Sep 20, 2010

Emily and Julia: Dancing Debut

Well girls, it's Monday and we could all use a little laugh. This morning I got the most adorable video ever of Baby Girl L which started me thinking about another video I love OH SO MUCH of Baby Girl L's momma Emily, and I decided that it needed to be shared with you lovelies.

Emily and Julia (adpi sissies!) spent the semester in Spain, and this is the most memorable thing that came out of the trip-for us at home at least.

The girls had been out enjoying some local establishments, and some local cocktails when they decided to go home and video tape this little dance number.

Please enjoy.

I almost peed my pants today watching this again. Oh Emily. Thank you for your awesome dance moves, and your hysterical ability to wallow on the floor post fall. Julia, you laugh is one of the best parts of this video. OMG I could watch this everyday. We need to get this on Ellen!
Happy Monday lovelies!!


Ashley said...

This video is hilarious! Ellen definitely needs to see this!

Marian said...

Do you think i could borrow those dance moves for my wedding;)

Morgan said...

Oh wow! That is funny!

Abby said...

You do us proud, girls ;) HILARIOUS. I am making B watch this when he gets home from class. LOL!!!!

Leah said...

Can we puhhhlease send this to Ellen. You know my obsession with Ellen a) and b) this is too funny to not send in. I will research what we need to do and we will get it on there! =)
Thanks for the laugh and the memories on this Tuesday morning!

Amber said...

I love their outfits too - very Spain. Haha...thanks for making me smile this morning! :)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

This is hysterical! Love the wardrobe choices too ; )

Mighty Burns said...

Lol I watched this about four times. Poor girl just bails lol and your right that laugh just makes it better.


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