Mar 28, 2013

Supposedly Spring?

Well supposedly spring is here, and it is allegedly going to be warm this weekend (which I will believe when I see) so I asked sis if she would help me with some yard work at the casa. 

Her response?

"Only if you dress up Sadie like the Easter bunny and hide abundant bud lights around the yard."

Consider it DONE. 

My only requirement is that she come dressed as herself, circa Easter '93

Sissies and I went to visit the momma in the Hospital yesterday (she had surgery but she is doing great!!) and I just thought Hannah Lou's outfit was so stinkin' cute. However, she insisted she looked like a homeless lady, and wouldn't let me get a pic of her face. I love how she mixed the brown, black and chambray. 

I am willing the warm weather this way by dressing only in a color palette found on Easter eggs.

I also am insisting on smelling like spring. I believe you should change your perfume seasonally, I mean lets get real, there are clearly spring, summer, fall and winter scents. I think I even did a post on it somewhere? Oh here, vintage PLL from 2010! Ha.

Well be-still my inner 7th grade heart, because I have been on a Clinique Happy Heart kick. I swear I love the stuff. Smells amaze- and I have gotten so many compliments on it recently! If you need a spring scent, you should try. And it is considerably cheap for the big 3.4 oz bottle. 

Nothing says spring like a new spring lip color. My recent go to combo has been Clinique Bamboo Pink, topped with Bare Essentials Buxom gloss in White Russian. Sephora stays constantly sold out of this shade, which is annoying but luckily you can order it here

I'll keep you posted on more spring finds, as well as the boozey Easter egg hunt. ;)

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Kait said...

That Buxom shade is my go-to all the time favorite! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Kerr said...

Love the idea of a boozey Easter hunt. And I really love a white Russian so that gloss must be made for me.

Sam said...

But does it taste like a White Russian? That is the important question.

Rhonda said...

Bamboo pink was my signature lip color for like 4 years in my early 20s! It was my first lipstick!

Brooke said...

You are like a little spring goddess : )

Sami said...

Love me some Buxom lip gloss and Clinique Happy takes me back to middle school so fast when I smell it. I've been wearing Gucci Guilty.. I need a new fresh scent :)

Helene said...

love those earrings! and i love buxom - that shade is perfect!

mamaboot said...

I love perfume, and I loved Clinique Happy when I was in college, so I'm going to have to try the "Heart" version. :) I LOVE Dolce and Gabbana "The One" and Ralph Lauren "Glamorous" (though it was discontinued). I also love Philosophy scents and have TONS of Bath and Body Works scents....I like having a variety.

Nadine Mathews said...

Sadie is too cute in her bunny get up!!! I was just telling my husband the other day we need to dress our dog Mac like a bunny because he already has the hop down! I love those lip colors too!

Esme said...

I love your sissy's request! That totally sounds like something I'd want to do!

Love the flowers ♥

Perfume for spring I really like Burberry's weekend perfume. I got it last spring and I love it

Erin @ Sassin Southern Style said...

I've been wearing one of my favorite springy scents for the last 2 months because well, you know, I'm just such a rebel.
I, too, am wearing mostly spring colors as evidenced by my mint camisole, white cardigan, and coral and cheetah scarf I wore yesterday. Because what else says spring like an animal from the African savanna in a chipper shade of coral? That's right, nothing.

I'll be eagerly awaiting a picture of your sister in her finest Laura Ashley accompanied with lace trimmed white socks because, let's get serious, we all know that's happening.

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

So glad to hear mama is doing well. Sending warm weather up your way, although it's been chilly here in FL as well but is supposedly warming up this weekend as well :)

Happy Easter Weekend!

Advocarerunner said...

LOVE Clinique Happy Heart. I have burned through the entire "happy" line but always come back to happy heart.

April said...

Hahah, your yard work sounds like lots of fun.

Megan G. said...

I would love to go hunting for bud lights instead of easter eggs!

Sophie P said...

Ahhhhh! Such a gorgeous lip colour- much needed for spring! (yeah and I get you- where IS Spring?? Snowing over her in the UK!). i also love that bond you have with your sister- reminds me of me and my mini-me, gorgeous xxxx

Ashley said...

Ahh I totally agree with you with the Bud Lights, that's probably my favorite beer of all time!!! p.s. how flipping adorable is Sadie omg I can't even handle it!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Pink and Fabulous said...

I love that perfume and I would definitely participate in any egg hunt that involved dogs dressed as bunnies and BLs! Lol

Nicole M. Hutchison said...

I like your Easter bunny's "droppings" much better than ridiculously colored eggs filled with useless, cavity-causing candy. Pfft. Who wants candy when you could have a Bud Light?!?! SCORE!!!!!!!

Ashleigh Day said...

I love her outfit! It is so dang adorable! I wanna trade her outfits... She did a great job paring :)& I love how you dressed Sadie up! Too cute...

Bekka said...

Ohhhh my goodness, eeeek!! Sadie looks ADORABLE!!! Happy Spring, PLL!!

Sierra {Ocean Dreams} said...

Ooooh yay spring! Love that lip shine and everything that Easter entails! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

MrsMatched said...

This makes me want to dig out my ol' tube of Bamboo Pink!

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