Sep 28, 2011

Two Quick Things...

1. Sadie has picked out her Halloween costume. As have I. But you don't get to see that yet ;) bwahahahaha, but I will tell you-It's a goody. 

Won't she just be perfect as a unicorn? HA. She'll be so amused. 

2. Remember deees dress from my giveaway??? 

Well, I drew the WINNER!!!

Miss Beth is our Lucky girl!! 

 Congrats Beth!! (email me STAT sister! I also left a comment on your bloggy!) And thanks to EVERYONE who entered, I wish I could give you all a dress! 

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Sarah @ Simply Sarah said...

Sadie will make my Halloween if she dresses up like a Unicorn!

Young and Fabulous said...

hahah I LOVE sadies costume! shes gonna be sucha lil unicorn DIVA EXTRODINAIRE

congrats to beth! lucky girl!


Day Old News said...

That totally made me think of Unicorn, I loved those videos!

Beth said...

i would totally be a unicorn for halloween.

J and A said...

Sadie will be adorable!!

peyt said...

haha obsessed with your blog!
little sadie will be a cute unicorn.
lovin' those blue dresses.

Rissy said...

are you going to be barbie? ya know the barbie that had the unicorn horn? because that wasn't creepy at all....

but seriously... the unicorn doggie costume is precious! LOVE it

etta said...

Are you going to be Rainbow Brite w/ Sadie as the unicorn? :P

I can't decide what to dress our baby up as. He's due Oct 16, so we obviously aren't going anywhere, but want to document his first Halloween. Too many choices!

Caton said...

I am absolutely dying over Sadie's costume! Just Adore it and your blog!

Katie said...

I might have awkwardly LOLd at my desk when I saw Sadie's costume. Between her diva ways and her pug attitude, she will rock that unicorn for sure. Love!!

Whitney Ellen said...

OMG! Unicorn pup. HYSTERICAL!

Lindsey said...

Tell me what you are going to be! Or else.

courtneywagley said...

that is probably the cutest dog costume i have ever seen!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

i randomly came across your blog and am an adpi alum too! love your cute designs and that judith march dress is adorable. just wanted to say hi- im new to the blog world!

Meg - [Life of Meg] said...

Omg, there is a unicorn doggie costume?! I die.

Beth said...

Shut the front door! I'm giddy right now!

Almost as much as Sadie. Seriously she is going to look adorable!


Elizabeth said...

Love Sadie's costume. Ha! I can't wait to see pictures. I think my Cavalier is going to be a lobster but I'm not positive yet.

Kate said...

Love the doggy costume! Can't wait to see you post about your own.

Wahhh I wanted to win the free dress! Congrats to the winner! My husband will appreciate that you're a Wolverines fan.. go Blue!

Kerr said...

A unicorn, I LOVE it! I kinda want to be a unicorn now. You should be noah and keep telling her to hurry up and get on the arc!

Vicky said...

Too Cute!!! I think the halloween costume is adorable... not sure what Sadie will feel the same :/

Mrs. WASP said...

LOVE Sadie's costume! I immediately thought of little Agnes's unicorn from Despicable Me! Too cute!!

Mimi said...

that's a beautiful dress!!! beth is very lucky. :)

<3, Mimi
Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

SweetTeaInSicily said...

LOVE Sadie's costume! Makes me miss my pup, Bella Mae... she's at home in GA with her "Granny" (aka my mom... who just so happens to hate being called Granny.. hehe) I soooo wish I could've brought her over with me! Love seeing pics of your pups though!


Brittany said...

Haha I bet she will look cute as a unicorn!

Mighty Burns said...

aww yay Beth!
Ok I cant wait to see what you have decided to be this year! {am I too involved in your blog?}...{perhaps}

She Speaks said...

OMG...I seriously was just going to order this for my poopsie! LOVE IT!

Nicole Rene said...

Oh my gosh that Halloween costume is the cutest thing ever...

Nicole Rene said...

Oh my gosh that Halloween costume is the cutest thing ever...

Jenny said...

This is too funny, I wanted to dress my dog in the same costume but Glee-ify it with a 'vote for kurt' sign HA. My husband would kill me. I still think it's a precious costume!

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