Aug 30, 2011

Currently on Repeat

Do I consider myself one of those people who always knows the latest music before anyone else? 

HA, absolutely not. I envy those people. You know the ones who always have the awesome playlists on road trips, or for parties, who you ask to update your ipod for you cause your music sucks? Yeah we need a name for those people… (Emily Ryan, cough cough)

If you plug my ipod into the radio you'd have a 75% chance of hearing Legally Blonde show tunes.

 You think I kid?

 I swear on my Christian Louboutins that I just opened my ipod and this was the song that was up.


DAMN I'm predictable. 
(ps, if you don't have the Legally Blonde musical soundtrack, you are missin OUT)

Anyway, I am pretty obsessed with grooveshark right now. I like to make my own little playlists and get in the 'ZONE', if you will, whilst working. Knowwhatimsayin? Keeps me sane. 

SO, I thought maybe I would share with you guys. Here is what I am listening to these days (as in this week).  I CANNOT get enough Beyonce. 

You know I had to throw my girl in there. And my bad boy lyrical genius lovah,  Eminem. 

Word. ;)

You should be able to listen to the playlist below, from my blog.  Might not work... IONO chics.


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Whitney said...

I love Legally Blonde: The Musical! Positive has to be one of my favorite songs from it. Hell, I love them all! I saw Legally Blonde at the Lexington Opera House, and it was amazing! Hubby got me tickets for my birthday. He knew I had been dying to see it for years!

Mighty Burns said...

im out of control Beyonce obsessed these days. its an unhealthy/best thing in the world obsession lol. Enjoy that :)
I LOVE her song "Hello" take a listen its amazing. Try to find a live version like from her tours. I'll have to have a listen to your other songs at lunch. YAY lunch play list!

Cheryl E. said...

I am the same way with music. I wish I would keep my ipod updated better but I just dont. I am also a little bit obsessed with Miss Beyonce. She is so talented and freakin gorgeous!

Rachel said...

I'm going to have to listen to the LB:Musical soundtrack!
I can't say Jason DeRulo's name without singing it like he does...
Love all of these choices! Gonna go jam now...

Allison said...

I love this playlist! I will definitely be rocking out to it for the rest of they day (and probably tomorrow too!). Thanks for sharing!

I'm still dying to see Legally Blonde the Musical. I hope it comes around NC soon!

jessica said...

well looks like we have a lot of the same music taste!

Lindsey said...

I already knew I'd heart this playlist considering we constantly listen to the same songs on repeat. And we both want Eminem to wife us up. Also, I get made fun of my ipod music all the time. Patty calls it the "1990s ipod" because I have so many gay BSB songs and the like on there. Oh well, I love them and that's all that matters. Speaking of ipods, mine has been losts for months. I'm really praying I find it while packing for the big move.

Raven said...

I LOVE Eminem. And I hate when people talk about him like he's some loser piece of trash because I will THROW down -- he is one of the most talented people in the music industry! I've seen him twice in concert and it was so freakin' fun both times.

but um, exCUSE e-mwah? WHERE is Brit Brit on this list? I am so disappointed :(

Raven said...

I LOVE Eminem. And I hate when people talk about him like he's some loser piece of trash because I will THROW down -- he is one of the most talented people in the music industry! I've seen him twice in concert and it was so freakin' fun both times.

but um, exCUSE e-mwah? WHERE is Brit Brit on this list? I am so disappointed :(

Whitney Ellen said...

I CAN'T get Love On Top off of repeat.... CAN'T. Seriously, I think it was even on repeat in my sleep last night. SO GOOD!

Shrimp and Glitz said...

Ok I seriously do not know how I have never heard the Legally Blonde The Musical soundtrack before. Listening to this as soon as I get home this evening!

My Two Cents ...before I spend it said...

Love Legally Blonde! Remember that show where girls auditioned to win the part as Elle in the musical? My sorority sister, Bailey, won! She went on to Broadway to star in the show for a while, until it was cancelled. Boo! :(


Sarah said...

I just heard Beyonce's new song on the radio.. love it. I also can't wait to see that baby!

Kelly said...

haha I love the legally blonde soundtrack! How to love is one of my new favorites too!

Caroline said...

I've always wanted to see the Legally Blonde musical. If it comes to Memphis, I'm totally going. Love Elle!

life is aMAYESing said...

I've never seen the Legally Blonde musical... BUT it's coming to Fort Worth in October and I already told my hubby that I HAVE TO GO SEE IT!! Life or death :) Can't wait! I will probably download the soundtrack before so I can annoy him and sing along :)

I'm the same with music... I never know what the new, "cool" music is. I tend to download songs and listen to them over and over and over. Have you tried Spotify? It's free and you can create playlists of almost anything! I highly recommend!!

P!nky said...

WORD on the playlist! But you really need to add Booty me, you will love it and won't be able to think with out the words
"left cheek right cheek ;)"


M.C. said...

This is just what my afternoon at work needed! Currently flowing from my desk speakers and I'm already feeling a little bit more awake. Thanks from Minnesota.

Jenna said...

I love Legally Blonde: The Musical! I've seen it twice on Broadway and have the album on my iPod and iPhone haha. It's always very awkward when either are on shuffle and showtunes come on...whoops!


Ashley said...

I saw Legally Blonde on Broadway when I was in NYC like 5 years ago. Laura Bell Bundy was such a great Elle but no comparison to my fave girl (like we're buddies) Reese Witherspoon.

LB said...

Girl, Eminem is my lover too.

Brown Girl said...

Ha, you're funny. I don't have any musicals on my ipod because I like to listen to booty shaking, heart racing, fist pumping music when I exercise and that's the only time I use my ipod. I'm with you on the Beyonce though, she can do no wrong.

Turtles and Pearls said...

Lovee Beyonce! Can't wait to see her baby. I

Maggie.Y said...

thanks for sharing! my get-ready-playlist for the night out now! :]

Candace said...

Great playlist. I have a lot of musicals on my pod but not Legally Blonde. I'll have to check that out!

Lex C. said...

haha! loves your playlist. loves legally blonde. someones got great taste haha

Young and Fabulous said...

im the freak that writes down EVERY new song i hear or every song i need to Download! and ill make everyone be quiet so i can make out lyrics and google them...haha!

your playlist is awesome! i love the variety of it too! stealing some of these songs :-)


JMB said...

That's a phenom playlist! I love Mr. Degraw and Beyonce's new album is AMAZING! Ever since I saw GaGa's performance of her new single, I've become obsessed with that song. I feel like we've talked alot about what these songs pertain too, therefore I'm glad to see "I'll Drink to That" hehe xoxo

This is me said...

Love the play list! I actually saw legally blonde on broadway in NY a few years ago!! it was so awesome :) and my fav song that still sticks with me is the one that goes "oh my gosh, oh my gosh you guys" I tend to think I can make the tone also HAHA if you get a chance to see it do :)

Liz @ My Life. I Guess. said...

Legally Blonde is amazing! I'm always the last to know about the latest songs too. I must be getting old. :)

My Life. I Guess.

Janna said...

My hubby and best friend are two people who always put together a good playlist! She put together one for my bachelorette party and made copies on cds for everyone to be able to have. As long as I keep them both- just kidding- I can have some good playlists!

Annabelle said...

I so want to go the the LB Musical! I also rocked out to your playlist! FAB choices! I also have to tell you that I am offically aboard the Lily Agenda train! Holla! =]

Melissa said...

I <3 your playlist!!

She Speaks said...

OH girl! I am a HUGE LB Soundtracker over here...Ohmygod Ohmygod you guys... LOVE IT!

Rebecca said...

shes a fellow uk girl!

innermonolog said...

This Harvard not a stripper bar!! love it!!!

Tricia said...

Some great songs!! You've now inspired me to update my ipod, and hopefully get to the gym with some good tunes. Thanks! :)

-Lauren said...

Is he gay..or European? I sometimes ride around aimlessly in my car just to blast the soundtrack and sing like I am on Broadway. Fun times.

MrsMatched said...

Whaaa??? No Dirt Road Anthem???? Me's sad.

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