Apr 27, 2012

It's almost here!

Carrie Underwood’s fourth album Blown Away hits stores May 1st… eeek!!!

Girl has done it again with some killer new tracks. The album is definitely different, there are some darker songs, and I find myself missing her big power ballad. But all in all, I love it.

Granted it doesn’t come out until Tuesday, but luckily you can stream it from itunes here ;)

See, this has been my activity the past couple of days... 

 My immediate favorites are:

Blown Away
Two Black Cadillac’s- LOVE. So powerful!
See you Again
Forever Changed
One Way Ticket –gonna be my poolside summer jam!
Good in Goodbye-obsessed.

Good in Goodbye. Can we just discuss how close this song hits home for me? I get chill bumps evertyime I hear it. I am positive it will touch others of you as well...

This song says it better than I ever could, and of course makes me think of where I am now, and where I was two years ago.  It really all does work out the way it is suppose to. You just have to trust Him, and have faith.

Sing it Carrie. ;) Can't wait for the actual cd, and yes I will be buying the cd. It's my thing. 

TGIF ladies, it's off to FAMILY FEUD for this chic on Monday! 

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Sami said...

I haven't listened to it yet! Going to stream it now, that song sounds amazing! Can't wait for it to come out so I can jam in my car :)

Aly said...

I love her, and the cd! Love Good in Goodbye..just wish I was on the other side!!

Lia Joy said...

I haven't even heard the song yet, but just reading the lyrics, I know I'll love it! Such sweet, meaningful words! :)

Ashley said...

I've been listening to it alllll week at work! Girl has an amazing voice.

I'm with you on buying the CD - there's very few I'll actually purchase the physical CD of, mainly only Carrie(of course) and Eric Church.

'Forever Changed' hits home SO hard right now for me. Everything about 'Blown Away' I love. Actually the whole CD, wow!!

JMB said...

PREACH! PREACH! PREACH! We are having CHURCH UP IN HUH :) Love you sweet girl. How do 2 blonde {I pay for it} KY bombshells such as ourselves have so much in common :) hahaha. I cannot wait to see y'all on FF. I am thinking movie deals after your appearance. I am thinking you have to plug your blog too.

DrestiBlog said...

After reading through your old blog posts(which I lovedddd, you need to write a book! haha Carrie Bradshaw of the south anyone?)I can totally see how you relate to this song. I will have to check it out on Spotify!

Jeremy and Megan said...

Good luck on family feud!! :)

Jeremy and Megan said...

Good luck on family feud!! :)

Lindsey said...

MAJOR chills reading those lyrics and i haven't even heard the song. You know I relate!!

Amber said...

I am starting to really love Carrie Underwood! Whenever I hear that "good girl" song on the radio I blast it and sing along!! LOVE IT! I've always been a "fan" but have yet to buy an album. Maybe this will be my first one?! :)

Shrimp and Glitz said...

I've planned to go purchase the cd on my lunch break Monday. Last time, I stopped by Walmart at 8 am and almost had a nervous break down when they hadn't put it on the shelves yet. What is wrong with them?! It should have been out at 12 am STAT. Whatever, can't wait to play it over and over and over and over again!! Can't wait to watch y'all on Family Feud!

The Pink Growl said...

OMG she looks gorgeous on the cover!

Caitlin C. said...

heading to iTunes nowww to check this out!!

Hilary said...

can't wait to hear it. and can't wait for family feud deets! haha.

Tiffany said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I know that feeling all to well!! I can only imagine how amazing the song is when she sings it!

Cori H. said...

I can't wait to get the CD! I listened to it the other day and absolutely loved it. Good in Goodbye is by far my favorite song on there. I can really relate.

Tangled In Texas said...

I just love Carrie! Can't wait to hear all the songs!!!

Jackie said...

Good in Goodbye is FANTASTIC!!! It really makes me feel so so good!!!

mags said...

I don't know if you heard it already, but she was on npr yesterday. It was such a good interview! Here's a link to it http://www.npr.org/2012/04/28/151543131/carrie-underwood-countrys-good-girl-goes-dark

Good luck on Family Feud!

Chelsie said...

wow... those lyrics.... dagger. They really do hit close to home. I'll definitely have to check out this song.

good luck on the feud!!

Erin said...

Your blog always makes me smile and laugh! :)
I love Carrie!!! And am going now to hear this song, because it is exactly where I am too.



Sarah @ Simply Sarah said...

Ooo! Good luck at Family Feud! Y'all will do great!

PS Be sure to enter my giveaway! http://www.simply-sarah.net/2012/04/my-memories-suite-giveaway.html

Kelli @ Living Sweetly said...

I need to go listen now!

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I especially came here to tell you that I knewwww you'd love Good in Goodbye as much as I do. I made it ohhh about 10 words before I had tears in my eyes. Amazing song...

Jenna said...

Oh my gah!! You must post about Family Feud!! SO exciting! :)

Sarah Plain and Tall said...

OMG! I LOOOOOOVEEEEE her new album! I agree, it isn't the ballad, but I love the somgs just the same! Blown Away is definitely my favorite! I was browsin her album all week myself on iTunes! I am glad I wasn't the only one! :)

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

Hi. I miss you! Haven't heard from you in forevs!!!! Hope all is well!

Just bought the Carrie cd and I thought of you :)

Laura said...

its SO good! i love "do you think about me?" my fav!

Ashlee said...

I just came across your blog and I'm so happy I did! :) I love love love Carrie! Now only if I could figure out how to make my legs look like hers! Gorgeous!

Anyway, I'm a new follower! :)

Stephanie Chae Qualls said...

Good in Goodbye is definitely my favorite. I've listened to it over and over and over again. Such a good CD!


The Bluths said...

i'm so in love with carrie underwood! she's so amazing!

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