Feb 25, 2013

Catch up.

You all. 

I have the strangest things happen to me. Last week I got some swollen gland in my face-no kidding- and one side of my face got super fat, like wisdom teeth out fat. I was half convinced I was having a stroke when the right side of my face started tingling. 

But good news-After consulting with my dentist cousin, and Dr. Dad, we came to the conclusion that I am gonna make it. Some heat compresses, two days and many ibuprofen later, I was back to normal. And life is good. haha. I swear I get the STRANGEST ailments?! And I am also a super duper hypochondriac. 

Saturday I had a baby shower for my cousin Samantha, and my other cousin Jessica was there with sweet baby Elise!! She is getting SO big!! 

mimosa for da baby? ;) 

I also got my new business cards in, and I LOVE them.  One side is Simply Flawless, and the other is PLL. If any of you would like them to hand out to eligible bachelors along your travels, I will gladly send you some. ;)

And I have to leave you with this. My sister is not right. Who is this creative? Get a life.

They had an "America" themed date party.

She went as Mt. Rushmore.

Stop it. She is so funny I can't stand it.


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MrsLindsayP said...

Mt. Rushmore is super creative!! Love it!!!

Ashleigh Day said...

Glad you are doing better. That is good news! & Elise is so darn adorable! She has grown quiet a bit... Awe!

Sami said...

Ooooh fancy new business cards! How about we just swap some and give them out to prospective bachelors for each other ;) Your sister is too cute! I loved when people went all out at date parties in college! xoxo

Young and Fabulous said...

HAHA mt rushmore omg. Is this the sis who also has the most creative costumes known to man? or is that the other one? Either way, you have a fantastic family!! And i loved y'all on fam feud :-)

glad your face is feeling better that must have been NO FUN at all. My bf's face swelled up when he got his wisdom teeth out and he was so numb he thought his neck was his mouth and proceeded to put a glass of water up to his neck to drink. I guess I should have gotten him a cute pink towel to heat compress!!! ;-)

happy Monday!

Morgan Neal said...

We have single soldiers over here all the time.. I'll send some your way.. Well behaved gentlemen with a job. Can't beat that or the sexy uniform. Lol!

Girl what cho numba? Lol

Lauren said...

That is so awesome! :)

So happy to see you blogging on the reg.

Melissa said...

omg -- your sister is brilliant! Love that.
I recently gave my 3 yr old niece OJ in a champagne flute so she wouldn't feel left out. Now she wants all her drinks in a champagne flute! oops.
I'm glad your face got better -- so scary!

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, I love the costume! Too funny!

Annie said...

i love your business cards! & i love the mt. rushmore costume! that's too clever.

Monica said...

Those business cards so cute! I love that costume idea!

SHAYNA said...

Love the business cards!!!

Erin @ Sassin Southern Style said...

Mt. Rushmore? Girlfriend needs her own reality show. I'd watch it.

Elizabeth said...

A similar thing happened to me last fall, except it was my cheek; all of a sudden one of my co-workers asked if I'd gotten into a fight or something because it was all swollen. GROSS! Turns out it was a sinus infection, but needless to say, I kind of flipped out at first. Glad you're on the mend!


Kerr said...

I have weird ailments too! Once my ankles swelled up out of nowhere and would not go down. Finally the doctor had to give me an anti inflamatory and we still don't know why it happened. And another time my face would get red and itchy when I would have my first drink of the night. It didn't matter if it was beer wine or liquor and it would go away after a while but my face felt like it was going to catch on fire. And it eventually just stopped happening...thank goodness!

Helene said...

love the new biz cards! so profesh! so weird about your face- that would scare me to death!!

Carolyn said...

OMG! Mount Rushmore! HILARIOUS! :)

Your business cards are SO CUTE!

Sarah said...

That swelling happened to my husband once and we had to go to the ER. They never really explained what it was but it eventually went away. The only real remedy they gave him was sucking on lemon heads, hahaha. Glad you are feeling better and your cards are SO cute!

SH said...

I've been very fortunate to have never needed my wisdom teeth out (knock on wood)! Your business cards are perfect.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!
The Hartungs Blog

Ashley said...

Oh my these costumes are too funny and your business cards look fab!

Deanna @The Peony Princess said...

That is such a creative idea haha! Glad everything is okay with you! I love your cards!

michelle said...

i have had the random swollen face before! it's horrible.
and your sister rocks. saving that as a halloween costume idea!

Heids said...

So weird, the same exact thing happened to me last week too and I thought I was going to have a stroke too.

Ashley said...

Ohhh my gosh - your sister is too much!! What a great costume - please keep the stories of her shenanigans a regular thing ;)

Glad it was a minor ailment - a swollen face is no fun and would definitely be frustrating and scary.

Emily said...

Love the Mt. Rushmore costume, so funny! Also, I do not see a fat face at all!!

Everyday Love said...

Haha You are so funny! I would love to hand out cards to eligible bachelors for you! haha I would like to find one for myself first, though. ;)

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