Jan 26, 2011

c’est le post de maquillage!

That is right my little LouLou's its time to chat about makeup, yet again. I have had several questions recently about what skin care/ makeup products I use. So here goes nothing! Hopefully you will find something helpful, and in turn I have some questions for you beauties!

I swear by the Mary Kay skin care line. I have used it for probably almost 3 or 4 years now. luckily I am blessed with pretty normal, low maintenance skin, so I am not sure how this stacks up with more specific skin issues. Don't ask me to sell the stuff, but darn it I will buy it from you. My favorite? The microdermabrasion kit. Its heavenly. For reals. 

After I do my little daily regimen, I start with Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer. It's soo silky and I really feel like it helps my makeup stay put. I mean this chic works long days... and I can't be having half ass my makeup by happy hour. 

I typically wear foundation every day. I honestly, probably don't need to-but I feel so pale in the winter months that I deem it absolutely necessary. Plus it just gives me such an even base. In the summer I will forgo the foundation, because it gets like 500 degrees and humid in Kentucky, and point blank sucks for a gal's makeup.

This is my FAVORITE foundation. It is light, but so so even. Beige 400

Next, I use Mac Studio Fix pressed powder. Takes me back to high school prom's for some reason, but this stuff is legit. I wear it a lot of times without the foundation, because it is that good. I promise, you will love.

Insert chorus of angels. This next item is literally my favorite makeup product. NARS blush. in super orgasm. My friend Ashley got me hooked on it a few years ago and I haven't looked back since.  

Yep, you know you want it toooo! It is the perfect color, such a natural flush, with a hint of sparkle sparkle.

I always always use an eye primer. This just happens to be the one I have, I like it but I honestly haven't tried any others, so you may have a suggestion for me. I just must use an eye primer, if I don't I feel like my eye makeup is gone by lunch.

I love naked lunch, by MAC as a neutral, all over, base color. It's fantastic.

This next eye shadow is a recent find of mine, whilst I was perusing the Walgreens isles during a Kendall Jackson Chardonnay stop. I was looking for a high pigment eye shadow like my sis has. Hers always stays on so well, and I like the richness of the color. Low and behold I found this little baby.

in Shady. (where my shady ladies at!) ;) you know who you are!

After I use all three of the above colors, I dust on some sparkle shine! I got a ton of these MAC loose pigments sometime this year. They are great because you can use them for anything, anywhere you want some shine and pizzaz! I use as a highlighter mainly.

I have used Mac eyeliner in Teddy for years, but I am completely open to suggestions. I am just kinda so so about it. But I want an eyeliner that I love as much as my NARS blush! My sis does her eyeliner with a brush and a high pigment powder, and it looks awesome, but I just don't have that time and patience for an everyday look. 

Suggestions? Go.

I've told y'all about this stuff before, its my favorite. Loreal Beauty Tubes Mascara in blackest black. I have thiiiin leeeetle eyelashes and this stuff is magical. You might not like it though, it takes some getting use to. But I have mastered the wand. 

Final step, lip gloss! I love these Too Faced "Comfort Plump" lip glosses. they have some tingle plumping agents but not like WOW my mouth is on fire.

However- sometimes I LIKE the wow my mouth is on fire look. In which case I turn to Vickie, the queen of sexy. This lip plumper is tha bomb. Loves it. Chrissy and I discovered it years ago during a Christmas sale I believe.

And just for fun, here are some pics I found where I am wearing all of my 'everyday' look if you will, from above :)

And that is it chics! Nothing too exciting. Remember, I love bargains and love LOVE finding my makeup products for less! So if you have secrets, share 'em!

Also don't forget to let me know if you have an eyeliner that I have been living far to long without! 

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Emma said...

I love your hair and outfit in the second picture, you always look gorgeous.....and im obsessed with bobbi brown if you haven't tried it you should!

S said...

LOVE MK! I use it and sell it, I swear it's the best stuff around :) The New Foundation primer is fabulous!

Sole Matters said...

MAC makes a 15 hr foundation that I recently started using and LOVE. like, my makeup looks the same at 8pm as it did at 8am. true story. and some times i come home at lunch and take a nap! haha (for real). MAC also makes a "clay pot" of eyeliner. I LOVE it. blacktrack is the color. oh also, (Im a total MAC whore) i love the eyeshadow color "sketch". its a purpley color but is perfect for a smokey eye.

The Shabby Princess said...

I am currently obsessed and in love with Trish McEvoy Intense Eyeliner. It's a strong shot of color and does.not.come.off. It's amazing. I'd been using cheapie eyeliner for years because, meh, it's eyeliner, but, I am now totally sold on the Trish eyeliner and will cry if they ever stop making it.

Oh, and loves Nars blush too--of course!

Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

I don't have an eyeliner to recommend (I use a slant brush & black Mac eyeshadow), but I've heard that gel liner is awesome?

You are gorgeous, by the way!

A.M. said...

Lou Lou--I am a new follower (and fellow Carrie lover, as well!!) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I use Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner (yes, it is a pot and a brush) but it doesn't take that long and I swear it will change your life forever.



Ashley said...

my favorite eye liner is Cat Eyes by Pop -- I use the Black Dahlia color -- it's not BLACK but it's super dark =)

Carolina City Girl said...

been reading for a while, but this post sucked me in and i'm now a follower ;) i too, LOVE mary kay skincare. there really isn't anything else like it! i've heard good things about the microdermabrasion kit, so i need to try that next it seems.

as far as eyeliner goes, i recently bought the MK eyeliner, and it is awesome! it goes on super smooth but stays on all day. hope that helps :)

Katie said...

I use the MAC Powerpoint eyeliner too. But I'm starting to love Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner-- it comes in loads of colors that are great. And they last all day!

Suburbs of Utopia said...

I have no idea how I found your blog a few days ago but after reading your "about Moi" ... I thought my goodness, this girl{friend} is at a very similar place that I am in my life!! ... I even have a "bebe", too! thanks for adding a little more fancy to my life... can't wait to continue reading!! =)

and in regards to eyeliner, everyone needs a PURPLE eyeliner in their life.. my favorite is Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on in Ransom!! =)

Life, Love, and Polka Dots said...

I love Nars blush! It's by far the best. I have been using orgasm, but maybe I will try the super kind!

Ruthie said...

I love the bare minerals eye liner! It does on really smoothly and they have a really great plum shade that I love!

Becca said...

Kat Von D's tattoo liner is fabulous! I love LOVE it, and it lasts for SOOO long. I use to also love the Revlon 24 hr eyeliner but stopped using it once I found other ones that lasted longer. Kat's runs about $18 (Sephora) but another good deal is the Rimmel brand that has a water proof eyeliner which lasts ALL day.. and its supah cheap.. like $4 max. Hope those help!

Erica said...

I swear by primer- I use similar colors for my everyday eyeshadow look. Try Urban Decay's primer potion in sin... it's a really pretty light champagne color and I love it- it helps keep those high pigment shadows rockin' all day!

Mighty Burns said...

your so beautiful! I have never used a primer on my eye makeup but I should! I like the blush too! so much to think about :) lol.

Pat & Amy Plus 1 said...

I use sephora's eyeliner. Goes on nicely and lasts all day. And the best thing it's $5 OR LESS. Depending on what color you get.

Also, I don't know if you've tried it before (and I know you loooooove your mascara) but YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils is TO DIE FOR. I will never use another mascara again. It makes them look like you have falsies on...but not in the nasty fake way. Fabulous.

Miss K said...

Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl you know I'm a shadow chica!! My MAC faves are Woodwinked, Romp, and VS's beauty rush shadow in goldrush is the bomb.com.

Amber said...

Have you ever tried Bare Minerals? I always thought there was NO WAY a powder based makeup could give me the coverage that I wanted - but I switched four months ago and I'm IN LOVE! I use their eye liner, shadows, lipstick, gloss, primer - everything. Plus I love that the products are all natural. I feel like my makeup looks professionally done most days - and that's a HUGE step for me!

lili023 said...

As many others have said, you NEED to try Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliners. I got some with my Naked Palette for Christmas, and I lurve it! I used to think that eyeliner was just eyeliner, but holy cow, try this and you will believe in it! UD's Primer Potion is awesome as well.

Mateya said...

Love this post! I use Mary Kay medium coverage foundation too....do you put yours on with a sponge, brush, fingers, what??

I use Clinique eyeliner and love it!

Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisys said...

Love this post! Especially since because of Chemo treatments I am unable to buy makeup right now. Funds will not allow me! But I have written down every suggestion and can not wait for the momment I can try them!

Maggie @ CheapCollegeChic said...

now I really want to try MAC studio fix.

ps if you haven't seen this already, I thought you would appreciate this Carrie news..

maybe your suspicions have been confirmed!!!

lexilives said...

I suggest Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner. They stick all day and don't dribble down your face unless you're watching Dear John and bawling like an infant.

Also, might I add that you look very Carrie-esque in photo no. 3.

Brittany said...

I really like urban decay shadow in smog.. and their liquid liner. I've switched to liquid liner lately when I ran out of my usual eyeliner and i'm loving it so much more. The only trick is waiting for it to dry.

Brittany said...

ps. you should do a video so we can see your technique! haha

Katie said...

I have ziltch to contribute to on this post. I feel like a loser lol Except for the fact that a. I want your hair and b. I want your scarf. I am the worst with makeup and stick to my Bare minerals and I can't even figure out how to get it to go on thicker bc I'm that 'challenged'.

I'll drink some wine to that and that is 1 thing I can do.... :)

Lauren said...

girl you've sold me on the blush! I use Sephora's or Benefit's eyeliner, but I'm not in love with either so I'm looking forward to everyone else's suggestions.

Mrs.Frizzell-to-be said...

I love love love Tarte EmphasEYES. It goes on super smooth and stays put!

Ramblin' Blonde said...

I am a MAC and Bare Minerals lover all the way but, I was really want to try the blush you use!

CMae said...

This isn't about your make up but I LOVE that scarf you have on in one of your pictures the white ruffly one! !!!

My Two Cents ...before I spend it said...

Don't look any further than Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner! I also love Clinique gel liner pots... they are fantastic and last all day long! (If I go out late and can't bring myself to washing my face when I get home, I'll wake up in the morning and the only makeup left on my face is my Clinique eye liner! Haha!)

Your makeup is so pretty! XO

Leesa said...

Love your blog...must say that first and foremost! :)

I have already saw others post on the eye primer and I have to agree with those that said Urban Decay's Potion Primer in either color is the BEST stuff on the market and I've tried lots (somewhat of a make-up whore)lol...It is really worth it's weight in gold if not more. Love the stuff!!! It has such a cult following that they make it in a jumbo size...have we sold you yet?? :)

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

Ok, I adore Super Orgasm blush... it's my hands down fav! I love how pigmented it is! Where did you get your crystal coated iPhone case? Love it!

My Running Ambition said...

loooove the little glosses! Too cute!! Perfect for the clutch too :)

The Aly Way said...

love the post!!! i am beauty control and estee lauder fan, and have been wanting to try Nars for a long time! I am going to check that blush out!


Katelyn said...

I just LOVE mac products! Their eyeshadows are AMAZING :) I just started using MAC's teddy eyeliner right before Christmas, and I'm obsessed with it!

* Jessica * said...

I'm a new follower and I must say, I LOVE your blog! Uplifting, girly and fun with great posts!

I have to say I've never used a lip-plumper before and after reading about them, I've now ordered one online! Can't wait to get it and try it out! Also, I agree with everyone above...you HAVE to try Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner! A.MAZ.ING! :)

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

SO after I get moved in Im going to download our youtube videos from your Texas stay and edit that boys name out and then I vote we should post them on the blog. Your thoughts?? I just have to make sure no one knows who Im "mad at". There will without doubt have to be some disclosure information like "shes is quoting Anchor Man not being a racist and a little explanation to my American Pride" hahahahaha!!! LETS DO IT!!! call me in the morning!! I love you!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

by the way my comment had nothing to do with makeup... so typical of me!!! hahaaha

delaurah said...

Just so you know MK is launching new foundations that are age-fighting! The two foundations, plus a primer and foundation brush are AWESOME! The price of medium coverage is also going up to offset the cost of lower demand. You should totally try the new stuff they have...it just launched last week, so talk to your MK Consultant and get some samples or me if you'd like. I ship for free from my MK website :)

Much pi love!


Jill said...

Well you KNOW I think you are gorg any way you slice it ;) Here's some stuff I started using recently and love.
--Foundation--Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +...but I have oily skin so this might be too drying for you.
--Eyeliner--Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero. My other eyeliner was giving me racoon eyes/lines and this one doesn't, it actually stays on.
--Eye primer--Not really a primer, more like a cream eyeshadow, but I use MAC's "Painterly" Paint Pot. It does better than the primer I was using (TF Shadow Insurance )

Kim said...

Love all your makeup choices..its good to read some reviews because I have been wanting to buy a couple of things that you use everyday but wondered how good it is.

I use Tara Tarantino eye liner...and I kind of lover it. And I have always been using this Maybelliene felt tip liner that has been working pretty great too!

Sara said...

Im new here, and I just wanted to say that I love your blog! So I love that you talked about Mary Kay makeup because I LOVE their stuff. So for eyeliner, I would suggest the Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner in black, it is Wonderful! Seriously, I have been using it for years, and one tube lasts me at least four months, and its pretty cheap, I just LOVE it. It glides on so smooth!

Carolyn said...

Prepare to have a life changing eye liner experience...MakeUp Forever Aqua Eyes seriously changed my eye makeup life. It is creamy and versatile like MAC liners, but stays put. All day. It's really amazing and won't give you that annoying smudge in the outside corner of your eye or under your eyes. It is supposedly waterproof but comes off really easily with pretty much any face wash or makeup wipes.

Another amazing product is Smashbox Soft Lights in Prism. Its the palest blush/shimmer that I layer with any blush and will seriously make your skin look flawless. People stop me all the time to complement my skin and it has nothing to do with my skin, it's this powder! It comes in a nude shimmer shade too that looks great with a tan. The best flawless skin/glow product that I've ever used and I have tried them all!

Katy said...

Thanks for answering our questions!!!
Your a doll, and I gotta try that mary kay!

Married...with a Pup said...

I must check out this NARS blush you rave about!

KEY said...

I found your blog through Just Lovely's blog. You girls are a trip. I live in Lexington too but I am older than you both. Makeup has always been a big interest of mine and I watch a great deal of gurus on Youtube talk about makeup. I have gotten some great finds because of them:

Eye Primer: I use Mac Paint Pots - Painterly or Soft Ochre - as the primer/base but do have Laura Mercier base & both the Urban Decay primer potions/Too Faced eyeshadow insurance. I like the Paint Pots so much better.

Mascara: I really like Lancome Hypnose and have been using recently the Revlon Grow Luscious. LOVE it! My little lashes look fabulous with this. I tried the YSL fauxcils. Way too expensive and not enough payoff.

Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 is just terrific. I got to try it when I bought the Naked palette. Just fabulous and lasted all day. Also, Smashbox makes a fabulous liner - the Limitless one. I am a brunette but love the java color. I like it better than Mac Teddy. Also a great drugstore one is L'oreal Extra Intense Eyeliner is just fabulous and lasts all day.

Hope this helps! Keep up the great posts!

Courtney said...

Hi Lou Lou-

I'm a new follower as some of these other lovely ladies...LOVE your little pink blog! I have recently started using Laura Gellar The Real Deal foundation (SPF 15) in ultimate coverage...I've used Bare Minerals for-ever, but really wanted some more coverage for the pasty pale winter times! :) I also swear by my Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue gel eyeliner...it comes with a tiny brush to apply with. Love, love, love it. It really lasts all day!

Thanks so much for sharing all of your tips and tricks! :) Can't wait to read more!


Meredith said...

if you love saving money and DEALS... try slickdeals.net and retailmenot.com. they are both the best websites ever!!! retailmenot gives coupon codes if you are ordering online and slickdeals has a ton of comparison shopping and promotions going on. enjoy!!! :)

thenaturalnewlyweds said...

I'm another Bare Minerals fan... trying to keep it semi-natural! I think you need to follow this up with a haircare/styling post!

Smiles, Jess said...

Tried primed and poreless for the first time today and I am in LUUUURVE! I have been looking for a primer. Thank you thank you!

.:Chelsey:. said...

I am obsessed with Mary Kay products! Their eye primer is one of my favs. I won't put eyeshadow on without it! I'm new to your blog and totally loving it! *New follower*

~Have a great weekend!

English said...

You make me want to go out and re-vamp my makeup! I smell a target run! I've been wanting to try those HIP colors - glad to know they're worth it!

I agree with another commenter on here - Bobbi Brown stuff (especially her shimmer bricks) are super staples.

Lindsey said...

I swearrrrrrrrr by Ulta Eyeliner, devoted an entire post to my love for it:


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