolutely love the gold tones! Also, her legs I just can't. I can't. Like it's not normal.

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