Apr 16, 2010

The Sadie Belle

So... I was getting a little antsy for 5oclock at work, and I started thinking about my little baby Sadie. She is the sweetest dog ever! She was the most precious puppy! I miss her sweet little baby face. *le sigh*
In the spirit of reminiscing, here are some pics of the sweet pug dog when she was little. I just want to squeeze her! I mean get serious, how cute was she? She still is a looker, but she was just so cute and tiny three and a half years ago. Love her.
Happy Friday everyone!
Sadie's first social engagement, she was the hit of the Christmas party...

However she was the first one to call it a night in Auntie Mo's hands... how sweet is that!

This is Sadie last summer, all grown up. I told you, still a looker, just not as baby face.

Sadie snoozin. Hysterical. She is snoring also.

Oh Sadie Belle, I miss your sweet puppy face!!


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