Jun 4, 2010

Focusing on the Present

I got this email from my roommate Leah, and bless her heart she has had to put up with me and my crazy life all year, ha. She has been awesome at listening, and really giving me great advice. She sent me this today, and I just love it and wanted to share.

"The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better. Forget about the future, and live each day according to the teachings, confident that God loves his children. Each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity."

This is so true. Sometimes we forget to just live each day as at comes. There is no sense in worrying about the future when it is really something you cannot control. All it does for me is make me an anxious mess. God already has it figured out for us, and that in itself should provide the most comfort. So I am choosing to focus on the present, and living each day the best I can.

Thanks Leah. I love you!


littledaisymay said...

I love that! Matthew 6:34 is one of my favorite verses that has to do with this..."Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Have a wonderful weekend!

leigh ashley said...

that's wonderful advice... for everyone! thanks for sharing!!


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