Nov 1, 2013

I have a problem.

I think I am in love with Elliot Stabler. 

Yes, you heard right. Fictional TV character. You know, the studly-badass-special-victims-cop with anger management issues? That would be the one.
My longtime addiction to SVU has grown since I got Netflix a few months ago and started re-watching from the very beginning. I kid you not, I carry the ipad around the house everywhere I go so I can adequately watch Benson and Stabler fight crime all over NYC. 

I knew things were serious when last night I dreamed I was married to Elliot. I mean… common… look at him.

And his badass-ness and tattoos only make him that much more appealing. Alas, Stabler left abruptly at the end of Season 12…which left many a fan scorned (ahem..) but he hasn't closed the door on a return-should they approach him. So rest easy fellow SVU comrades… perhaps we will get our closure one day?  I wonder what he is doing now? In my mind he is still having Olivia's back and making girls swoon all over America. Would it be a crime if I insisted he be shirtless one more time? 

My allegiance doesn't stop with Elliot, the whole cast is just perfect. Did you know Gorgeous Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson) is Jayne Mansfield's daughter? There's a little trivia for your Friday. And Ice-T, I mean, stop it. He has some of my favorite one-liners ever, like ever. So. funny. 

I think someone needs to step in quickly, I am having a very hard time distinguishing real life from the show.

25 Signs You are an SVU Addict.  Yup, looks like it's true.


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Angi Solle said...

I do not blame you one bit! He is one hot man!

Cassie said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a crush on Stabler! I was so upset when he left; maybe he'll surprise us all and come back?! Happy Friday!

K said...

We are obsessed with that show in our house! It's not the same without Elliot and now Munch too! I miss the original crew.

Diana @ from rags to northrich said...

Girl, I don't blame you. He IS a stud. That's the only 'version' of L&O I'll watch!

P!nky said...

Hahaha i love that show. So sad when he left :(!

I love Mariska, one of the most badass women in television!

Happy friday lovey

Robin said...

Shut the front door, this post made me so happy! I have been in love with Elliot Stabler for YEARS and none of my friends understand me. They still make fun of me for loving a man with a receding hairline. But if loving him is wrong, I don't want to be right! These pictures were the perfect start to my Friday :)

soon to be mrs. h said...

After he left SVU, he became a vampire on True Blood. Google those images and yes, you're welcome ;)

Day Old News said...

He is sexy as hell, that is a great dream to have. As long as he isn't working on your case.

shay said...

i seriously can't stop watching SVU. even episodes i've seen like 5x i just re-watch! So addicting!

Brooke said...

Oh my goodness, I totally relate to this 100%! Elliot is completely real in my mind and even though he is TWENTY-SIX years my senior, he is hot as heck!! And you can bet that I shed a tear when he didn't come back for season 13. :)

Tiffany said...

Me too, sister! Me too. I like the anger management that bad? I'm pretty sure it's a problem!

Michelle said...

I am most definitely in love with Stabler. I was SO mad when he left the show. I miss him.

Sweet (and Sour) Lou Lou said...

Girl. I did the same thing last year with Greys Anatomy. Obsessed.

Jenn @ A Country Girl's World said...

I definitely have crushes on fictional characters ... Seeley Booth from Bones and Sam Braddock from Flashpoint? DROOL. I really need to start watching SVU, it looks like a great show :)

Alexa said...

Uh. Dict. Ted. SVU is without a doubt the best show ever, and made even better by the obvious sexual tension between Benson and Stabler. My best friend and I play our SVU drinking game whenever we're together - one of the rules is "Drink every time Ice-T is badass." We had another friend once ask us, "So when is that?" UMM every time he's on the screen, duh! :)

Libby said...

That's so funny! I have a crush on Raylan Givens from Justified.. Also a fictional character! :)

Rachel said...

I became addicted when I started watching on Netflix but there's only a few seasons, tear! Ice T and Coco were sitting next to me at Chili's a couple of years ago, too crazy!

Emily said...

Oh, Elliot is most definitely a huge man crush of mine! My husband laughs at me about it all the time!

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