Jun 14, 2013

Blogger Probz: Reasons losing your url is BAD.

Well, this has been an interesting week. I lost my home on the interwebz due to some procrastination on my part, and some vulture-ing on a their part. 

Apparently I did NOT learn from PIPM's mistake last year. What happens is, when your domain goes up to expire, these mean companies are just sitting there waiting to swoop up high traffic urls, in hopes you will pay an obscene amount for your spot back. I am not sure how much they want for mine-but you can bet I am finding out. These villains wanted TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for Megan's back last year... umm that is insane. 

SO, if we haven't drilled it into your heads enough that losing your url is BAD, here are some other reason why it totally sucks. I seem to find a new one every day.

1. every. single. link.

yes, every single link, has to be updated. My entire url changed, so that means any links to my blog, ANYWHERE,  no longer work. Even links in my own posts to previous posts of mine, no workey. My menu had to be completely re-done. Simply Flawless website... completely re-done. It seriously was pretty heartbreaking. All my hard work, and social connections, poof, gone.

2. you begin to tweet yourself.

You may find that people no longer remember you, since they can't find your website, so you begin to tweet yourself. 

HA. Yes, this actually happened, but it was an accident.

I got this text from Caroline and thought to myself "what is she talking about, I am not tweeting myself..."

Au contraire. I was in fact, tweeting myself. 

3. ALL of your pins no longer link.

For the love of humanity and hair everywhere, say it ain't so.

It's so.

Anything anyone has pinned from my website (hair I have done etc) no longer links to my blog. SO SAD.

Here is the old url pinsource....

And here is the new url pinsource... something is different...

{shout out to Katie for being my lone pin girl. hugs sister. hugs}

Not only does this whole thing suck for me, but it sucks for you too! If you have pinned something of mine for later and want to come back, well you are outta luck Susie Pinterest cause it no longer will bring you to the appropriate place. Hmph. ;(

So frustrating. Be smarter than I am people. Make sure you renew your url's. Keep them on auto update-it will save you alot of headaches and tears.

I am heading out for bacheypalooza 2013 with the girls this weekend. CAN'T WAIT! I will drown my blogger probz in champagne and visions of baseball players in tight pants.


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P!nky said...

WAAAAH! So sad pink loulouz!

Enjoy some vino champs and boys in tight pants eh oh!!!!!!


Rachel said...

I hate this for you! I have updated my bookmark on my reading list, though! Even though my bloggy is no more, I loooove keeping up with you! ;) Have a great weekend at bacheypalooza! XO

Tiffany said...

I might have had a nervous breakdown. Bless your heart! Glad you are back up and running!


The Bats said...

So sorry this happened. I hope all your readers find you soon! Love, the mom

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh girl that is awful! I would have literally pulled my hair out if that happend to me! Ugh so frustrating.
Have a great weekend and don't think about it lol!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Kate said...

That's awful!!!! I almost spit out my wine when I saw that I was the lone pin. Girl, I need my PLL updates!

Love you regardless of URL!

Lauren said...

Oh no, so heartbreaking sorry girl :-(

JMc said...

Aww that totally sucks :( I will show your new url some pinterest love this weekend. I love all your hair styles!

Savannah said...

Aw girly I am so sorry! I really hope you get it back. I'm so bummed, how the heck will I get all of your great hair tutorials that I have pinned back?! Hope you have a good weekend!


Pretty in Pink said...

girl it was awful ... i am so glad it's been a good year, but let me tell you, those old links never come back ... and they've converted prettyinpinkmegan.com into some travel to africa website with a lion picture on it, so there's that.

The Sweetest Thing said...

Oh Jeez! I didn't realize it was THAT big of a deal. I never even thought about Pinterest and all of the other stuff. What a bummer... I think everyone that reads should go pin something right now and build it back up!

Melissa Walters said...

Hi! Can you pplleease do an updated makeup post?! And, what foundation are you wearing in most pictures? You skin looks so flawless and I have a lot of big events coming up - I'd would love to know your secret!!

Thank you so much!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

BLESS. your. HEART. this sounds like absolute hell. :/ i hope you get everything worked out sooner than later. unfortunately, the internet is full of psychos who need a life. :(
but baseball players in tight pants ... now that's a nice thought. :)

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

OMG ALLISON!!! THAT FREAKING SUCKS!!! So much did they want for pinklouloulove?!?!!?

Erin @ Sweetness Itself said...

Oh what a nightmare!!! So sorry that happened :( You are still so fab and we love you so I hope it all gets worked out soon!!




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