Mar 14, 2013


Well, I have never done one of these? So we will see how it goes!! 

I have been cleaning out ma closet and I realized I have tons of stuff that I never use, that maybe someone else would like to give a loving home to? 

I love this bag. Once I started taking pics of her I got really nostalgic and almost rethought this decision, alas- she never gets carried. And that is just unacceptable. 

Isn't she beautiful? She has been lovingly used, and has some wear on the top, that you can see in the pic. Other than that she looks great. I love love LOVE this bag, and I hope it goes to someone else who will love and use it!!

I also love this bag. It has also been lovingly used, and comes with dust bag (one above does too). Check out the cute inside stripes! Makes a great carry all in the spring and summer. 

As you can see, Sadie may fight you for this bag. She hasn't let it out of her sights since the photo shoot. This bag is gorgeous and very well taken care of. 

Need I say more? Adorable. Someone needs this. I have too much stuff to carry in a wristlet. College girls-where you at?? ;) 

Who doesn't love a little blue box? AMIRIGHT?

How cute is this?? Calling all Alabama fans- wouldn't this be a cute game day dress? Yeah- I said it. ;) It is so stinkin cute. Size is large.

I have only worn the dress above once. It is so stinking cute. It has a built in bra and bustier (is that what we call it?) Anyhoo, I am having a hard time finding any pictures of me in the dress for you to see how it fits...what is it that Carrie Bradshaw said? "Get rid of all pics where he looks sexy, and you look happy?" Well... it seems that's what happened here. Cheers.

Oh wait, here are a few. And you can hardly see the dress. Fail.

Well whatever, the dress is super cute...

I also couldn't find any pics of me in this dress. It appears we have been hit with a theme here.

 but I did find this chic in the white one. 

We will see how this goes, if it is a success, we can do some more bloggy sales. If not, no harm no foul right?? 

If you would like any of these items, please just email me ( with the item in the subject line if you don't mind, it will help keep me organized lol. I will check emails tomorrow, but I am out for the night. I gots a date with HGTV and the Property Brothers. 

Happy Shopping ladies!! Sadie belle needs to go to college ;)

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Rachel @ front row seat said...

The bow strapless Lilly dress is beautiful!! I call dibs!

Kristen said...

I had the Coach Carly too, and it started to wear up top like yours did within a few months of owning it, so I took it back to see if they could do anything about it. I was able to trade it in for a brand new bag since they didn't foresee that to be a problem. Just sayin'. ;)

Jill said...

Sadie says you are not getting rid of her purple bag, mudder! ;)
I think I wear/use my stuff so much that by the time I'm "done" with it, no one would want it except ol goodwill, ha

Allison Burns said...

I'd love the Kate Spade!!!!

The Mitchell Family said...

I had the Carly bag as well. I went into the store to return it and was told there had been a recall on them because they frayed on the top and received a brand new replacement for free :) I had to give the Carly back but received a beautiful brown leather bag to take her place.

Mateya said...

I had the Coach Carly bag and just like the two girls above I took mine back and they let me pick out a brand new one of equal value for FREE too!! Take that thing back and get a new one!!!!


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