Jul 7, 2013

American Blogger in Lexington, KY!

I am so excited to tell you all about my time with filmmaker Chris Wiegand, who is traveling all across America filming for his documentary American Blogger!!! I did a post here with a little more about the film-what he is doing and why, so definitely check it out if you haven't. (You probably recognize his name from his wife Casey's blog here!)

I was so excited for Chris to come to Lexington, KY, to be able to show him (and you all!) a little more about this little town that I love so much. 

Chris has a gorgeous and talented wife, along with three little angel babies. So of course I had to get them all a little something from Kentucky! Hope the kiddos like their little horses!!

{top is Rachel Roy, earrings Francescas and necklaces forever 21!}

I had a glass of wine before he got here. I was a little nervous. HA! But the moment I met him I realized that I had nothing to be nervous about, he is so cool and laid back-it was just like talking to someone you have known forever!

Apparently I really thought we needed some fresh flowers in the house, because I put some everywhere, lol. And I have now decided they shall stay always. ;) 

(my cute little momma came over in her pink skinnies!)

Here are some behind the scenes shots of filming in my home.

I also took him out to Kenneland, Lexington's horse racing track, to give him a really good dose of what Kentucky is all about. We drove back through the horse farms, etc and it was really cool seeing his reaction to all of the things that we Lexington natives take for granted. 

I mentioned in the previous American Blogger post that Chris is traveling in an airstream that he renovated. how cool is that??  It has been really cool following along this journey with Chris on instagram, so it was surreal to see the airstream right in front of my house! So exciting :)

After seeing some of Lexington, some of my girlfriends and I took Chris downtown for dinner, and on the way to the restaurant we saw this double rainbow. It was honestly one of the coolest things I have ever seen... it was huge! I had never seen one like it. It has been raining in Lexington for weeks it seems like, so to see the sun, and this beautiful rainbow, was just breathtaking. And luckily we had this awesome photographer guy to capture it ;) 

AND, to put the icing on the cake to a fabulous weekend, this morning we went on WKYT to promote American Blogger! I am so happy that it worked out, and that Chris got to have such a cool opportunity and experience!

You can watch the interview below!

I am just so overwhelmed, and so honored to have been asked to be a a small part of this big adventure. So so humbled and blessed! Chris is honestly one of the most genuine and interesting people I have ever met, and I am so lucky to have met him, and to have gotten to know his family a little bit more. He is super determined, and I cannot wait to see where American Blogger takes him. So happy and thankful to have been even a teeny tiny part of it. Thank you Chris for allowing me to show you a bit of Lexington, and my life here, and thank you Casey for sharing your awesome husband, and great daddy to your babies, with the world! 

Hope you all enjoyed my little portion of the American Blogger story. Make sure you follow along with Chris (@chriswiegand) and Casey (@caseyleighwiegand) on instagram to keep up with the journey and the other amazing ladies he is profiling. I'll be sure to keep you posted on when/where/how this film will be available. 

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive. Love you all!

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Adriana aka AJ said...

What an awesome opportunity!! And amazing rainbow shot-great reminder of God's promises! Can't wait to see this documentary when it comes out. :)

Erin @ Sweetness Itself said...

How fun!! Just love The Wiegand's and so excited that you're part of their project!

What a beautiful closet you have, too - ahhhh I adore it :)




Sarah said...

I've loved reading about Chris' travels! You and Kelly Stamps are the two bloggers I'm most excited about seeing in your movie debuts! ;) Any idea when it will come out?!

Glad you're feeling better! ♥

Ashley {AshesMcG} said...

What an amazing opportunity! You look beautiful in the pictures!!! I need to know what products you used for your hair and face? Maybe a tutorial :)

Charity said...

You seriously have the coolest life ever!!!

i have to know, how do you get your teeth so hollywood white?- as i read this that looks creepy but i am totally serious!

Melissa Cook said...

What a great post! I have been following all of the American Blogger updates from The Wiegand's since the beginning! What an exciting opportunity to be part of it!


Emily said...

Wow that's AWESOME!!! This is the first I've heard about this American Blogger thing. What a great opportunity!!

Tiffany said...

This.Is.Awesome. I know you were just great!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!


Emily said...

That is too cool!! What a neat documentary idea. I have been following along with his airstream adventures and can't wait to see the final result!

You are looking so good too! ADorable as always!

SHAYNA said...

It is all so awesome! I cannot wait to see this film!!!

Sami said...

This whole idea is so fascinating! I cannot wait for the documentary to be done.. I'm sure it's going to be so cool! You look gorg of course :)

Lauren said...

How amazing you got to be a part of such a BIG project, excited for you and can't wait to see the end result :-)

MaviDeniz said...

Congrats on your success! Love that pic of you and the girls with the rainbow :)


Dara @ The Southern Thing said...

I am so excited that you get to be a part of this! What an amazing experience! I can't wait to see it when it's done!!

Carolyn said...

So cool! What an amazing thing to be a part of! :)

Anna said...

How awesome! I love hearing about all of Chris' stops. Can't wait to see the finished documentary. You look marvelous, like always!

Sha said...

New follower! Glad I came across your blog while following Chris' journey! Can't wait to keep reading.



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