Nov 12, 2012

My new favorite candle: Hours Luminaires!

Fall is definitely here, and that means it is time for candle talk! 

I discovered these awesome new soy candles and I knew I had to share with you. 

The company is called Hours Luminaires, and besides from having candles, their owner Leanne also donates proceeds from each purchase to animal rescue!! 

Hello soft spot in my heart! 

She specifically donates to a place in New Jersey, called Tabby's Place, that helps rescue cats from hopeless situations. Warms my heart knowing there are other people out there with compassionate animal-loving hearts! 

The candle I got is apple pie, and I LOOOOOVE it. Not only does it smell awesome, but it has one of those wood wicks that makes noise when it burns. It is not overwhelming, but just the right amount of make-your-house-smell-awesome....ness  ;)

Here it is in it's little spot on my counter... so cute, love the bow of twine! 

Don't you judge my wine corks. In the words of my favorite new wine- "being fabulous is exhausting!"
But that is neither here nor there... 

Thinking ahead to Christmas, wouldn't these make fabulous gifts? And you would be contributing to help our fury little friends :) 

Now doesn't that just make you happy? ;) 

Check out their facebook page here to stay up to date on scents and promos! 

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xx BHB said...

I have a wine cork bucket too :) No judgment!

Lauren said...

I love that you have an apple pie candle! I'm not a big fan of the cinnamon or other heavy scents like that, that are so popular, but that pick sounds great. These would make great gifts! I'll definitely check them out! :)


Individually Unique; Together Complete said...

those candles are beautiful! That is awesome that she donates some of the proceeds to animal rescues. I love animals! I need to check these candles out. Thanks for sharing. :]

Shug in Boots {Beth} said...

i was JUST SAYING this past weekend that i needed an apple pie candle! bonus that she helps animals!! and i'm pretty excited about that wick that i can hear burning. never heard of such. thanks for sharing!

Kara Elizabeth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adriana aka AJ said...

I love reading about your finds! Will try these candles out. They're good for the environment and they donate money to animals-my kind of business! :)

Ashley Brooke said...

cute! i'll have to check out her store. apple pie scent sounds amazing!!

Alyse Christine said...

yikes... I went straight to her fb and etsy store to check these out because I *love* candles!! I have to say I'm incredibly disappointed in the shipping costs though. If I buy one 12 dollar candle, shipping will cost me $10.85. I think that's ridic. In that case I'd rather buy in person and know what I'm getting and unless it's Yankee, I'll be paying less.

Leanne said...

Hello Ladies, this is the owner of Hours! I do apologize for the shipping costs, we use flat rate boxes because well, most of our sales are multiples and it makes it easier on everyone that way. I do apologize for the cost, we have talked about finding a way for people who wish to only buy one, but Etsy does not make that easy. I really appreciate your feedback and I will look into this problem even further!

I just want to thank you for bringing this to my attention, so I can focus on making it better in the future!

Leanne said...

I looked into the shipping issue and have found a way to drop it by HALF for single candle shipments! I want to thank Alyssa for bringing this to my attention! Thank you Ladies and thank you Allison! :)

Alexis Feinberg said...

Candles always create a nice ambiance... and they make the room smell fantastic too :)

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