Jul 17, 2013

More Simply Flawless weddings!

This past weekend my assistant of hair amazingness, Dana, and I had a big wedding party to beautify. We had 13 girls, and can I just say that we were actually on time (ish)?? We finished right on time which is pretty stellar if you ask me. The girls were the sweetest bunch of little cuties ever, we had so much fun!! 

And holy hotness, my bride Lauren was pretty much the most perfect thing ever. 

Check out these pics she has already gotten (by Shaun Ring Photography!) Are they not to die for??

(and yes, her husband DOES look like one of those too good to true beautifully handsome guys you only see on movies. Turns out, they DO exist!! But I think she found the only one in Lexington...) 

I had a wedding trial on Sunday, with Miss Lindsey, who gets bonus points for not wanting to smack me when I totally forgot about her trial until 5 minutes before. Luckily she was super laid back and put up with my constant apologizing! She looked gorgeous of course. AWESOME hair to work with. 

And in other wedding and bridal news, here are some of the profesh pictures of some of my brides this season! I love it when they start rolling in and I get to post the actual pics, instead of ones from my iphone!

Kelley & Greg

Maggie & Ken
(photo credit Kate Lossen Photography)

I must admit the craziness of wedding season can get a little overwhelming sometimes, but it's ALL worth it when I see the real pics and think, wow... I actually CAN do this! I am excited to see what the future holds, and where we go from here! I have loved every single bride I have beautified this summer. By the end of October, I will have completed 24 weddings this year! 24!! Love them all, I feel so so blessed. 

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Nicole said...

You are so very talented! Everyone looks so beautiful, what a wonderful job.


Lauren said...

I love your wedding designs! You do a great job!

Rebecca Lauren said...

I love the perfect poof in EVERY picture! Amazing! Great work!


Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

Ok, I need to come to KY so you can do my hair...for serious, all your brides look stunning! You do amazing work lady! And you can tell that you truly love it, and I think it's so cool you are pursuing your passions! #yougogirl

Tricia said...

Seriously, where were you on my wedding day. You have an incredible talent. Amazing. The brides are just gorgeous...and the first one you showed...HOLY HOTNESS her man is gorgeous! :)

P!nky said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all these styles. I will totally be sharing these with my stylist [with your blessing of course] :)

Christiana Marie said...

Gorgeous pictures!! I love the hair! Great job!

Lauren said...

Such beautiful Brides lady! You are doing an amazing job with your business. I see Brides every weekend for my job and it's always so fun to see the excitement in the air and them getting hair/makeup done :-)

SHAYNA said...

Love it all! Congrats on business going so well for you! That is such an exciting thing!!!

Megan - Style Me Swanky said...

Dang girl! You are amazing!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Why must you live so far away from me?!?!!? I want my hair poofed!

Adriana aka AJ said...

I so need to start saving my money for if and when the day comes that I get married-I so want you to do my hair!! :)

Shrimp and Glitz said...

You are SO good! Can I please tell you how AWFUL my hair was at a wedding I was in recently. They did NOT know how to do a proper poof, and when I showed them a picture of what I wanted, which was loose and very soft looking, my hair ended up being slicked back on the sides. It was awful!:(

Kelly said...

New follower, gorgeous photos!! Any chance you want to come to Charleston to do a wedding?? :p


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