Sep 23, 2011

Since it is Friday...

1. Thank you for the suggestions for le bloggy, I have a whole month of fun posts planned. Get ready girls, we are gonna get down to the bottom of many a issue. 

2. Don't forget to enter my Red Dress Boutique giveaway! I will draw the winner SUNDAY night at 9 pm. You KNOW you wanna wear one a dem sassy lil dresses. 

3. Allow me to share with you two things my sis said last night: 



Oh wait, you think that looks like Carrie Underwood in those pics up there? Y'all are so sweet.


TGIF lovaaaaahs. 


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Mighty Burns said...

LOL What is up with that second picture of lol its pretty funny.
Your sister sounds like a crack up

Day Old News said...

Oh lil Lou, you will bring the LOLZ to our reality show. I shall pimp out your catch-phrases on lunchboxes and what not.

Heather said...

Man, that sure is one huge ring you're sporting there Carr-ahem, LouLou. ;)

Jamie B said...

you should do a vlog with lil' lou! or maybeeee a guest post? that would be legit. yall are hilarious.
:) Happy Weekend!

Sarah @ Simply Sarah said...

Hahaha love it! Can't wait to hear about the clutch guy!

Kate said...

You're too funny! Love the "moi" pics of CU.

Excited to see what you have planned for blog posts this next month. After being so insanely busy it always feels amazing to have some down time ;0)

Abby said...

You crack me right up! And, dang, you look *just* like Carrie ;)

etta said...

Have a great weekend!

Cami said...

I'm giggling over're too cute/funny!!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Turtles and Pearls said...

You and your sissy are so cute. Can I please win your giveaway? :)

Jihan S. said...

LOL - you are too funny. Thank you for making me smile. :)

Liz said...

She is so funny! Must have learned from the best, right? ;)

Pink and Green Moms said...

I'm sure you have seen this already, but just in case..

♡ BSA said...

Oh how I wish I was quick with comeback remarks! Twins that I grew up with are so witty and I can never get enough of them! Hilarious! (:

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