Nov 23, 2010

How cute is this?

One of my sweet followers Ellen sent me this, and I just love it! Thanks girl for sending, so sweet to think of me! You can check this out here also!
Dearest John, if you are reading, I would love you better than Emily Blunt... and that is a promise.


LivKit said...

haha.. too cute!

Beth said...

omg...i LOVE me some JK too. but not as much as i love J. Timberlake...or "my boo" as i like to call him.

Michaela said...

Ah that is so cute :)

According to Ashley said...

Jim is adorable.

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

you are such a dork!

Jessica said...

No... I would love him better than Emily Blunt. ;)

Ashley said...


Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

Oh, honey, I could do some damage to Johnny. Just give me a janitor's closet and about 3 minutes.

Laura said...

i love it! That would be perfect for me too... hahah! LOVE him

Brittney said...

ahh cutesy!

Leslie said...

oh I LOOVE this. John Krasinski is too cute for words

Laura said...

hahahaha :) Love it!

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