Oct 14, 2013

BIG weekend update!

We gots a LOT to discuss. This past weekend was a whirlwind! I had my hairdresser and friend Brittney's wedding, and to say she was perfection is an understatement. I was completely honored and so so happy that she asked ME to do her wedding hair and makeup!! I mean that is some pressure people, haha!

Tell me she is not the prettiest thing you have ever seen? 
Not only is Brittney absolutely striking, she is also incredibly beautiful on the inside. She is one of the sweetest people I know, and she is so deserving of all the happiness in the world! Love you Brittney!!! 

The fabulous Claire Marie photographed Brittney's wedding (ps I love working with Claire!) here is a teaser pic from the wedding. 

Stop it, is this real life?? GORGEOUS. 

They had the cutest photo booth at the wedding (The Party Stage I do believe) and we had a little too much fun with it. 

Look at this gorgeous couple! That hair! ;) 
 It a'int a party without sissy and Matt
Love me some Claire Marie!! 
Great wedding, so fun! 

I feel like there is something else... hmm...



I have been wanting to spill this for weeks!!! CONGRATS to my little sister, Becky, on her engagement!!!! 

This engagement has been a long time coming, and I could not be more excited for my sis! I love these two so so much. Matt, congrats and love ya bro!!! Had so much fun scheming with you!

Matt proposed in Cincinnati, after a shopping trip that Becky, mom and I went on yesterday. We convinced her we were just stopping for lunch on the way home-but really we were taking her to Matt! Once we parked to go to lunch, we rounded a corner and were at the bottom of this gorgeous staircase surrounded by fountains etc that led up to a park, and the restaurant we were going to. Matt was standing at the top of the stairs waiting for her, it was the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. Little did she know at the time but both of our families were in the restaurant already, watching from a distance as well! So stinking precious. Miss Claire Marie (she is everywhere right??) captured every sweet moment on film!!! After the cutie proposal, we went and celebrated with our families at Moerlein Lager House! So so special and so sweet. It was beyond perfect! 

They even got to do a little mini session with Claire! I know people say Claire would give you the shirt off her back she is so sweet, but she literally did just that for Becky. Impromptu photo shoot means impromptu wardrobe change!

Here are some back of the camera shots she let me swipe from her camera, to tide me over until we get the real deal pics! The one with Matt holding the flowers behind his back, I die, so sweet. And I love Becky's little face hiding behind the flowers. So cute. 

 As you know, our baby sissy Hannah banana is in Hawaii, and to say she was bummed she couldn't be there to see everything happen would be an understatement. Mom facetimed her in for the proposal so she got to see it all go down. And even though she is in Hawaii, she made her mark on the big day. You have to watch these two videos she made, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will wonder who the hot guy is in her bedroom-LOL. Hey Joey ;)

These videos give you a little taste of what it is like to be inside our sissy bond-it's pretty cool! So blessed and thankful for these two!

Love you both so much! Hannie you are the sweetest, most creative thing, and Becky I am so happy for you! And mom, great job on not spilling the beans! I was semi worried ;) haha but we did it! 

time to plan TWO sissy weddings!

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Kiki La'Rue said...

i die. i just bawled my eyes out. can we start a fund to get hannah to every festivity????

Whitney said...

Congrats to your sissy!

Lauren said...

Let's go ahead and throw your wedding in here too! :) So happy for your sisters...

Angelina Medina said...

I'm with Kiki La rue on this one. I'll chip in! So precious!

Angi Solle said...

OMG sweetest thing ever. I love weddings and wedding videos. So awesome!

Erica @Always a Sooner Girl said...

This post took me like two seconds to cry.

Megan said...

This is SO sweet!!!! I don't even know them and I cried!!! hahaha Love your blog and your relationship with your sisters!!! Makes me want sister for Olivia so they can have a bond like you girls!! :)

Mama Smors said...

A few things:
a. You always tell me that my girls are so lucky to be in a family of 3 girls and this confirms it's true! I have laughed and cried watching these videos :)
b. Humor must run deep in your blood! You and your sisters are hilarious!
c. It is for sure wedding season in the Johnson family and I love how genuinely excited you are for one another!
Blessings to each of you!

The Shabby Princess said...

Awww yay Becky!! Aren't sisters the best?! I'm the middle of three girls and I wouldn't change having sisters for the WORLD.

And, I'm just putting this on record now--ya know, because I am lightyears away from ever getting married, but, ya know, if and when that EVER happens, I'm flying you to wherever I am for hair and makeup--you do the most beautiful work!!

Babygirl said...

Wow...what awesome videos, and so freaking thoughtful! Congrats to both of your sisters, and congrats to you on gaining two brothers. The love and bond you share with your sisters in awesome, makes me sad i'm an only child!

Stephanie@SweetTeaAndSunshine said...

I'm up for the "get Hannah to every festivity" fund. I've been that girl, stuck across the ocean missing amazing things happening with her super-close family. Hannah, I just want to squeeze you! :((

Lindsay @ Love In Her Eyes said...

I dont even know y'all and I cried. These two videos are the sweetest!!!! So cute!! Congrats to your sister! :) Gorgeous ring, I might add :)

Whitney Ellen said...

Stop it. That music video is the best thing of life. Genius!

Lauren said...

Congrats to your sister, that is one amazing ring & I just love the cute video that Hannah made! :-)

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

Oh my gahhh, this is way too precious for words!! I love how cutesy you and your family are!
It makes me wish I had a sister!


Showered With Design

P!nky said...

Oh my goodness, just oh mi word, YAY MIDDLE SISSY!!!! SO precious and awesome he included your family!

LOVE the videos, hannah is just precious. Y'all three remind me of me and my sissy and it's just incredible. I wish y'all the best wedding year EVER!!!


Carli said...

OMG, thank for for sharing the "Hey-Ho" video. How funny are they?!

I have two younger sisters too. I admire y'all's (yes, "y'all's") relationship :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love it! You three are so sweet. How wonderful!

Tailored Elle said...

i bawled! my lord! I dont even know you ppl! lol But I cried like she was my sister, it was beautiful lol

Johnny Paycheck said...

Pink LouLou... love you and love your blog... may I kindly suggest, tho, putting up a disclaimer for the end of the video here? i LOVED THE FIRST PART, BUT AS i HAD MY 5 YEAR OLD sitting in my lap while watching, the last part was inappropriate. Had I'd known ahead of time I would've been able to watch at a later time. Again, LOVE you and your blog!


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