Dec 5, 2012

20 blogs. 60,000 followers. Winner takes ALL.

Get ready girls, cause this is awesome. 

What is this, a giveaway hosted by TWENTY different ladies? 
Yes that is exactly what this is.

 The winner of this giveaway will win ad space on all 20 blogs! You heard me right, all twenty. Do you know how blog-life-changing that will be?? That means you (yes I am talking to YOU,  winner!!) will reach 60,000 readers!

I am so so humbled to be part of such a HUGE giveaway here in blog land. This is a fantastic group of ladies. Tremendous thanks to Erin and Casey (who will be on the Today show tomorrow!!) for putting this all together. I know it took a a lot of work, and I am so excited to be a part of it. 

All blogs start from somewhere, and are built on making connections with other bloggers. I am so excited for the person that wins this giveaway. What awesome exposure for their blog and what an amazing opportunity to help get their name out there! 

Make sure to stop by and say hi to these fabulous ladies, and make sure you enter for your chance to win it all! (I am jealous that I can't win.. HA!)

Oh, and one more thing, sorry my face is so large and in charge below. Apparently I don't follow directions very well. Yikes. ;)


I am so so SO excited to be partnering with all of these girls. Some of them I have known forever, and some I am just meeting. It has been so much fun getting to know everyone better, and make new friends in the process. 

I can't wait to see who wins this giveaway, and thanks to all of you who read along everyday and help make blogging worthwhile! 


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Angela Joy Holmes said...

Following you now thanks to this Ridiculous giveaway!
You and your blog are so cute!! Can't wait to read many more posts to come :)
XOX Angela

Tiffany said...

Ahh! I entered yesterday. It's like all my favorite bloggers in one place! :)


lori said...

this giveaway is AMAZING!! several of my favorite blogs!! thanks, lady!

Mandy Hanson said...

New follower from SOML thanks to this awesome giveaway! Your blog is so cute, can't wait to check it out!


Beatriz López Lumbreras said...

I entered for a chance to win!!but its also wonderful having found your blog! =)

Bea =9

Beatriz López Lumbreras said...

I entered for a chance to win!!but its also wonderful having found your blog! =)

Bea =9

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

I love your blog Lou Lou! You are so funny! This Giveaway is AMAZING BTW--


Allison Clements said...

I'm so glad I found your blog over at The Daily Tay. Your blog is soso great, I love it!

New follower

The Sweetest Thing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Sweetest Thing said...

Entered! YAY!

Mademoiselle Michael said...

Thanks for offering this! I've been a follower for quite a while...I'm kind of excited to have just found a jackpot of new blogs to follow!

Um your new closet, I die. Congrats on closing!!

Claire Kiefer said...

I really really really wanna win! Thanks so much for this ridiculous, amazing opportunity! xoxoxo

Sophie P said...

How do I enterrrr??!!! And can I even though I am Englishhhhh??!!! xxx

Sophie P said...

How do I enterrrr??!!! And can I even though I am Englishhhhh??!!! xxx

Brooke said...

I entered! Yea!!!

I am doing a Holiday Giveaway from Sephora! Hope you stop by and enter!

Happy Holidays,

Brooke♥ ❤ ❥

Jennifer Achebe said...

It looks like your list needs some diversity...hmmm.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

Amazing Giveaway, I love MUA I think the products are when did facebook buy instagram such good quality for the price, would love to win this!

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