May 13, 2013

weddings and vintage lace

I spent my Saturday at the cutest little wedding venue called the Ashley Inn. It was adorable. Chandeliers in all the bedrooms, so vintage and romantic! I did 9 ladies hair for this gorgeous brides wedding. 

Is she not stunning?? I am obsessed with her dress!

I didn't get a chance to capture pics of all the girls, but I managed to sneak a few. They were all so gorgeous! 

After a quick nap, a curling iron burn, and having to be cut out of a dress with a broken zipper, I finally made it over to my Friend Brooke's for her graduation party. Congrats Dr. Brooke!! We are so proud of you! 

{that top I am wearing is from Victoria's Secret, many moons ago}

And then on Sunday we celebrated this little peanuts birthday...

and mothers day! The little newly engaged birthday girl tried on my mom's wedding dress that she re-made after she lost hers in the fire before her wedding :( full story here

It was so sweet. We all hope to wear this to our rehearsal dinners, but seeing how it is the tinniest thing I have EVER seen, it looks like it may only work for Hannah. Unless I get a rib or two removed. ;)

Since we were celebrating the momma (and the baby sis' 22 birthday!) I put this together, all of us at 22. I have no doubt 22 will be a great year for you my little banana!

Love these ladies. What a great weekend! Minus the blister on my hand from an unfortunate run in with a curling iron. #FAIL. 


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Christelle said...

You are one talented lady with hair!! Love all the looks and the bride was beautiful!

How speacial that your mom remade her dress for all of you to incorporate into your special day, so glad she was able to turn a sad situation with the one she lost into a happy memory with this one!

Grits, Greens and Kerosene said...

That is such a touching story about your mom's house fire. :( I LOVE that your sis is wearing that! And the pics of all y'all at 22!
My friend's wedding was a couple weeks ago, and she was the FIFTH bride to wear the dress! Crazy! :)

Ashley @ Places To Go, Things To Buy said...

You did a great job with the hair! Love it! And your mom's dress is adorable!

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

Lindsey's wedding looked so cute! She made such a gorgeous bride and you made them all look fabulous. yay for your this the one who is gonna have some botox parties for all of us :-) ???? hehe!!

Kaylin said...

Looks like fun!!! I love the Bride's dress :)

Erin @ Sassin Southern Style said...

Them hairrrs looks 'mazing! You're so talented!

Lauren said...

You did a beautiful job! Can't wait to read the story about the dress! :)

Lindsey said...

Wow, love the picture of all of you at 22! Such gorgeous ladies. And as always, I'm blown away by how cute the wedding hair you styled is. Love it!

katie @ sappy and happy said...

those hairstyles are fabulous!!!! you do awesome work.

love the idea of using your mother's wedding dress for the rehearsal. so sweet and sentimental!

Annabelle said...

GIRL! 9 heads of hair in one day?!? Ugh I remember those times! I would be completely worn out by wedding show time! lol It was all worth it in the end though! You're a trooper! The mishaps with the curling iron doesn't sound good though. I got burnt on my wrist once. It took foreva to heal!

April said...

Aww, I love the sweet 22 collage. Beautiful!

sara with an h said...

you girls look just like your mama!! fantastic job on those updos!

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, I love that your sister is wearing your mama's dress to the rehearsal. So perfect!!


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