Nov 14, 2010

A Little Bit Stronger

I love this.

Each day, I am a little bit stronger. And my sweet Ellen, you will be too.


LivKit said...

I <3 this song too!

Kasey Lynne said...

Such a good Sara Evans! I'm glad she's back.

The Mrs. said...

This is one of my favorite songs right now. It "speaks" to me in a different way and I LOVE it! :) She's kind of like Reba to me, she NEVER ages ;o]

Jenn W said...

i'm loving this song right now !!

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting this... just broke up with a guy and that song is a good reminder that life goes on.. plus it's pretty :)

star said...

Love this song! It is such a powerful song!

Leah said...

Love this song, thanks for sharing!

Sophie P said...

Gorgeous!! Not heard of her but it's great!! Keep your pretty little chin up XXXX

-Sam I Am- said...

What an amazing song, gah I love Sara Evans. And yes, most certainly keep your chin up! You seem like such a sweet spirit and you're obviously as beautiful as ever! You're gonna find that right one who is worthy of such a great catch like yourself. Thanks for sharing the video. We all have those breakdown,heartbreak times in life. But yet we always get a little bit stronger :)

Paige said...

Ah, love. This is such an encouraging song. I just love it!

According to Ashley said...

Love it! And love Sara Evans!

Kelsey said...

I love this song! and not to mention Sara evans is beautiful and her songs are never bad!

Katie said...

Fabulous song! She is so pretty. I'm loving the Band Perry's song "If I Die Young" too..!

Ashley said...

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! And I love Sara Evans!! I think she is just soooo dang pretty!

Michaela said...

Love this song! :)

Erica said...

Love this song, I like the video as well.

My Running Ambition said...

along with everyone this song is so perfect!

Brittney said...

l-o-v-e this song!

Danielle said...

im OBSESSED with this song! it is what i need right now..its also in country strong the movie!


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Katie said...

Ive never heard this song. I love it!
Thanks for posting it!

sugar said...

I love this! I found it not too long after my big break up. Its the only video I've bought at the Itunes store, ever. Also....look up Fearless by Colbie Callait, you will love it too.

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