Jun 14, 2012


if you have been having problems linking, or getting to my blog that is probably why. Trust me, I had no idea it was going to be this complicated or I wouldn't have changed it. But hey, now we are official so life is good. And NO, this was not my exciting news I talked about last week ;)

Make sure you update my URL ladies, I would hate for you to miss out on hair poofing tips, celebrity sightings, or my 20 something misadventures!! 

I am working on a whole blog re-do (trust, it is killer) and also trying to fix all my linkies that went bye-bye with my URL change. 



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Shannon said...

glad you got it fixed, girlfriend! i just moved my blog to a new domain last week, and it was driving me to drink (well, drink MORE) trying to figure out how to get the links to work!

poof on, pll! xoxo

elise said...

Soooo, if this wasn't the exciting news...when will we be hearing it? :) PS I love the pic of Sadie on Instagram!

Kate said...

Love your new URL and Can't wait to see your new design.

Kenzie CBMommyhood said...

Ooh congrats on your new URL! I'm excited to see your blog changes :)

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

Beautiful photos! I love the close-up on the earrings hanging on the french book... so glam!

Hilary said...

Your head has gone missing in the header [at least for me]...!?


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