Jun 9, 2010

Update to last post...

Glee fans... you're welcome.
My girlfriend Ellen just sent me this. Mathew Morrison-you are looking fine in this months Vogue. Ok sorry I just had to.


Laura said...

Gasp! Mr. Shuester! I had no idea you were looking so good underneath your sweatervests!

I LOVED last nights episode. I seriously watched it twice and then youtubed the songs this morning at work. I love that show!

Kristen said...

Everyone is talking about this Glee show! What have I been missing out on?? Im definitely watching the first season reruns this summer so I can catch up!

leigh ashley said...

uh duh... speechless. beautiful.

MntJulep said...

Shit fire - I love him. :)

EmmyLou said...

I don't watch Glee but oh my hotness!

Shelley Ann said...

holy moly! i didnt know he looked like that!!

Juliana said...

Thank you for making my day tee hee hee!

Carolyn @ life, love and puppy prints said...

Oh man! Mr. Shu!!! Yum! LOL Love the blog!! :)

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