Aug 7, 2012

There's a new kid on the block

Sooo... the roomie came home with a dog yesterday. Standard. 

Bella was displaced by the tornado's we had in KY a little while ago and she needed a home. Chrissy had been wanting a frenchie for some time now, so it was perfect! 

Sadie seems to be adjusting alright. There was only a minor disagreement over some food, which both girls later apologized for, after joint time outs in their respective crates. ;)

Sadie is very inquisitive of her new sister. This should be interesting...

In other dog news... I need your all's help! 

Katie (a sweet reader of mine) contacted me about Ginger, a 2 year old pug who needs a home. Her owner is moving into assisted living, and cannot take Ginger with her. :(

Anyhoo, I know you are thinking "PLL, you are running a doggy daycare anyway, why don't YOU take Ginger? What's one more smoosh face?"

Well I can assure you I would love to, but I just really can't. We already have a MAJAH snortfest going on at casa de PLL, and I just think adding one more piggy to the mix would be one too many.

SO... operation FIND GINGER A HOME commences! If you live in the area and are looking for a pug, this is PERFECT for you! She is house trained and had all of her shots etc, just needs a loving family! Pugs are so stinkin' sweet and cuddly.

Maybe you want a pug, but don't have time for a puppy? BINGO.
Adopt Miss Ginger, and thank me later. 

Seriously, email me if you have any questions or know of a good home for this precious girl!!
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Lindsey said...

I'm calling animal hoarders on you. JK. that's so sweet and the new pup is a cutie. I hope Ginger finds a home. Bear is more than I can handle. Operation find my cat, NICKY. Waaah.

Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants said...

You and Kristen are both announcing new additions today. Planned? Probably. ;)
But seriously, I want to snuggle Ginger up.

Cara said...

Too cute. Poor Ginger. I'm sure she will be adopted quickly. The new pup is a cutie! We are getting our puppy next weekend- cannot wait. Bring on the sleepless nights.

Alicia Marie said...

They're all so sweeet! I'm sure you'll find Ginger a good home real soon. :)

Annabelle said...

I wish I lived close! I would snatch up Ginger in a quick second!

katie michelle said...

awww i hope ginger finds a home soon!! she looks like a little sweetie!

as for your own miss sadie, that pictures is HILAR. LOVE the expression on home girl's face. she's like, "who the eff is this?!" presh.

MrsMatched said...


This is super-dee-duper tempting. Really. I don't live all that close, so I'll let this sit for a while and see if there are some wonderful KY people who want to snatch Ginger up. If you don't have any takers in the next little bit, though, shoot me an email and I'll start buttering the Hubs up! It's MrsMatched at

Shug in Boots said...

dear pink,
i think it is awesome that you use your blog for good and not evil. i hope that lil shugpie, ginger, finds a home soon. and i am laughing my ass off of that pic of sadie on the back of the couch like, "wtf?" bless her heart.

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

What an adorable new roomie! :)

Wish I could help with operation Ginger, but our bulldog is very aggressive with other doggies and the only reason we have her is because we promised to keep her in a one-doggy home :(

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

Well not the only reason we have her of course! She's a big fat ball of lovin' for us humans, but is like Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to other dogs. It breaks my heart, because I'd love for her to have other doggy friends.

Shrimp and Glitz said...

ahhh! I love that Sadie sits up on top of the sofa like a cat just like my little Sophie does! Only dogs I've ever seen do that, hilarious! And I need that sweet little puggie but we can't have dogs at our condo :( What mean owners, I mean really. Hope she finds a home! I am certain she will!

Megan G. said...

Awww, a new baby on the block! She looks so precious and the WTF face is so perfect. :) Glad everyone's adjusting well.

I'll definitely ask around to find poor lil Ginger a home. I hope she finds her forever home soon. <3

Ashleigh Nichole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashleigh Nichole said...

Hey girlie can you send me an email letting me know more details of this sweet little miss! Is she in Lexington & such? please email & let me know details thanks & soon would be great because I think the hunny wants her 3 dogs is gonna be crazy hehe

CJ Birdwell said...

awww! if Texas wasn't so far away I would snap up little miss Ginger in a hot minute!!

Heather H said...

That couch picture is PRECIOUS! What funny little pups.

Kate said...

I love frenchies, probably because they had the same squishy faces as pugs.

Caroline said...

OMGGGG. How have I not heard about Chrissy's new pup????
Maybe her & Missy Moo are long lost sisters? (kind of a stretch, but maybe?!)
We need to have a puppy party ASAP. Possibly this weekend. With wine. Tell Chrissy. xoxoxoxo

Sophie P said...

Bella bella cutie pie Bella! What an adorable dog. My friend Ms Maple has a little pug called Barney- adorbs!! I want one!! XXXX

Claire Kiefer said...

Soooooo cute. I might cave if I lived anywhere near you. She looks like a doll and that face is to die for.

My roommate came home with a dog once. He was deceptively cute looking but man did he turn out to be a diva. Hopefully Bella is nicer. :)

Day Old News said...

Proud of Chrissy! Make sure Sadie doesn't teach Bella how to sit at the bar and doesn't curse her out in French.

Portuguese Prepster said...

awww they are all such cuties! I hope ginger finds a good home!

Ashley Cray said...

We have a Frenchie. He's a total handful (Sensitive stomach, no-heat-tolerance, etc) but my goodness they're the world's sweetest dogs with the best personality!

Good luck finding a home for Ginger!

DearKrissy said...

Hey, at least she will tolerate it. I have a 12 year old Pekingese named Hopsing. A few years ago, my boyfriend at the time brought home a puppy after he'd been on a really long business trip. Hopsing was just NOT HAVING IT. He fought with her EVERYDAY. I broke up with the guy a few months later and he had to take Abigail with him. Hopsing is protective, and he's not sharing his Momma with anyone.

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