Dec 7, 2011

It's a PLL Christmas- The Bourbon Review Edition

Let's get something straight.

Yup, FACT. 

We have many o' claim to fame here in the good state of KY. 

Beautiful women.
 Fast Horses. 
Turtle Man, scratch that I am NOT claiming him...

but probably one of our most noteworthy, and lovable native products, is bourbon.

{friends and I visiting the Makers Mark Distillery}

Ahh, nothing says I am a true southerner greater than sportin' a UK hoodie whilst sippin' a bourbon and diet on game day.

Am I right or am I right? ;)

So enter the Bourbon Review.

My friends from college came up with the concept for the Bourbon Review in 2008, while drinking the beverage together at a local bar.
Cute huh? ;)

The Bourbon Review is a fan magazine for bourbon, obviously, as well as a guide to the distillery region in Kentucky, where over 95% of the worlds Bourbon is made.

You are WELCOME rest of the world ;)

I just think it is amazing how much the magazine has grown since it's beginning. All four of the guys work full time for the Bourbon Review now, and they have subscribers all over the world! 

So proud of them!

And you are right, I couldn't resist throwing up another pic of these 'easy on da eyes' fellas knowwhati'msayin? ;)

 If you find yourself wondering why I never dated one of these handsomes, I assure you it wasn't due to my lack of trying. HA ;)

Anyhoo, ladies, go ahead and thank me now, because I have the perfect gift for your hubbys, boyfriends, dads, grandpas, whoever is hard to shop for this Christmas. 

A subscription to The Bourbon Review.

I promise you they will love it. I say go grab a bottle of Makers, a subscription to the Bourbon Review, and wrap it all up in a big red bow. Southern perfection. AND at $14.99 for two years, what is NOT to love?

And Ladies, don't feel left out, the Bourbon Review has something for you too. Recipes for bourbon cocktails, and how to use bourbon in the kitchen are available on their website! See you are only a step away from being the perfect Southern hostess.

If you order before December 10th, you will have your first issue before Christmas, ready to be wrapped up! Make sure you enter 'PinkLouLou' when you order, and you will be entered to win a special gift basket of bourbon goodies to go along with your subscription! We will draw the winner before Christmas. Click here to check out other bourbon merchandise on their website. (ps, the Bourbon boys are offering 5% off to PinkLouLou readers!)

And because I love these guys so much, I have to show you this video they made. It is hysterical.

I give you, How to Attend a Social Function.

See why I love 'em??

Now don't you wanna come visit KY and have a bourbon with a fine southern gent?

Or maybe just with me? ;)

Don't forget your subscriptions here!


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Katie said...

PLL... did you write this post for me??!

My husband LOVES his bourbon. We have gone to festivals and the likes but I haven't heard of this yet! So perfect for him! Thanks!

The Bases said...

That is pretty cute! said...

Such a fun idea! The hubs and I both love bourbon. I am currently sipping (water) out of my Makers Mark Tervis!

Carolina On My Mind said...

Love this! I love that almost all of you girls have a scarf on and those guys are hilarious with their bourbon! I'm having a giveaway, go check it out and enter to win lots of goodies! :)

Claire Kiefer said...

So cute! I have to confess I took a shot of Makers Mark last night . . . right before the Sons of Anarchy season finale. HA!

Mrs. WASP said...

FAVORITE POST EVER. {What does that say about me?} Haha! I'm a Maker's girl through and through! Looks like I'll have to be getting a new magazine in the mail too! Thanks for sharing this, and congratulations to the Bourbon Boys for the Bourbon Review! I can see that side by side with Daddy's Cigar Aficionado! :)

Lia Joy @ life is aMAYESing said...

Perfect! I just ordered my husband a subscription! He loooves his bourbon. He likes to think of himself as a bourbon connoisseur!

CALLIE said...

Such a great idea!! So precious and yes, I would love to come have a Bourbon drink with Miss PLL :)

ms.composure said...

omg gr8 idea!!! loving this post!!!

Katie said...

girlfriend, you are not lying when you say everyone in kentucky loves their bourbon. i think i drank more bourbon than water when i was visiting louisville last weekend. whoa.

great idea - and cutie boys too. :)


KAH said...

Love this post! I work for Maker's Mark in NY and visit KY all the time. The distillery is my favorite. It's awesome that your friends started the bourbon review, I read it all the time!


Amber said...

That's it, I'm moving to Kentucky!

Megan said...

LOVE Makers Mark! I actually have already bought my boyfriend a bottle for Christmas!

Aimee L said...

Everyone here in the RIC loves least my friends/family do!

I wonder if these dudes go to (or have heard of) the Beer, Bourbon & Barbecue annual festival in Richmond each June? They seriously have tons of Bourbons there.

Gotta admit...I was totally thinking "PLL should ABSOLUTELY date one of these guys".

ESL828 said...

ummm ... awesome!!


SSS said...

Can I tell you that the first time I went to visit my BFF at UK (she's also a GA girl), I said, "there sure are a lot of whiskey billboards," and she said, "oh, honey, no. This is bourbon, these people don't want to hear anything about whiskey." 'Twas then I realized there was more than a difference in border between KY and my family in TN. Don't get too excited, though. The ratio of overalls wearers is far greater in KY. ;o)

Shrimp and Glitz said...

Ok Brice LOVES his bourbon... maybe I should get him a subscription to this mag!?

Bri said...

ooohhh myyyyy, those boys are good lookin! I think you need to hook up a gal up :)

My older brothers lover bourbon, this would be a great gift for them! I know they've been dying to do the bourbon trail tour!

Love Lace said...

Y'all are so cute in your Kentucky Blue! What a great gift suggestion for Bourbon Lovers! I must visit Kentucky sometime!

The Grigg's said...

Could you show us your Christmas wishlist?

Jes said...

My hubby LOVES bourbon! {when I returned to the US in March/April after the earthquake here in Japan, his only request was to bring some MM mint julep home back with me}

You just gave me the PERFECT Christmas present for him. He's going to be so surprised and LOVE this magazine!

you're the best!!!

The Longs in Italy.... said...

Great gift idea for my bourbon loving brother in law!~
And it made me laugh to look at the picture of your group of friends, all the girls have super blonde hair and all the guys have dark hair. Is that a rule? haha! ; )

Chelsie said...

I'll take the brunette on the far right in the second bourbon boys picture.


Babygirl said...

I think I bought every single Woodford Reserve thing they had at their fayette mall kiosk last year, and I'm hoping they are doing it again this year. Hands down my favorite store there last year. They all laughed at me everytime I showed up to buy some Can't help it, that man of mine loves him some Woodford! obic

Caroline said...

Way to continue your streak of putting turrible pics of Carol up. Meow

Hilary said...

love this post. we gave all of our groomsmen makers as gifts...along with engraved flasks. don't judge. hubs loves whiskey. hmmm... whiskey infused egg nog anyone?

Sommer said...

Thanks for the great idea!!!

little miss southern love. said...

My fiance' loves makers! We really want to go do the tour someday!


Rissy said...

but seriously... why are you not dating one of them?


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