Sep 15, 2010

Bling Me Baby One More Time

can't. stop. blinging out baby L!

You all have met, but in case you forgot, this is baby girl L. Bambino to my adpi sis Emily. (yes that is a PinkLouLou original bow *smiles*)

Before pretty little L was born we were all SO excited and couldn't resist
spoiling her.

Well the urge to bling this baby out has not subsided. LOOK what I got her today.

Pink glittery baby Uggs.

OMG, this child has been LouLou-fied. Now she can keep her sass even when it is -10 degrees up in good ol' Minnesota. I am also throwing in this LouLou original too, as Emily reminded me {gasp} that I had not sent baby girl L one yet!

My daughters are going to kill me, and bless them, bless them if I have all boys.


littledaisymay said...

Oh she is just precious! I know she just loves being LouLoud-fied :)

melissa said...

What a precious little girl! She is too cute in her Lou-Lou bow! And I love her pink bling.

Design Apprentice said...

Oh my goodness you are going to be such a good Mom some day. I feel because of how girly I am I will surely only have boys ala Victoria Beckham.

Paige said...

I wish that I could find some adorable little uggs for my four year old like those! How cute!!

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

See, I want all boys, but in the event I have a girl, she'll be coming to Aunt LouLou and wearing more rhinestones than a Texas pageant queen.

Charlie said...

wait! stop! where did you get those baby bling uggs?!?! SO CUTE!!!!!

Tarryn said...

So cute!! You need to open up a bow shop! I have to show you photos of Isabella and her hair as she has had TONS since she was born (and it never fell out) and I was telling Deena about your bows... she would be a great candidate for a PinkLouLou bow!! =)

Dana (and Michael♥) said...

hahaha the title of this post alone has be singing Britney in my head....A+. I can't wait to have all girls so Aunt Allie can baby bling them! (And teach them how to speak french) :)

Mighty Burns said...

LOL Ok babies normally kinda freak me out, I can't lie to ya. But that little girl is adorbale! She is very lucky to have such a great Auntie Loulou who cares enough about her to make sure she is looking wonderful all year round.

Kerr said...

those Uggs are the cutest things I have ever seen!

Amber said...

Umm...that pacifier is to.die.for! :)

Charlie said...

omg you're so sweet! don't make a special trip for me! i just love those booties and pacifier so much! thank heaven for little girlsssssss!! ;)

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

How stinking cute is she! Adorable! I can't wait till my girlfriends have babies!

Love the bow, boots and paci! Do you have an etsy?

Laura said...

bah! so adorable, what a lucky little lady to be loulou-ified! really, raelly sweet AND sassy :)

Cassie said...

Awww those are so cute! I love the paci, but I pretty much love all shiny objects-lol!

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