Jun 17, 2010


Let us discuss.

I am a very smart girl. I did great in school, I am fantastic at my job, I am just not good with “details”. I am always late. I could not tell you what church the wedding I am suppose to attend is at, and I have no idea what time we are suppose to leave for the beach on Friday. {Examples obvi.}

So my lack of paying attention to details caught up with my yesterday during my lunch break when I discovered on Alumni Drive, oh… hmm I just ran out of gas. Awesome. This is absolutely NOT the 7th time I have ever done this. It is like 100 degrees and I am near pass out mode because I haven’t eaten or had a diet coke by this point, and my cell phone is about to die. This is just great. Allison, get it together. I luckily have enough juice in the old iphone to call AAA for gas.

Next thing I know I hear “woop woop” and see red and blue lights. Thank GOODNESS Officer Williams was so kind and let me sit in his car with the air conditioning. Mind you I was in the back seat, of the cop car, looking like a complete arrested idiot. But in reality I just needed some AC people! So then finally an hour later, not one, but two AAA trucks come to my rescue. One was the one I called, and the other just happened to be driving by and stopped to help. So it is just me, the cop, and my two AAA men blocking traffic for a little run out of gas situation. I felt like the biggest moron ever.

So in conclusion: I will be filling up my gas tank whenever it gets to half a tank… yep. This is my new rule. Wish me luck.

Geez I need to get it together with the small things in my life!! Please someone else tell me they have done something more ridiculous recently…


CMae said...

LOL you poor girl! Can't say I've ever run out of gas, but I've been pulled over lots (never had a ticket though)I'm notorious for rolling stop signs and getting caught lol. I have triple AAA for fear of getting a flat tire....can't exactly see myself knowing the first thing about changing a tire! :)

leigh ashley said...

haha... okay. i ran out of gas a few months ago. it was awesome. i counted the cars that passed by: 67. only one stopped to ask if i was okay. it took mike 45 mintues to get there with gas. ugh. you are NOT alone!! :)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Running out of gas is one of my biggest fears! So glad you had help.. and AC :)

Carolyn @ life, love and puppy prints said...

OMG! I had this same thing happen to me... in rush hour... on a super busy road... at a red light... in the middle lane!! I called the fiance to get me gas, and ALMOST got a ticket from a cop! All while getting honked at, yelled at and flipped off by passing traffic! I forgot to mention it was 100some degrees out and I was late for a dinner! EEK! I know how you feel girl! I am so scatterbrained too! Love the blog! :)

Lauren said...

Btw just found your blog :) It makes me happy! Don't worry too much girl its happened to the best of us! I've driven away with the gas pump still in my car! Just yesterday i couldn't figure out why the redbox wasn't taking my dvd.... I came to the conclusion that it was a blockbuster dvd after 10 minutes and a nice gentleman helping me. Talk about embarrassing!

Kristen said...

When I was 16 i got a brand new car and it "broke down" on me the 2nd week I had the stupid thing! After calling my dad hysterically pissed off he showed up to "fix" the engine aka bringing gas to an empty tank. And I am NOT an idiot, Im actually pretty smart if I might say so myself but Im bad with details too! I never even noticed the LOW FUEL light that my dad swears had to be on for at least 30 minutes!Live and learn LUCKY or me it hasnt happened since!

Have a great weekend!!!

Whitney said...

I'm surprised this hasn't happened to me yet. I always let it go past the empty mark, and I still drive on it...thinking I can get a couple of more miles out of it.

I've done stuff like that before. One time I was some friends and we were going to the ATM to get some cash. I put my credit card in the ATM (I thought it was my debit card), and I was wondering why it wouldn't accept my pin and give me money. After about 10 tries, I realized I had the wrong card. I was so embarrassed!

Paige said...

Lol, love your heart!

Erin said...

Shut up! I have totally done something way more idiotic. I wrote about it and it's super long, but I really should teach How to be an Idiot in less than 15 Minutes at the nearest college.


Derby City Gal said...

I feel your pain..my clutch went out on my car today so I had to sit on the side of the road and wait for AAA to tow it away and wait for a friend to pick me up..

Stephanie said...

I feel like I was reading my own story. This totally sounds like something I would do! But hey, we're girls...that's my excuse at least!!

Molly said...

Details shmetails, haha! Never ran out of gas, but you know I have done many, many silly things!

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