Apr 16, 2010

The Sadie Belle

So... I was getting a little antsy for 5oclock at work, and I started thinking about my little baby Sadie. She is the sweetest dog ever! She was the most precious puppy! I miss her sweet little baby face. *le sigh*
In the spirit of reminiscing, here are some pics of the sweet pug dog when she was little. I just want to squeeze her! I mean get serious, how cute was she? She still is a looker, but she was just so cute and tiny three and a half years ago. Love her.
Happy Friday everyone!
Sadie's first social engagement, she was the hit of the Christmas party...

However she was the first one to call it a night in Auntie Mo's hands... how sweet is that!

This is Sadie last summer, all grown up. I told you, still a looker, just not as baby face.

Sadie snoozin. Hysterical. She is snoring also.

Oh Sadie Belle, I miss your sweet puppy face!!


Jillian said...

Love the binkie in her mouth!!

chelsea said...

she is the cutest little peanut!

Katherine said...

shut up! she is soooo freaking cute! oh i would love to snuggle her as a little puppy!

Laura said...

omg. she is sooo cute :)


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