Aug 11, 2011

Shew, busy week getting caught up chicas. Those vacay's leave me anxiety ridden, going back to work ya know? 

Anyways, not a lot new here. 

OH YEAH. Sadie malled herself. 

Goodness gracious. My poor pug child always has some sort of random affliction. She is SO my child. 

So this is what I came home to from vacay. Exhibit A:  

{WARNING, if you are squeamish, keep a-scrollin.}

Exhibit B: It got worse. 

Of course I was freaking out thinking Sadie Belle done got herself the mange. ;) but don't you worry, it was just an allergic reaction to her meds and apparently she decided to scratch her back until this happened. Bless it's HEART! 

So the vet gave us some topical stuff, and instructed moi to go get Sadie Belle a shirt to wear. As in like an infant human shirt. To a target I went, lookin like a janky mess sans makeup or bra, to fetch my darling girl a onesie. 

This is what I came out with. 

Sadie aint pleased. 

Oy-vey, at least she isn't dying of some strange disease. 

In other news, remember when I bought this little ditty at Ulta last week, well here are pics of it in, as promised. Also note I jacked Caroline's faux braid- thanks Carol ;) 

This hairpiece shall henceforth be referred to as Bonnie. Bonnie the Bun. I don't know…

I meeeeeeees you girls! I feel like I have been bloggy MIA.. EEEKK!!! blame the J.O.B. ;) 

Yet another wedding this weekend, woo hoo! 

talk soon, xoxo

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melissa said...

Oh lordy, poor Sadie! But holy cow is she funny in that shirt!

Jenn said...

Awww, I hope your pup feels better soon!
And, can you come do my hair. For reals. I need help lol
Happy Thursday!
Jenn@ Going the Distance

Lyndsay said...

I hope Sadie feels better!

I love that faux braid. I don't always have lucky trying new things with my hair, but I'm going to have to try it out! :)

Caitlin C. said...

I love your hair, and Bonnie! How adorable are you that you name your hair pieces :)

Lea Liz said...

I love bonnie the bun!!!

Poor Sadie glad she is okay though, that shirt is too cute!

Anna said...

Girl, your life is all over the place! Love Bonnie, I wish I could find something like that that actually matched my hair.

And poor Sadie, Bella gets random stuff stuck in her paws all the time because she roughs herself around outside so much.

Beth said...

if my bun had a name i would name her "tiffany", "destiny", or "barb"...b/c she looks a greasy trailer mess. hope this does not offend any tiffany's, destiny's, or barb's that you may know or that read this blog.

and i'm gonna need to get on that faux braid. i can not french braid so this might be tragic.

skip the wedding and hop a plan to dallas for fun times with me and lindsey lou who!

Lindsey said...

ok um. I just emailed you expressing my disgust of the sadie pic. Lindsey LouLou cannot handle that kinda graphicness. That's not a word, but it is now.

Hair looking fab, I love Carol's faux braid trick. I tried it once but the nI forgot about it completely. Need to watch her VLOG again.

Like Beth said, come to Dallas. Get on it JD 2.0.

~BB~ said...

I've been a silent reader and follower for a while now, but I just have to say that I adore your blog. You seem to have such a great personality that just shines through your writing - I love it! I hope Sadie gets to feeling better - I love her shirt though!


Tiffany said...

Hope Sadie recovers quickly! Loveee your hair! xoxx

S said...

Sorry about your sweet Pug baby. And I love the hair!!!

Erin said...

"done got herself the mange" sounds just like when my grandmother would say, "she done got the clap faster than a hooker on dollar night."

That shirt is pitiful but I'm glad she's feeling better!

LB said...

Love the braid. I've been waiting to see how you'd wear Bonnie... now I might just have to get myself one!

Tangled In Texas said...

Poor Sadie! I hope she gets to feeling better soon!

I love the faux braid. I watched C's vlog and I am totally going to have to try that! So cute!

Emily said...

Glad Sadie is ok!! I love those braids, I do it all the time with my "bangs" :)

Shrimp and Glitz said...

Poor little Sadie!! :( She is SO cute in her little shirt though! Did you name your hair Bonnie? hahahah! I NEED one of those for 2 weddings I have coming up. Ulta this weekend it is!

Mighty Burns said...

nooooo oh man itchy skin to the point of itching it OFF is NOO good at all! poor girl! I love the shirt though.. well done. Bonnie lokks adorable on you! PS..where do you stand with the fellas miss lou lou?

Nichole said...

I grew up with a pug (Brutus) and he got those a LOT! The vet called them hotspots. It was so sad! Cute blog :)

Holly said...

Gorgeous!! I love that faux braid and will have to try it out sometime!

Rachel said...

1) poor wittle puggy baby Sadie Belle. Hope she gets better soon!
2) trying that "braid" tonight! Too cute & easy! Brills!
3) Bonnie is a pretty little thang! I think you also sold me on the JessSimps piece. I might as well just hand you my checkbook and you can make the checks out.
Yay for wedding weekends! Can't wait to hear about them/see what you wear/do your hair
Are you up for hire?! ;)))

Heather said...

Your poor baby! But at least you were able to get her to a vet so she can be on her way to feeling better! :) And my dog is the SAME WAY with clothes- she used to like them when she was a puppy, but now she freezes every time I try to put something on her, haha. Love your hairstyles, too! I'm new to blogging but am excited to read more of your posts in the future! :)

beckalynnclark said...

Do you have both pieces in your hair? The JSimp and the Lil Fluffy Thang??

Raquel said...

Awwww poor Sadie! :( I hope she gets better soon!
And omg why is your hair always so perfect! Love the bun with the braid, way cute!

TayFrizz said...

You're back!! I was starting to have PLL withdrawals! Poor Sadie, I hope she feels better soon :) And of course I'm loving Bonnie!

Sarah said...

Poor Sadie! At least she got a cute shirt to wear until she feels better.

Love your blog, it's one of my favorites!!

star said...

Poor Sadie! i hope she feels better soon! Love the faux braid, looks super cute!

Reese and Leigh said...

You go to more weddings every summer than I go to in an entire year- jealous!

Meredith said...

Poor Sadie, but great idea with rhe onesis, love the hair!!

Amanda said...

You hair looks awesome. I need to put more effort into getting myself to look presentable like you

Amelia said...

A few things:

1) I have been lurking for a while, I don't have a blog but love reading yours. So entertaining!

2) I hope your pup gets better soon.

3) What ever happened with your mystery date/Lily clutch sender? So curious. Did I miss something? Updates please :)

4) I really wish you could do my hair. I am hopeless. I am going to try to watch your video tutorial again.

kygirlpinkpearls said...

Poor Sadie! :( I love your eyemakeup in these pictures!

Rebecca said...

love that side braid/twist!!

Heather said...

what is your normal daily hair routine? do you wear your extensions daily to work? have you done a post like that?
our hair is similar and i need some tips for styling it on a daily basis... including blow drying it!

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