Aug 29, 2011

Marley Lilly strikes again!

Hey ladies! 

Remember when I got some beyond adorable monogrammed pretties from Marley Lilly a few months ago? Click here if you need a refresher ;)

Anyways, that sweet Kelly sent me this iphone 4 cover, which could not have come at a better time, as my Lilly one had seen MUCH better days. 

How flippin' cute is this? AND, how smart? It has a slot for your ID and debit card. Ummm that is GENIUS. I love to run in the store with nothing but my phone and keys, but usually I always need my wallet too. But this is SO handy! 

I used it this weekend, and it was perfect for the bar scene as well. I mean let's get serious, I always have my phone in my hand. Not gonna lie. So it makes things so simple to be able to just slide your ID out! So creative right?  

Now WHY I didn't think of this is beyond me. It's so simple, yet so functional. 

They have TONS of different designs, and you can customize them however you want. 

Pretty cool huh? Click here to see them, and get yourself one! You get an option when ordering to pick the case with the ID holder :) 

I knew you guys would want to know about my latest find, and I also know what all my friends are getting for their birthdays ;) 


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Sunni Dae said...

They are all so cute! How will I ever choose! ;)

Whitney Ellen said...

Wow, super genius!!
Definitely a "why didn't I think of that" moment.

Kelly said...

Love these.

Jill said...

Super cute! Love it! :)
Random question for you--the font you frequently use...did you make it from your handwriting? What is it? I loves it :)

Ashley said...

love!! cant wait to get me one of these!!

Beth said...

ugh! why can't she make ones for droid x?! i ordered one online from this other place and it was a damn sticker. so disappointed.

love yours though! :)

Turtles and Pearls said...

These are so cute! Amazing idea for nights out and football games. Also, (to respond to your post from yesterday) constructive criticism is one thing, but that troll (to use your lovely word) had nothing of any worth to say at all. Jealous, much? I think so.

Sarah said...

I absolutely love these! I am going to send this link to my sister!

Lindsey said...

umm I need this. GENIUS idea. My phone does not leave my hand either. It's currently resting between my wrists as my hands type this comment on my keyboard. YEP. Phone addict.

Portuguese Prepster said...

I looove these! I want an iphone just for one of these!

jaimie michelle said...

That is such a cute amazing idea! I can't even count how many times I've tried to stuff my id and money in my cell phone case even though it doesn't fit -- I could definitely use one of these!!


Rachel said...

I'm glad you posted ab this because I saw this on Twitter and I was trying to order one, but I wasn't sure how to find the ID holder option! Perf!
Have a great day, doll!

undomestic chica said...

So cute! I'm going to check them out right now.

K_stets said...

So I saw your tweet about this and it pretty much makes me want an iphone.

Annabelle said...

I heart Marley Lilly! I a few things from Kelly's products. If I had an Iphone, I'd rock one of these. I'm with Beth about getting a Droid X one! It's hard to find a case that fits that isn't trashy or a solid color.
I always recommend ML to anyone!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Ack! Fabulous idea! I love Marley Lilly, received my monogrammed straw sunhat the other day! It's huge and I love it!

Cait said...

so cute girl ;)

CALLIE said...

I absolutely love everything on this website!! It's fantastic :) Genius

ashley said...

what a great idea! love it!

-Lauren said...

ahh so cute. Going to purchase now!

Shrimp and Glitz said...

I love Marley Lilly. And that card holder on the iPhone case... GENIUS! I might need to get one once the one I have now wears out!

Southern Twenties said...

Ordering now!!! Ahh LOVES it!

Ashley said...

those are SO cute! and what a brilliant idea!

Emily said...

It's my birthday tomorrow, I hope one of my friends read this!

xx Emily @

My Life as A Plate said...

I love the debit/credit card slot! So many times I run into a store with my phone and creditcard, PERFECT solution! The patterns are super cute too!

Raven said...

perfect, my birthday is December 18th.

Thanks in advance.

Individually Unique; Together Complete said...

I'm so glad you shared this!! It's amazing :] I totally need a phone case like this.

Samantha said...

That is so genius. I just might have to get me one!

JR Mazur said...

makes me want an iPhone! So smart, why didn't I think of this?! Btw, don't worry about haters, people can be so trite and say things just to get your goat.

Anna & Kirby said...

Like you said... why didn't I think of that! ;) So cute!!

Taylor said...

That is the flippin cutest thing ever!!! I don;t eve want one..i NEED one or I swear I will die!!...hmm..going to grab boyfriends credit card now!!!

A Beautiful Mess said...

Love this idea. I'm the same as you phone and keys, hate lugging the wallet!

Thanks for sharing

Elizabeth said...

So so cute! I bought a lipstick shades monogrammed iPhone case in those same colors about six months ago! Great minds think alike!

I wish mine had the debit/ID slot! How genius!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Just stumbled across your site - super cute! As are these cases. I need one now! So adorable and smart!

Kerr said...

Total genius

Texan Couture said...

Brilliant! I am def ordering myself one!

Holly said...

Ooo I need one!!

Maggie.Y said...

perfection! Need me one of those ASAP

Phoebe Jan said...

Oh goodness! That is super cute! Of course they only make it for the iPhone 4! Haha. I would have definitely ordered one for my phone if they had it. Those designs are totally cute!

Dutchess Roz said...

Oeh I love it, they look FAB!
What does your one say on the back??? xoxo Roz

Mighty Burns said...

what a great idea!! Wish I had come up with it :)

LB said...

I hate when people come up with something that I KNOW I could have come up with on my own!!! But those are super cute. I want to get one for everyone now!!

Courtney said...

I still obsess over having one of these!! I need to get on it!

Theresa said...

What a great idea! I don't have an iPhone yet though, just a lame Droid. You better believe when I get an iPhone this will be on my wishlist! Super cute!!

Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny said...

Ohh how cute, I'm totally getting one right now!! And your blog is absolutely fabulous! So glad I came across it, new follower! xoxo

Mrs. T said...

oooooh!! Great idea!!

Lisa said...

Love these! Wish I was a BFF of yours, my bday is comi g in a few short weeks!

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