Jan 13, 2012

Wait… she COOKS?!

Don't get too excited. It's nothing fancy. And NO I am not going all domestic on you, but I did want to share this super easy recipe I stole from bis sis. 

So yeah, I can make about 4 things. 

1. Baked Ziti
2. White Chicken Chili
3. Filet mignon with goat cheese and balsamic glaze (wild card, I know) 

Aaaaand Vegetable Soup. 

That's about the span of my conquests in the kitchen...yea. 

Since it has decided to snow in Lexington, I have decided it is the perfect weekend to make this vegetable soup I am obsessed with. 

Let me show you how easy it is. AND it is super healthy :) win/win right? 


3 cans V8 juice
3 cans Del Monte diced tomatoes (basil, garlic and oregano kind)
2 cans Del Monte corn
2 cans Del Monte sliced carrots
2 cans Del Monte diced potatoes
1 can Allens seasoned green beans, cut up. 
1 lb. stew meat, brown before adding to croc pot. 

Drain veggies first, then throw it all in, cook, eat. 

EASY people. ;) 

Oh and guess what else?

I am co-hosting a twitter party this Sunday as part of the Live Famously campaign. Tune in for all the red carpet gossip ;) Somebody is gonna win a trip to LA to meet Perez Hilton and live it up like a celeb... just sayin' 

So don't miss it!

Find out more here

Have a great weekend!! xo

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Sarah @ Simply Sarah said...

Pink Lou Lou, you can do it all! That recipe looks really good, I'm definitely going to try it!

Have a great weekend!

Michelle P said...

This recipe sounds easy, I'll have to try!

House of Sykes said...

this might make you said - that soup is NOT healthy or good for you! them cans is full of SODIUM = water weight!! a quick change to make it healthier for you is to change out the cans to veggies for frozen veggies. still super easy! good luck!

Hannah said...

Nothing beats a big pot of yummy soup to keep ya warm in the winter time! Have a great weekend :)

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

I don't think any vegetable soup recipe will ever be close to my grandmother's, but I'll have to give this one a try. It sounds too easy to not try! Happy Weekend!

Tales of an HBS Wife said...

love, love, love the easy recipes - you're going to be a domestic goddess before you know it!

Cheerful Homemaker said...

I blame my mother for my serious inability to cook when I moved out. We ate a lot of boxed meals and I wasn't encouraged to help in the kitchen. When I moved out I could macaroni & cheese (from a box!), scrambled eggs, and Hamburger Helper. This was 7 years ago. I'm still not a great cook, but I've improved a lot!

Jill said...

This recipe sounds pretty delicious Lou Lou ;) I might have to add it to my cookbook and whip it up this weekend! I loved my grandmother's vegetable soup and it has been forever since I've had any! YUM

rkjalernpan said...

Eek! I'm loving my crock pot right now but I am totally intimidated by the kitchen so this recipie is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

sarah said...

yum, ive been looking for crock pot recipes, this is perfect!

.hannah. said...

will make this weekend. sounds so good! have a good weekend bish!

Melanie said...

Vegetable soup is wonderful in the winter! I know this sounds gross, but it really works and is delish. You can use Veg-all - as many cans as you need - instead of all the separate cans of different veggies. Just a little tip! :)

Jennifer said...

I LOVE to cook and always looking for something easy... Will have to try this. Posted a shrimp and grits in my blog it's easy it's an open can type thing...I shared with Molly too. So so good. You will have to try it too :)

Breanna said...

cute blog :) Just came across it! That recipe seems so easy, i'll have to try it out!

Breanna xx

Brit said...

I bought the stuff today to try that recipe. Sounds easy and delish!

L.Voss said...

thank you for sharing the recipes!

burbsandburgh.com said...

That looks delicious! Something even I could make haha =)


Jackie said...

YUM this looks delish!!! This looks fool proof... I think I can handle this ;]

Lindsey said...

ha, funny! Cause you always say "you cook?" to moi! I made some slow cooker shredded bbq pork last night that I told Cheryl about. IT was so easy and yum. WIll probably blog it at some point. holla.


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