Oct 1, 2013

I Crave Jewels!

Hey ladies! I got a new find for ya. 

Isn't it glorious?? 

When Erin at Crave Jewels emailed me about this little beauty I just knew I had to help her promote them. She hand makes each piece herself! And then she takes adorable pictures like this one, I mean how cute is that? 

Well I wore my lovely blue necklace to the game this weekend and got TONS of compliments on it, mainly in the bathroom, lol. 

It is such a great statement piece! I wore it casual, but can't wait to dress it up too! And check out how many other must have colors she has! I want that two toned purple one BAD

Lucky for YOU I have teamed up with Erin to do a giveaway for a $50 giftcard to her store so you too can have one of these babies! (I rarely ever do personal giveaways, anymore but I just couldn't resist I loved these necklaces so much!!)

You can enter by following Crave Jewels on instagram
"liking" them on facebook
or "Love" her etsy shop

Just leave me a comment that you did one of the above three and you are all set ladies!! I will pick a winner next Tuesday, the 8th! Good luck!!

{PS-She has listed the necklace I am wearing above on sale-this week only!!}

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Tara Smith said...

Super cute stuff! I "loved" her on Etsy!

Melanie said...

I "loved" her page on Etsy!


Life with Mary Britni said...

I did all three! :)

Kristin said...

I liked her on Facebook and Instagram!!:)

pinkPLEASE said...

I followed her on instagram! They are so cute!

shelleystursma said...

I loved Crave Jewels on Etsy. Everything I saw was adorable!

Brittany said...

I follow her on Instagram. Love the necklaces!

Elizabeth Rechenbach said...

I "loved" her Etsy shop! Super cute necklaces!!

faithspage said...

I did all 3. Love the blue necklace

Danielle said...

Such cute necklaces! I liked her on FB.

Danielle said...

I loved her Etsy shop too!

Sam said...

Liked on fb :) super cute!

Katelyn said...

I've been looking for more beaded jewelry and less faux gold- the faux gold makes my skin break out sometimes- so NOT chic! Haha

I followed on Instagram!

Katelyn said...

I also liked her on etsy! Awesome giveaway. Thanks for hosting!

Charity said...

liked on fb! was actually looking at her stuff the other day and i love it!!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Gorgeous necklace! I gave her some Etsy love :)

abogdash said...

Liked all three! Loved your outfit for the football game :)

The Little Lady Blog said...

I "loved" her shop on Etsy! I really love the pink and gold necklace. I'd pick that one for sure!

lperry0 said...

such cute stuff! I liked her on FB!

Kelly said...

"Loved" her page on Etsy!

beckm said...

I "liked" on Facebook but I will be going to follow on all 3! Super cute!

Jodie said...

I like her instgram!
Love the jewels!! so cute

Lauren said...

Following on insta, love those necklaces!!! :-)

Paula Newton said...

I "loved" her Etsy shop!

Laurie Sublime said...

Loved her shop on etsy!! Gorgeous creations!! Thanks 💙

Robyn said...

Loved her etsy shop!

Jacki Lizana said...

Liked on Instagram! Love the purple two tone necklace!

Lindsey said...

I like her on Facebook. She has so many great necklaces!

Diana said...

I favorited her shop on Etsy!

SamanthaConner said...

Loved her etsy shop!

Spoon Full of Sugar said...

I liked her on Facebook! Love the necklace!

Megan said...

I liked her fb page!!

CB_Wilson said...

Liked her on IG!

Beneath This Dreaming Tree said...

I did all three!!! I love love love the big, chunky style!

Ashley Netherton said...

Such cute stuff! Liked on Fb, and followed on insta!

Ashley Netherton said...

Such cute stuff! Liked on Fb, and followed on insta!

Robin said...

Already follow her on insta-love her stuff!!

Tori said...

I gave her likes and love on all three! Loving all her pretty things :)

T*Minney said...

I "loved" her Etsy shop! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I favorited her Etsy shop and she has so many beautiful pieces! I don't know how I'd choose just one! xoxo

Elizabeth said...

I did all three!

Whitney said...

I 'liked' on Facebook and on Etsy!! :)

The Whitfields said...

Everything is adorable! I favorited her store on Etsy. I am loving the purple necklace too!!

Rebecca said...

So cute! Following on insta!

Alex Keszler said...

Love it all! I'm now following her on Instagram and have loved her on etsy! Yay!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I did all three! I started following her on IG Saturday already after I saw you wearing the necklace! LOVE everything!

Miranda said...

I liked her on FB :)

Tiny Lawyer said...

I loved her on Etsy and followed her on instagram!

Laura said...

I followed her on instagram and "loved" her shop on etsy. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

SB said...

So cute! I liked on facebook and followed on Instagram.

Emily said...

I liked her on Facebook...So cute!

Brenda said...

I followed on Instagram!!

Babygirl said...

Love this, need this on my neck now! I did all three!

Jes Sica said...

I loved her etsy shop.

Janelle said...

I loved her Etsy shop!

Kbj0726 said...

So cute! I liked her on Instagram.

Kbj0726 said...

So cute! I liked her on Instagram.

Laren Margaret said...

I 'loved' her etsy shop! Beautiful jewels! Thanks for the fab giveaway! XO

katelyn w said...

Followed on Instagram and Loved her Etsy shop!

Go Cats!

Amanda said...

Loved her on Etsy and I'm in LOVE with the orange necklace!!!!

Monica said...

I liked Crave Jewels on facebook : )

Laura | Our Life in the Queen City said...

I've loved Crave Jewels for a while! Would love to have an orange necklace to wear to the VT game!

Liked them on Facebook!

areelleaye said...

I already follow Crave on IG after seeing your pics but I will like them on FB too! I have had my eye on the Shelley necklace but haven't pulled the trigger yet! I also love the orange AND the pink! Decisions, decisions!
You're a fab face for a jewelry store ;)

Rebecca Grigg said...

Love it! I follow on instagram!

Meg said...

i "liked" her shop on facebook. gorgeous jewels!

Baby Reed said...

I "loved" her Etsy shop!!

Sarah said...

Her things are gorgeous!! I loved her on etsy!

Kimber said...

i 'Loved' her page on Etsy. such a pretty necklace!

Morgan Rudy said...

I loved her on etsy and on insta! Thanks so much for such an awesome find!

[dianegatorfan] said...

Those necklaces are SO cute! I now follow @icravejewels on Instagram - I'm @dianegatorfan.

Elizabeth @Port Of Thoughts said...

Following icravejewels on instagram. I'm drooling over the Wildcat Blue and gold necklace! Yum!

Laurie said...

So cute! Loved her etsy shop!

Stephanie said...

I liked their Facebook. I think I would definitely get the blue one :)

A.M. said...

wow these are so adorable--I am following Crave Jewels on Instagram (and probably placing a giant order now, too)

Nikki said...

LOVE all her jewelry! "liked" on FB & "loved" on ETSY!

Katie Hill said...

Loved her shop on etsy!

JMc said...

I favorited her etsy store! So many cute necklaces. Love the two toned options!

Rachel said...

I LOVED her Etsy shop!

Angi Solle said...

I just did all three for fun because I loved her pieces so much! As always you look super cute, that blue necklace is to die for! I hope I win that gift card I already have a large list of things I MUST HAVE!


Krystin Moltner said...

LOVE the necklace!!!!!! super cute and love her etsy store as well! :)
xx krystin

Brittany said...

I did all three :)

Fingers crossed!

Shannon said...

Followed her on Instagram!! Agreed, that two-toned purple one is bomb diggity :)

Megan Kuemmerlin said...

Love it! I followed her on Instagram. :)

Megan Kuemmerlin said...

Love it! I followed her on Instagram. :)

Becky Norton said...

So pretty! I liked her on FB!

Michelle Marie said...

Beautiful necklace it looks fabulous on you and look SO HAPPY!!!
Followed her on Instagram @MishcaBelle

The Pink Putter said...

Love her stuff! I liked her on Facebook and I'm following her on Insta. Thanks!

thepetitepelican said...

Love the hot pink one! I followed on Instagram!

Jessica said...

I did all three!!

Lisa Lynn said...

I followed her on Instagram! Love love love the purple one!!

Amanda said...

Followed, liked and loved! :) Such cute stuff!!

Angie Nathe said...

Now following on Instagram! So pretty

jennyrb78 said...

following in instagram and like on facebook.

Vanessa said...

I liked her on Facebook and am heading over to her etsy shop right now. Love these pretties so much, makes me swoon! This new Mama needs some neck candy, haha!

SK said...

I loved her Etsy shop!

Paige said...

I followed her on Instagram! Love it!

Meghan Neels said...

Liked, Loved and followed! LOVE these necklaces! I could definitely use some new tailgating jewels.

CLeigh said...

I "loved" her Etsy!!!! So beautiful

CLeigh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie@SweetTeaAndSunshine said...

As soon as I saw that I thought - that's a perfect KY or Gators game day piece! I want the red one for my Roll Tide!

I followed her on Instagram. :)

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