Mar 18, 2013

Since you've been gone...

Well hey ladies.  Since you've been gone, (since I've been gone?) I have been busy doing a lil bit of everything!

How cute is this cake? My artistic friend Brooke (who taught us all how to make pimp cups) fashioned this lovely cake for our little Dana bug's birthday. Hilarious. We love emoticons 'round these parts.

Friday night the only spot in town we could find to watch the UK game was Hacienda. Which I had absolutely no problem with since they serve drinks and queso. 

Sis and I mayyyyy or may not have stayed up a wee bit late and had a sleepover  on my closet floor. 

In other news, I apparently have a twin running around in Nashville and didn't even know it! My friend Jami sent me this, is it not freaky?! I thought it was me! 

If this poor girl is reading my blog she is gonna be thoroughly creeped out when she see's herself, LOL!!

Then I got a tweet that I also have a twin running around down in AR as well. Hilarious. 
I'll take it cause girlfriend has some rockin hair... and i bet it's not fake like mine. LOL. 

Sunday my Dad came over and switched out my new light fixture that I LOOOVE. I am so pleased with how it turned out. It is girly but not toooo girly, and goes great with the chic vibe I am looking for in here.

I still don't know what kind of table I want here eventually, but this one works for now. It is from my parents basement and therefore is FREE. Key word sisters. ;) (rug is Garden Ridge)

{I am selling my old fixtures if anyone in KY is interested... they are on craigslist here.}

After Dad and I were done being all home improvement-y at my casa, we hopped over to Beck's to see her closet progress.

Check this out, they built that all by themselves! The drawers are from Ikea, and the shoe shelf is a Matt and Becky original. They are so cute. GET A LIFE you two, stop being so adorable and stuff ;)

She knows she is being summoned to come give us a DIY post after said project is finished.

Sadie spent the weekend being lazy. Per usual. 

Bish didn't even help me send out my blog sale items, but insisted on having her face plastered all over them. 

And last but not least!! My friend Molly (from baby shower a few weeks ago!) had her baby girl this morning!! Congrats Molly!!! We love you so much!!

There are still a few items from the blog sale available! Check last post for details! 

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Kait said...

So stinking cute! I have been telling Dane I need a full room closet ever since I first saw yours. It is absolutely to die for and every girl's dream. When your sis posts the tutorial, I am demanding we convert one of our rooms ;)

julia rose. said...

Two different twins running around being all cute like you? That's straight up cray cray. But at least they have good hair like you!

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

Now you come to Texas (Houston, specifically) and decorate my closet. It's very small so it won't take much :) You are so lucky to have a handy daddy to do house improvement things for you! My dad lives 3 hours away!!!! Glad to see you blogging again sparkle puff!!!!

April said...

That light fixture is amazing! Good job!

Mateya said...

OK how crazy that there are two girls that look THAT much like you?!

Love the new light too!

Megan C said...

Love that light fixture!! Looks great!

Ashley said...

Omg those two girls looks a lot like you that is so weird lol!!
I really love that light fixture!!!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Liz Kaczmarek said...

I am obsessed with your new light fixture!! When I eventually move in somewhere that's not a shitty college apartment, I want a chandelier in every room!

Jenny Beth said...

Oh my word I made it on pink Lou Lou's blog! I'm famous now!

Jenna said...

LOVE your dining room design - so classic and timeless!

Lauren said...

Love your new light fixture! Wonder where my twin is??? :)

Ashley said...

SO jealous of your closets. That cake is hilarious!

Jeane M. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenzie Smith said...

You got quite a few twins running around ha ha! Love the new light fixture - it looks so good!
I want your sis's closet too! You guys have the most amazing shoe collections.. I'm a little jealous ;D

ifs ands Butts said...

I have that same white ruffled bedding at home!

Tiff said...

I love the new light fixture. I actually just learned about Garden Ridge after feeling the SOFTEST rug ever at my friends house! We don't have one here in WV, so I need to drive to OH of KY to visit one for home decor!

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