Sep 2, 2010

Bachelorette Party Style: 101

Did you know the first book on bachelorette Party how-to’s wasn’t written until 1998? That shocked me! Apparently bachelorette parties really started to become widely popular in the 1980’s but now in 2010, Bach parties have gone to a whole new level! If you are like me and in your mid twenties, you have probably been to so many bachelorette parties you can’t even count anymore. In the past couple of years, I have hands down been to upwards of 20. I don’t kid. I am so blessed to have the group of girlfriends I have, and wouldn’t change any of it! It’s funny though, it seems like every bachelorette party I go to is an extravagant mini vacation, which I LOVE, but when did this happen? I mean I have been to Florida (twice) {once on a yacht!} Nashville, Chicago (back to back weekends, different brides) Cincinnati multiple times, Louisville, probably somewhere else I am forgetting, and the list goes on. I like to think I have become quite the pro at bachelorette party planning, and I do have to toot my own horn here and declare that my MOH duties for little Court Court were pretty awesome. I had a binder y’all. With spreadsheets.

Anyways Every Bach party I go to there is a minimum of 20-25 of my girlfriends in attendance, and ladies, things get Crazy. My friends and I are pretty much abnormally obsessed with each other so when we all get together it is a freaking blab fest. I am sure to be in a restaurant with us is absolutely a nightmare. Actually, I know this because I was told this. Ha. We don’t really care about seeing, or meeting boys, we just wanna hold hands and have drunken slumber parties with our Besties. Ha ha. We aren’t really into all the penis stuff if you will, that’s just gross. I did once try to create a lovely phallic shaped cookie, but it was a major fail, and we dropped it outside the limo anyways. So that was the end of male genitalia shaped baked goods…

So I figured I would impart some of my wisdom on you ladies, in case you need to plan a kick ass bachelorette party, I have compiled a list of the ‘must-haves’ if you will.
A location, and the necessities. For example, a beach house and a beach cooler of beer, or Jen's personalized beach bags, equipped with advil, a mini sky bottle, some snacks, and personalized beach towels! These were precious!

Javier. Meet Javie. He attends every bachelorette party, and his attire changes according the the party’s theme. He has been known to wear firefighter gear, colorful boxers, and a leopard print loin cloth. We like to keep it classy in public, and keep Javier's goods covered.

Lila j tanks- and jean bottom of your choice. Standard. Sweet Lauren at lilaj makes all of our bachelorette tops. They are always precious, and bejeweled. She also made Molly’s Rhinestone bride bikini. Too cute for words.

PinkLouLou original veil- multiples, for multiple nights. Standard white, white with pink underneath, glittery, game day colored or beach visor edition, a PinkLouLou veil is a must. I made the first one for Courtney, and everyone since has had one! I love making them they are just so cute, the poofier the better. My favorite that I have made so far is definitely Ellen’s. It was the perfect poof, and oh so chic. I may have worn it around the house before I gave it to her. Oops.

LBD- to be worn when bride wears her white, or hot pink dress. It’s pretty funny, I was looking through pics and realize that on the second night of the bach party, the bride always wears one color dress (usually white, or hot pink) and everyone else wears their little black dress. Its so easy, yet so cute!

BOAS. Oooh sweet feathers, these boas are obnoxious, but so fun! They just put a little sass in your step if you ask me.

Dare Dice. One has an action on it (kiss, dance on, sing to etc) and the other has the object (bald man, hairy man, officer of the law etc..) throw em and see what you roll! Always a fun time. An FYI a jag is like a cougar, but the male version. Exhibit A. This is a jag. So if you had rolled “Kiss Jag..” you get the point. ;)

Personalized coozies- Yep. A must. With 25 girls how the heck are you suppose to know which drink is yours. Oh I know, get personalized coozies! You most likely will lose yours by the end of the night. Just sayin’. How to fix this problem you ask? Personalized cups equipped with handcuffs. So you are never without your cocktail.

A ride home- Shant we forget the most important thing, a safe ride home. Weather it be a limo, cab driver, or an EMT crew, just make sure you get a safe ride home. Lindsey’s bachelorette party we all came home in an ambulance, don’t worry, no one was hurt, but there were no cabs, so the nice EMT workers decided to let the ‘going wild’ crew hop in the back of the Ambulance and kindly dropped us off at our hotel. Standard. Shall I also mention that this is the night Courtney shut the ambulance door on Brody Jenner, not realizing who he was.
{yes I was a chubs at this time-heartbreak is cruel to the figure haha}

{EDIT look at this GEM I just found. Yes That is Casey driving a fire truck}

Piñata- this was great. I ordered a lovely piñata for Courtney. It was actually quite cute and girly. Guess what it is ladies? We placed it atop of a long pole and carried it high in the air wherever we went. So pretty much Court had a large pink penis piñata just flying in the air above her head through the streets of downtown Nashville. Now this was just genius because you try keeping 25 girls together in a bar. “Just follow the piñata…”

Always be safe. This is why it is a good idea to bring the Coast Guard aboard your yacht. And also why it is important to have a very safe captain, who also passes out chocolate cake shots.
{Yes Jen is holding a dong bong, you heard me}

Needless to say we have a good time! I have probably had too much fun for my own good at all of these bachelorette parties so ladies, keep em coming. LouLou needs an excuse soon to see her girlfriends and be ridiculous! What do YOU do for bachelorette parties?? Any ideas that we need to incorporate? Have a great day lovelies!


Laura said...

i approve of all this! nothing is better than your girls getting together and being wild and crazy with your besties!

I'm also not a big penis-paraphenalia fan. keepin' it classy pink lou lou! (although... sometimes, it a good laugh!!)

Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

This post makes me want to marry you {more than I already did}. When is our bachelorette party?


Amber said...

Looks like you and your girls have Bach parties down to an art! Such great times. :) I am always so grateful for those crazy, carefree times with my ladies!

PinkSass said...

I love this post so much. All of those are really the recipe for a perfect bachelorette party.

Your group of friends look so much fun and yall are beautiful.

Kerr said...

I have a bachlorette party this weekend, thanks for the great ideas!

Molly said...

We do have so much fun!!! I was packing for the beach last night and I really wanted to pack my bride that weird? I refrained, but it's just so cute! We have the best group of friends! So thankful for them and you!


Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

Such great ideas! Ya'll def know how to have fun!!!

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

These are such great ideas! :)

Jessica said...

Looks like so much fun! We had a group of about 15 come to DC for my bachelorette and we had a BLAST!

Catherine said...

Love this post!! Brings back my bachelorette party memories and the party could not have been complete without my very own pinkloulou creations....thanks Allie! And I agree on the penis girls and I didn't want any of that either! xoxo

Mrs. C

Natalie said...

You girls absolutely know how to throw it down! And, I just have to tell you- we have a dong bong that has been passed from bachelorette to bachelorette... only it looked kind of offensive in it's phallic glory so we decorated it with pink ribbon and rhinestones. :)

Annamarie said...

You girls do it big!! I can only HOPE my bachelorette party is as awesome as these! Preferrably the yacht one. Teehee!!

Jennie said...

LOVE much fun! We would SOOOOOO be friends in real life, haha!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Yaaah girl! Love those shirts I just finished making a Bachelorette Sash for my Etsy store! I'm so tired of those party city ones! And a ride home in the ambulance! Before I read the text I was like daannng those girls party!

Dree said...

Your Bach parties sound so, so fun! So does your group of friends. I have yet to go to a bachelorette party, but when I do this post has given me very high expectations to fulfill!

littledaisymay said...

How fun! It looks like you and your girlfriends always have a blast together :)

Mighty Burns said...

25 girls goodness! I have had some very shy Bride friends. I'll have to see if your dice help bring the next one out of their shell

MntJulep said...

I HATE that my Bachelorette Party days are dwendling. They aren't many more to attend. :( Tear.

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

quote of the day "he should send you a thank you card"

Courtney said...

You know I am a fan of the pinkoulou veil! Thanks Allie for making my bachelorette amazingly perfect, I can’t thank you enough! PS You forgot the cute little personalized stickers that we passed out at the bar to the nice gentlemen that gave us shots and helped with dares…. I think they said Courtney’s Final Fling or maybe Team Bride. So much fun and love you always!

Paige said...

You girls know how to have some fun! I love all of the ideas that you shared!

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

Look here. You are darling. Just. Precious.
You look like Carrie, you are crafty with fabric AND computers? Girl, you are a catch!

These are hilarious! It looks like a super fun time!

According to Ashley said...

This post makes me wish I was a sorority girl!! So hilarious!! I love Javie and I cannot BELIEVE the EMT story! So true about the LBD requirement, too. Although at my Bachelorette Party, I actually wore a LBD too. I did have a tiara, know, to help me stand out :)

Jess said...

This post was awesome! And it makes me excited for my best freinds bachelorette party the 25th of this month!! Eeeekkkk were going to CINCY! :)

Dana (and Michael♥) said...

Hi... Have you started planning my party yet... just sayin!? Loves you! :)

Kate Wesley Steinbeck said...

"we are sooo fun!" haha probably some of the greatest nights of my life... and even though i missed jen's, yall calling me after my race made me feel as if i was there!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post... ps i think nashville misses you guys.. come visit pronto... reunion very soon!!! Ole Miss AND Lex!!!

Kristin said...

Just found your blog!! Loved this post!! Such great pictures and stories!! Sounds like an awesome time you get to have! Now following!! :)

stevenjared0853 said...

Happy to know about your bachelorette party and wish it was a grand one. I am arranging my best friend’s bachelor party and searching for lovely Los Angeles event venues. Planning to hire party DJ and have a dance party as well.

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