Nov 12, 2010

LouLou through the years. My fashion faux pas.

So I was going through photo albums at my parents the other night and I was literally crying laughing at some of the pics I found. My mom pretty much documented our entire lives in pictures or videos, so what I have to show you today is a small sampling of the 2,873,678 pictures I have from my childhood. Someone was clearly proud of their daughter ;)

Anyway, I pulled out a select few for your enjoyment. Let's take a look at PinkLouLou's evolution through the years shall we?

Things started out normal enough. Pink frilly bathing suit, check. Thanks Aunt Debbie, I know that was your doing NOT my mothers. Please notice my chub thighs. Unfortunately not much has changed
{le sigh}

I was clearly an advocate for pug love from the get go. Meet Sadie's precursor. Wish I knew that dogs name.

Easter with my cousins was always an occasion for poofy hair and poofy dresses. You may recognize someone from Brit's blog! Yes that is my sweet little cousin Ginny! Becky never liked to smile for pictures, as evident below. I am going to go ahead and assume by my hot pink headband, pink jellies, and exposed slip, that my mom had a struggle just getting us out the door this morning. If LouLou wasn't happy with her outfit, aint nobody happy, which is why my mother pretty much let me dress myself.

Just chillin at Nana's pool. I thought this was the most beautiful bathing suit I have ever seen.

Like I said, my mom was pretty "hands off" when it came to my fashion choices, including my hair. Apparently it took me a few years to really hone in on my fabulous hair skills. {he he} This pic of my little sissy melts my heart. Precious.

Typical Christmas morning shot here. Dad playing with one of his new toys. That's a pretty legit camera pops...

I thought I had bad outfits in high school. no no. Doesn't even compare to my babysitters, that I must tell you I IDOLIZED. Look at this pic, how mad would you be if these were the clothes you wore in high school. Amanda and Gina, the coolest babysitters ever. They actually both turned out gorgeous, despite their unfortunate fashion choices.

Matching sissy outfits. This was taken at my Nana's (notice the brown carpet, couches, curtains...) and I would be willing to bet my life savings that she crafted these beauties herself. I would also like to point out Tiffany Christina. The most "beautiful name I had ever heard".

Insert the middle school years. It was not good. I promise, NOT.GOOD. I think this was an 8th grade dance?

Dance competition in Disney World. Go Colts. What you don't know is my sister bought herself a snazzy goofy hat that she refused to take off for weeks even after being home. You can see her creeping in the pic...

And then there came high school...

For some reason my friend Sara and I decided overalls were really cool. Looking back, they were not.

I am not sure what inspired this next look, but someone else please tell me you did the "scrunchy curly hair" look?? WHY I don't know, it looks like we both just jumped out of the pool. Ick.

Senior year got a little {I said little} bit better. I made my mom hem this skirt twice, because it was
just too long.

Oh Spring Break. For some reason our parents let us go to Panama City by ourselves at the ripe age of 17. I do remember my mom protesting profusely, but me telling her to calm down and that "everyone was going". We came back with two more tattoos and two more body piercings than we went down there with. Neither of which belonged to me thank goodness.

You can't have spring break without meeting boys, and of course, we found some. Here is the hottie Lindsay decided she liked...

and here is the dorky kid I decided I liked.

My affinity for loving the smart witty nerdy boys, has never changed.

I am not sure what is going on here, but the fact I have this picture is hysterical.

Senior Prom. Whoever told me that a lace up backless dress was cool should be shot. The only dress better than this would be the Tiger dress I sported to a Christmas dance. If you missed that post, click here. I promise you wont be disappointed.

Aaaaaand the senior pic. Again, a two piece ensemble.


Even some college pics are ridiculous?! I mean am i THAT old? This was freshman year, ok so that was 8 years ago, but seriously, what the heck is wrong with my hair and makeup?

If you look closely, you will see two familiar faces. One is Courtney's hubby {aww how cute!} and the other is... you guessed it. Reed.

I found the rooms Leah and I attending ADPi Spring Formal in our lovely shades of ice blue and hot magenta. My hair is ridiculous.

I could literally show you tons more bad clothing, hair, makeup choices I made throughout the years. I seemed to really get it together junior/senior year of college, and would like to think that these past four years I have done alright?? Thank goodness we learn, and we change, for the BETTER! I swear I laugh so hard at my old pics, because I seriously thought I was looking pretty good in high school, haha. Just goes to show you what you think is cool now, might not be so hot later. And now since I am feeling so ashamed for posting these ridiculous pictures from years past, I must leave you with some more recent shots, so you know I did get it together. ha ha.

I would LOVE to see some old funny pics of YOURS! I know you have them, and I promise you will feel better after a good laugh, and posting of them.

Happy Friday girls!!


Marian said...

These pictures are hysterical. Brings me back to the good old days. And that bathing suit...I use to LOVE those as well!!! The only think I hated was the tan lines...not that they really mattered at the age of 10:)

Thanks for sharing!!!

Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

Okay, even with the scrunchy hair, the overalls, and the midriff, you were still so beautiful! Some things never change. :)

Beth said...

oh gosh girl...the pictures i could show you! these crack me up! and funny about 5 years, we'll be looking back now at our 2010 choices thinking "WTF?!"...i gotta do a similar post soon!

dustin' off the old pics this weekend! :)

Michaela said...

Oh my goodness these are priceless! Agree with Ari-Audrey still look great :)

Mrs. Nelson said...

OMG! I loved this. I too look back and think the same thing about my old pictures! What were we thinking!? Haha, we weren't. Thanks for the laughs today! :) You are hilarious!!!

Adrienne said...

Oh my goodness those pictures are hilarious! Good for you for having them to document those years! Believe me, we all had those scrunches and mid-drift shirts! haha :)

Kelsey said...

So Cute! Thanks for sharing and you did more then alright when you go it together! you always look pretty in thepictures you post!

Erica said...

i remember outfits like this is wasn't even half way through the entry,i am going to go through and do this. The crazy part is at least we have digital camera's and way way way better video cameras. we still have the old video cameras in a box somewhere and i don't know why. They were all so BIG and ugly. XO Erica

Erica said...

this is post you probably just started a blast through the past type tag.

LivKit said...

Beautiful photos.. Laughed at all your commentary and I have a few shameful photos with overalls too, it comes with living in the south! :) Have a good day!

brynn. said...

tenderheart! it was like the ONLY lipstick i would even THINK about wearing in high school... those sneaky clinique ladies!

too fun :)

Suze said...

I have laughed so hard, pictures are priceless. I have some great ones too of my years , and honestly ask my mom what were you thinking?! Overalls were sooo the style back then at least in the south ha ha. thanks for sharing , i will have to find some great ones of me back in the day of yesteryears for laughs! Hope you have a great friday!

Cassie said...

Haha, I totally threw gel in my hair today and scrunched it because I was running waaaay late!

This post was so fun!

Stephanie said...

Seriously SO funny! I was going through old pics not too long ago but heavens, they were awful and I just didn't have to kahunas to put them in the blog world...BUUUTTT after seeing yours I might have the same courage. LOVE the mid-drifts. Couldn't have lived without the crunchy curly gelled hair and lord, don't forget about the overalls!

PS-I may or may not have totally judged you for your two piece, mid-drift exposing senior pic. ;)

HA! Have a great weekend!

Polish and Pearls said...

Oh my gosh, this was too funny! I look back at some pictures and don't understand why I EVER thought it was cute, lol! I definitely learned to try to dress a little more classic, to avoid that whole "ugh, that trend was awful!" ordeal!

star said...

You still looked beautiful lady, even if the clothes didn't! Some of my old pics are terrible, I'd be much too embarassed to post them! Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

You are still adorable! The trends from my high school years will never cease to amaze me. Hahaha

According to Ashley said...

Hilarious! I can't get over the midriff senior pic! Priceless! I hope that one's hanging in your parents' house somewhere!

Leah said...

Oh my goodness, too funny! I definitely have the overall pictures! Don't know if I'm brave enough to bring them out...

Design Apprentice said...

I have no words, you rocked these styles with the best of them! Jelly shows and overalls? They hang in my memory closet next to airwalks, heeled sneakers, and plaid skirts ala clueless.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Ahhh... I feel like I was flipping through my mom's photo albums from when I was growing up with some of these shots.. I swear I had that same tie-dye cut out bathing suit when I was little... then there were the overalls, midriff tops, umbro shorts, and lord have mercy on everything I bought from Contempo Casuals...I can't even bring myself to look for the high school pics, yikes!

Tarryn said...

OH MY GOSH! I am so happy you can see Maggie and Sarah M.-S. (I think that's her) in the dance photo and not me! :) And I totally remember that pink bag we got that in England!! Too funny! I just finished organizing mom's photos and found a horrible one of me in braces with a cake we made for your birthday I think in middle school! I was going to e-mail it to you if you promise not to post on here ;) hehe! I love how at the time we thought everything looked so great but now I'm like OMG really?? Remember my favorite silver sweatsuit what was i thinking??? Love the baby photos so cute!!

Jess said...

This was awesome! You had the style down for THAT period! haha Don't beat yourself up child!
If it makes you feel better I had glasses, braces , zits annnnnd lets not forget I wore HEADGEAR!!! AT NIGHT! The first thing my dad asked me when I came home from the orthodontist was "Do you have to wear that to shool?"

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

This inspired me to make a similar post!!! Im thinking tomorrow!!! hahaha!

Jamie said...

Oh gosh girl! These are just too funny :) A lot of this reminds me of some of my outfits!

la petite fashionista said...

this is so amazing! i love all your captions; I'm only 21, and i KNOW i can break out some really embrassing fashion pictures-- this is inspiring me in fact :) y'all look like such classy, stylish ladies now!

TeachingInHeels said...

Fabulous finds!! Too funny :) I was going through sorority pictures with friends the other night and thinking the same things...what were we thinking?!?

Kerr said...

OMG this is hilarious!!! Even though I didnt know you, let me assure you I would have been super jealous of the scrunch curl look. I could never get my hair to do it!

Mama Smors said...

cracks me up!!! i know i committed many of those :) i totally remember you trying to teach me what i needed to gel scrunch my hair..... i have the straightest hair EVER- it was horrible.
we went to great lengths to preserve our belly button jewels at dance camp- all while rocking the mid-riff!

Amanda said...

Oh my....all I can say is thank God you didn't pick the picture of you and me playing "restaurant" you have that one? Your mom sent it to me years about embarrasing! I'm so glad you held onto these memories - you girls were so special to me - I must have cried for months after you moved! I'm so proud to see that you turned into such a gorgeous, confident, fun "20-something" living such an amazing life! Couldn't have wished anything more wonderful for you all those years ago! Would love to get together sometime and catch up...

Miss K said...

This is the MOST AWESOME post ever!! These pics look like they came straight from my pnoto album, girl you were not alone!! If I did the math right, we graduated the same year in 2002?

Totally a new follower, you won me.

b said...

I totally forgot about body glitter, till you mentioned it! LOL = )

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