May 21, 2012

Blown Away: Billboards 2012

Well Mrs. Fisher has been all over the place recently promoting her new album Blown Away, and in true Carrie fashion, she rocked her performance of the title track at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night.

Girlfriend, you nailed it. {in case you missed it}

She was straight up channeling a Disney princess on the red carpet. I thought her hair looked spot on, and I appreciated that her makeup was more of her signature look, rather than whatever it was a few weeks ago on DWTS.

Lovebirds ;)

Also Sunday night, Oprah featured Carrie and Mike on her show Next Chapter. It was so cool to get to see inside her home and life, since she is usually so private.

I love that she does her own laundry, because I totally understand that. I will slice you if you try and do my laundry. Too damn picky ;)

Also this part was cute, Mike and Carrie talking about their first kiss. Everyone all at once now... AAWWW. haha ;) 

That's all I got on TeamUnderwood right now. ALTHOUGH, here is a sneak peek at a tutorial I am working on for you chics, inspired by Country's reigning princess herself. 

xoxo over and out. 

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Cortney said...

You look so much like her, seriously had to do a double take!

Maggie D'Agnese said...

Love Carrie Underwood, and you look just like her!

Jaclyn Kaye said...

Love her so much. How about the "it's about quantity not quality" comment. Haha oops. Oh, Carrie :)

Lauren said...

I love the picture of carrie and mike when she is wearing the blue dress. They look so happy and in love :)

Lauren said...

Ah! Hate I missed that Oprah special! If you see that it is coming back on, please send this chick a reply! :)

Jazmine said...

I loved her performance. I thought she would perform "Good Girl" but "Blown Away" is my new fav song.

Day Old News said...

You are right about Carrie's extensions...they just don't blend in the way we want them to, I see it now. They are also way more yellow than the rest of her hair. Also, my favorite part of the interview was when she said she went from vegetarian to vegan partly because she was feeling heavy and slow. Oh, Carrie, I still love you even if you're a little crazy!

Elizabeth said...

She looked so stunning in that dress! She is so beautiful and talented. Thanks for this post, and I'm looking forward to the tutorial!

Sarah said...

New follower of you but not Carrie, love her! Can't believe I missed the Oprah special. I would love a lil inside on her life : )

Amber said...

I just watched this performance. LOVED it! This song and "Wine After Whiskey" have been playing nonstop in the car and on my Spotify. And she looked amazing :)

Jenny said...

You're so her twin :) she should be flattered!

Ok, earrings in the last photo--where are they from?

Caroline said...

Loved her performance. Loved her interview, but what was up with her hair??

Erica at Diamonds Buried Deep Down in my Mind said...

Love the dress on her. She looks so gorgeous, and it's like the prom dress I always wanted. Sigh. Love your blog and all your posts!

Ashley said...

Loved her BBMAs performance and her red carpet dress! She and Mike are just adorable together too!

Jill said...

Your hair is always so glamorous and beautiful! Will you just stop by and do my hair every morning?! :D

Nicole-Lynn said...

I thought of you when I watched her on Oprah's show! I thought her hair could have looked way better kept bothering me while I was watching the interview! lol

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