Apr 16, 2012

Weekend Recap: Wedding Showers

Hello lovely ladies, to say I am exhausted would be an understatement. 

I had a wedding shower Friday, and Saturday night, so I am one sleepy girl.

I was quiet the hair stylist this weekend, I did Brooke, Ashley, and Chrissy's hair! Oh and mine of course. ha ;) 

It really is so simple to create one of these looks. I just curl before hand, then put in a side ponytail, pin up pieces to cover ponytail holder, and then place the front pieces wherever they tell me they want to go, I just feel it, and do it. Wish I could explain more!

Friday night I wore this little red number from KOHLS! I kid you not. 

And Saturday I borrowed my friend Kylee's dress, from LaRoque. It is pink seersucker, although you can't easily tell from the pics. 

Ash, I had SO much fun celebrating with you! You looked absolutely perfect!

Next weekend I have THREE showers. Must get dresses in order... after I nap. ;)


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Katie said...

oh girl loving the dress choices! The pink one is gorgeous with the nude heels. The red however would go with OSU colors so maybe you can bring that when you come to Cbus?! Which I know will be soon, right! :) xoxo

Michelle P said...

I love the hair pictures and your dresses!

Brittany said...
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Brittany said...

Amazing hair and dresses! Would you like to move to England with me so you can do my hair everyday??

Georgina said...

You are so talented with hair! The dresses are adorable, I can't believe that's from Kohl's!

xo Georgina

Amanda said...

You do such a good job with hair!

LaRoque is such a fun designer. Living in SC, I see tons of her stuff and it's amazing!

~Katie said...

Love those dresses! Kohls has really stepped up their game lately. And I'm so jealous of the poof on that ponytail. :)

Rachel said...

You look so beautiful! (Per usual!)
Looks like lots of fun! :)

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

love your hair! cute dresses too.

Beth said...

super cute. i always forget about kohls. and laroque, the designer is from SC. she went to college with me. all her dresses are gorge.

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

You look gorg!


Hilary said...

I need to figure out your hair secrets. They all look wonderful!

Caroline said...

Love love love you boo! So happy we finally got to have a lil bit of Carol & Lou Lou time Friday. More next weekend? I think so!

The Pink Growl said...

So much celebrating & fun! You need to come on down to TN and do my hair when it's time for my bridal showers! :)

Caitlin C. said...

I lovee the pink seersucker! You are too precious.

Bre said...

LOVE the second dress and shoes! You are too adorable!

Caroline said...

Gorgeous pics! Seriously, you need to come do my hair just once!!!

Marjorie said...

You're very talented at doing hair! Of course, lovely dresses :)

Ashley said...

Love the first red dress, too cute!!!

Southern California Chic said...

How fun!!! Love all those dresses!!

XO Lucy

Tiffany said...

Both of your dresses are adorable...but I absolutely LOVE the red one from Khols! I'm going to see if I can track that baby down myself!


Page Twenty-Two said...

Loved both of your dresses! Great choices, girl:) I have my own shower this weekend and have NO CLUE what to wear:( Can you come to Boston to do my hair? Kidding....kind of:)

Pretty in Pink said...

i think you legit need to go to hair school ... i bet you'd make tons of money as a stylist and everyone would come to you because you're cute.

Kristen said...

SO cute! I wish I could do my hair like that, lol

Christina {Carolina Charm} said...

Gosh girl, you always look over-the-top ahhhh-maaazing. The seersucker dress is to DIE for and everyone's hair looks FAB!

Carolina Belle said...

AGH! I love that you are repping LaRoque in Kentucky! I love my LaRoque. If you are ever come to the great state of SC for a Kentucky/Carolina game, you MUST see her shop. TO. DIE. FOR.

Kelsey Claire said...

Love Love the hair! You looked great!

Love Lace said...

Your hair is always perfect, even on a non-wash day!!! I must take some time to learn your tricks! Both dresses are adorable, but I love the red one for a fun summer dress!

Amber said...

Love all the dresses!

-Lauren said...

I need to come to KY for a little hair poof sesh. Like immed.

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

Gorg dresses! Rock it gurlie! :)

Sophie P said...

Beautiful hair girly!! I did something similar for a wedding I went to back in Feb- mine does need more ' a la Loulou' poof though- help me purlease!! XXX

Portuguese Prepster said...

Love your pink dress!! you are beyond amazing with hair.....wish you could come help me with my hair for my formal this weekend!

Hannah said...

Love the hair--you did a great job! You look fantastic in all of the pics! You've got a jam-packed week. Have a great time!
ps. come check out my Kate SPade giveaway.

Glitterista said...

Wow, so many showers! Love both dresses, but especially that gorgeous seersucker. :)

.life is reediculous. said...

you look ridiculously cute with your pink seersucker and Loubs. love it!

Ariane said...

You have SUCH a talent for hair!

ps, you're gorgeous! love me some seersucker.

Lauren said...

I can't believe you did all four of those hair styles, actually I can, but I'm jealous! I love the first picture (of the girl with the brown hair). It's gorgeous! I wish I could do that on myself.

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