Nov 26, 2012

Take it away, Kait!

Still working on returning to my normal self. In the meantime... I give you this little cutie!! 


So there I am, sitting at my desk on Tuesday afternoon after the holiday weekend casually chatting stress rashes and whole room closets with PLL herself..and that's when it happened.

She asked me to guest post on her blog...and that's when Santa Claus may have existed again. Angels sang, and the Whos down in Whoville "Fahoo Foray"-ed. But really though...

Way back when my blog sucked was a baby, I found PLL and I said "Self, someday we are going to be like her." Self seemed pretty okay with it, but we got a Lab instead. Looks like things turned out pretty well.

Dogs in tutus, what more could you want?

Except there's just a couple things we haven't mastered yet...

1. The hair. There's a couple reasons for this. I have no idea how to use a velcro roller. Like none. They fall out and tangle my hair and before I know it, I've indulged in an entire bottle of wine before the hair curling even commences. I also fail so good at the teasing of the mane. I'm a lover of a good tease thanks to my new Spornette brush and Sarah. She knows the way to my heart. What I'm not so good at is recognizing when to stop teasing and start styling. Before I know it, my hair is teased from here to Texas and I look more like Simba's ugly sister than I'd appreciate.

2. The makeup. Now, I'm far more advanced in this category than the hair. I own all the goods, have mastered concealing blemishes, and creating a clean "palette" to work with. The problem lies in the eyes. Specifically smokey eyes. It just ain't happenin' over here--unless of course you like the Rocky Balboa look. Then, I'm your gal. Simply Flawless, I am not.

Let's also talk shiny, perfectly pouty lips. Do you not ever take drinks of Diet Coke? 'Cause let's get one thing straight...I can apply my favorite shade of Buxom and the moment I take that DC can to the face and gloss-be-gone. 

For these reasons (among many others), I think a trip to Kentucky needs to be planned. Whatcha thinking, PLL? I'll bring the scary hair, you bring the hairspray and bobby pins. 

Maddie says she'll bring the wine.

Thanks for filling in Kait! I owe ya! You bring Maddie and your sassy self down to the KY and I'll fix that poofing problem real fast. ;) 


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Kait said...

My PLL debut ::a choir of angels sing::

Annabelle said...

Sounds like Kait is one funny gal! I'm heading over to her blog now!

Brandi said...

This post cracked me upppp! I definitely am hopping over to read some more from Kait!!!! :)

Table4One said...

Love this post!!! Thanks for having Kait over! New follower of her's now! Hope you get the princess palace up and running so you can return to writing perfect PLL posts :)

Myra said...

Kati - you sound like a hoot & I'm hoping over to check you out!

PLL - get back soon!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

PLL I miss your fancy hair poofn' pants and I can't wait til' your big return BUT in the meantime HI KAIT! You are adorable ;) I'll be heading your way soon!!!!

Natasha xoxo said...

How adorable! Cute post :)

xo, tasha
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Jaclyn Kaye said...

Maddie is adorable, and Kait.. so is your blog!

Hope your things start falling into place for you soon, Miss. PLL. I'm going through the same overwhelming feeling right now too!

Cheers, ladies! This is what vino is for :)


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