Sep 24, 2013

I love when my brides are my friends! Ellen's wedding recap.

Do you remember when my gorgey friend Ellen got married, and the stars aligned and I somehow created this magical do? 

Well, guess who got her pictures back?!?! And guess who is STUNNING?!? 

I love nothing more than when my brides pics come in. It is so fun to see the hard work of everyone involved come together. (Alicia at Aesthetiica was Ellen's photographer. Y'all know her, she took my headshots too!)

Umm, can we say stunning? Hi there skinny arm! haha. Gorgeous.

Get a life Ellen. So gorgeous. ;)

LOVE this one, how cute is Kevin??

Here are some more from the wedding that I just loved, captured by the talented Alicia!

Loved getting to do hair on this day for my girlfriends! They are the best clients ;)

cutest pic ever. 

It is getting semi creepy how gorgeous I think Ellen looks!! 

The fabulous Amelia Evans on makeup. I am trying to bribe her to teach me her ways ;) 

I love this pic of Brooke! It's just so pure!! 

Amelia again, doing her thang ;) 

Ellen and Kevin's momma's wedding dresses. So sweet.

Here are some reception shots I just loved.

There is my cute little Courtney, just dancin' :) 

These perhaps are my favorite pics EVER. If this doesn't explain my BFF Chrissy, and her fiance Brian, then I don't know what does.

Little cuties.

Ellen, I am so happy for you!! LOVE LOVE all of your pics!!! Thanks for being such a sweet client, and friend. You are GORGEOUS!!! 

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Corinne said...

WOW! Absolutely stunning job - so well done! And those photos are beautiful but the bride - I mean...really?! Sheesh - it helps to have a great hair and make-up team combined with a photographer, but you can tell Ellen is just beautiful even without it - she's radiant!

Brooke Odom said...

Wow! That hair is stunning and her RING is to-die-for!! That looks like a beautiful day for everyone involved :)

faithspage said...

Perfect in every way.

Sarah said...

What an amazing wedding! My favorite are the moms wedding dresses on display. How unique! If only my baby girl would want to do that with mine one day haha!!!

P!nky said...

SO beautiful! Love your outfit and you nailed it with all of their hair!


Babygirl said...

Girl, you have got Gorgeous girlfriends, and her hair looked fabulous!!

BriBrooke said...

I could just die.So beautiful. Tell your friend she looks perfect. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Maggie Yelencsics said...


Kelly Z said...

So beautiful! Love the little dress/robes that they were wearing while getting ready - do you know where they're from?

Christelle said...

What an absolutely beautiful wedding! Love the mothers' wedding dresses, such a sweet and personal touch! You are definitely one skilled lady when it comes to fixing amazing hair, Ellen looked gorgeous.

LOVE the dancing pictures of Chrissy and Brian, haha!! (I have a feeling those will come back to haunt them ;)!)


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