May 16, 2012

My favorite lashes!

I think it is no secret that I am constantly on the hunt to have gorgeous peepers like this gal. 

I mean those lashes. gorgeous!

So as a bloggy friend, I feel it is my duty to report to you my fantastic finds. I am a huge advocate for dark eyes, and false lashes. Go big or go home I say. I wear them all the time. Weddings, Derby, girls night out, you name it. 

My absolute favorite that I have found are by Smoke & Mirrors (wearing smoke & mirrors heart, and nashville above). I got turned on to the brand sometime last year when someone showed me a couple articles that cited Carrie wearing them, so of course, I had to immediately order. 

Well yesterday I made another order {lots of events coming up} and thought I would share with you lovelies!

coming my way are ...

I LOVE these lashes. I would have to say the heart is my favorite. Nashville close second. 

But I went out on a limb and got the Hollywood lash too. It looks a little more dramatic, perhaps for more of a look like this one? 

IONO kids... we will see what I think of the bigger whispy ones. I'll keep ya posted ;) 

But if you are on the lookout for some super fab lashes, I would definitely try these babies. Now as far as a tutorial on putting them on, I assure you, you don't want me to do that. Surely there is someone on youtube who has a fantastic tutorial. For me it is more practice, trial and error. 

OH- but I do want to say make sure you get clear glue. I picked this up at a drug store, and it works fab. Dries fast, and is totally travel friendly. 

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Southern Gorgeous said...

May just have to order some of these! I currently have a love affair with Modlash and Ardell! Never hurts to have more lashes! I just love playing with falsies!

Carolina Charm said...

I just recently started experimenting with false lashes and am HOOKED. They make such a statement.

Please tell me you've seen the ridiculous Katy Perry eyelashes. My goodness, they are crrraaazy.

Raquel said...

Oooo I may just have to order some lashes! They all look great!

MaviDeniz said...

I love the Hollywood lashes. My current favs are Red Cherry and Ardell lashes


Emily Locknick said...

The bigger the better! :) I use a clear glue by DUO, it works amazing!

Rachel said...

Girl why are you so freaking cute? I just need you to come move in with me and be my personal stylist/makeup artist!!! I'll admit--I've never tried fake lashes but I think I may have to now that you've posted this!

Lauren said...

I have little baby lashes and have been going back & forth as to whether I should get some falsies...I think you just convinced me! I'm thinking you should give us "new to fab lashes" gals a tutorial yes? Thanks for the tips! XXOO

Sarah @ Simply Sarah said...

I have got the fake eyelash bug something fierce. I have never used them before, but I think I am ready!

Mara said...

Are you sure you are not Carrie Underwood??? ;)

Brielle said...

Excited to try these out :)

Manda said...

I've been looking for a good pair of fake eyelashes--thanks so much for sharing this! I'll have to give them a try!

Manda said...

By the way, reading your blog has led me to a lot more online shopping. I had to buy a cup case last week!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

i love the hollywood lash! but i gotta tell you, you have BEAUTIFUL eyes just like carrie! you guys resemble eachother actually!!!


Elise said...

Thanks for sharing! I've actually been thinking about false eyelashes lately. Also, did you see Carrie in Glamour this month? Stunning, of course.

Jade Sierra said...

I gave you a shout on my blog today! :)

Ashley H. said...

Have you tried Latisse? I use it and LOVE it! My eyelashes look like granddaddy long legs! People always look at me in disbelief when I tell them the lashes are real. I've had no side effects and with all the people I know the only side effect I've heard of is dry eyes occasionally.

If you go to Laser Perfect Med Spa in Lex they have a special applicator that works better than the one that comes with the product.

Elizabeth said...

I need to order these! I used to do fake lashes a lot more but have kind of gotten away from it in the last couple years - I think its time to pick it back up! Love Carrie's lashes!

lori said...

its been a while since i wore false lashes, but i do love them! may have to check them out.

::Preppy Principal:: said...

These look amazing, but from a gal who never has worn fake lashes...question: Do they ruin your natural eye lashes?

Hilary said...

Yours look awesome. I def will need to google a tutorial!!

Jill said...

You may have convinced me to try em but I have NOOOOO idea how to apply them! My biggest fear is that I'd get glue in my eye!!! Or, #2 fear, they look so awesome I think I need them every day, haha

Lindsey said...

um, duh. I have a eye lash tutorial. REMEEEEEMBER???? i need these lashes. Off to spend.

Elizabeth said...

I've been looking for good quality lashes to wear on my wedding day so I'm REALLY glad you posted this! It was perfect timing for me- I just ordered the Nashville Lashes this morning!!!
Thanks Pink LouLou!

The Life Of Baby B said...

this post made me go out and buy some cheap $3 ones from walmart to try and im in love! thanks so much!

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

I'm obsessed with the Ardell Demi Whispies! ( i have big eyes) I think certain lashes look better when you have larger eyes, and vise versa

Lisa Nicole,
Showered With Design

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