Feb 11, 2013

Carrie talk.

I felt like this was a different look for her at last nights Grammys, no? I am not crazy about the dress I don't think, but I do like her hair. And her makeup is always flawless :)

I was thrown off by her performance dress, I knew something was up when she wasn't moving, like at all, and then I remembered she did something similar at one of her concerts. If you didn't see it, they had all kinds of different lighting on her dress. Very technical explanation, I know. Ha. I have no idea how they do it, but the dress changed and it was colorful. There, you got the inside explanation. ;)

 It is cool I guess, It was not my favorite, but it was different. 

But I'll tell ya what IS my favorite. Miss sassy pants new video for Two Black Cadillacs. I think she looks awesome in the video, and her eye makeup is perfection. Girl means business.  

If you haven't seen it, it is pretty cool, and on par with her Blown Away video- a bit darker way of telling a story. Plus I love her ass-kickin shoes. 



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Ashley said...

I was NOT a fan of her performance dress at all. Her singing is powerful enough to not need light shows like that!

Lindsay said...

She's always gorgeous but something about last nights outfit was just off. And her performance too...sounded great but wasn't a fan of the electronic dress deal. lol

Sarah J said...

Loved that video!

Arielle said...

yea, that video is awesome! :)

xx BHB said...

I generally wish the whole trend of "long sheer skirts over short solid skirts/shorts/bathing suit bottom" would go away. I think that's what's happening with CU's dress and ... no bueno.

Brekke said...

I hadn't seen her new video, thanks for sharing. Loved it!

Stephanie said...

The dresses aren't my favorite, but Carrie can do no wrong in my eyes! Her new video is AMAZING, too. Love seeing her get all intense.

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Rachel said...

I loooove that video! She is fierce!

Sarah said...

I liked her red carpet dress, but as you said, it was a departure from typical Carrie. I would lose the necklace and add earrings, though. I think that would've been more Carrie!

I wasn't a huge fan of the performance dress (or the lighting), but SHE killed it!

Erica said...

She could totally make a ugly brown sack look adorable, but I too am not the biggest fan of her chooses this time. LOVE the video!

Brittany Lea said...

I also didn't love her dresses from last night! Loved her vocals on the performance but the dress made it boring because Carrie moves too much for her to just stand there! Didn't love it but with that I still adore her!

Raeven said...

I actually liked the red carpet dress, but I have to agree that it wasn't her typical style. (I say that like I really know her, lol) But the woman could rock absolutely anything in my opinion! Thanks for sharing the video, too!

Claire Kiefer said...

I liked the black dress pretty well (I mean not spectacular, but decent!) but the performance dress was my least favorite like ever. It wasn't even the lights that bothered me . . . it's that the top reminded me of a mid-90's prom dress! She's just too pretty for all that.

Lauren said...

I did not like her dress but it's Carrie! She can do no wrong! :)

Alex Sayre said...

I thought you would like her dress!! She looked amazing!

SH said...

Her dress was definitely something different than her usual look - but her hair and makeup are always perfection! She is just gorgeous.

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Just said...

Video was fantastic. Made my day! Thanks for sharing it.

Vicky said...

I was really disappointed with CU's performance. It's like just sing your heart out and rock the legs. But honestly, I was disappointed with all the performances from that evening.

I thought her dress was very "dark angel" in comparison to her usual looks. Pretty but definitely not my fave.

Jordan said...

What? I loved her red carpet dress! I thought she was one of the best dressed that night. (Not that she had much competition honestly.) Her performance dress was awesome but unnecessary. Maybe that would work for a more boring performer?

Lindsey said...

Love the 2 Black Cadillacs video. It was one of my favorite songs on the album. She's a pretty bad ass chic in the video and I love that! I missed her performance on the Grammy's. After JT made his triumphant return look all kinds of sexy, I was done for the night!

Beauty by MissAsh said...

I loved Carrie's performance at the Grammy's and I love this music video! She is gorgeous frig I am so jealous of her! Lol

Betsy Lynn said...

I have been wanting to see this video, thanks for posting!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

I am absolutely OBSESSED with the Two Black Cadillacs video. Her shoes. The old Cadillacs. The creepy piano music. Their funeral attire. The nod to Stephen King's "Christine". And the song itself is amazing without the video. I'm likin that she is steppin out of her usual self with this darker side. Wasn't a fan of her performance dress. I knew you'd blog about her performance/attire but I'm happy to find you like the video as well. :)

Amy said...

Not a fan of the lighting dress, huge fan of her new video. However, every song (almost) of hers is about revenge. Girlfriend needs a prozac!

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Amy said...

I love Carrie! But I agree with you, her performance was a little lackluster. I didn't like that she was just standing in the same spot the whole time (I mean, I know why, but still). Her songs are so powerful, she should have been moving around! Anyways. :)

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