Apr 8, 2010

I need your help!

Ok- So I am moving in like three weeks (stressed!) and can't decide if I want to re-do my bedroom stuff. I have always been a romantic, shabby chic kinda girl, and that is how my room was for years but last year I changed it up and went for more of a glamour chic kind of vibe. Very girly, but a little throw back to the days of Marilyn and Audrey. I love it, but I can't help but miss my vintage romantic roots. Help! Should I change it up, and go back to a more romantic/shabby chic with hints of Paris? I can't decide, I love them both. What's a girl to do? Here is what my room looks like now...
Glamour Chic

And here is what it use to look like...

Vintage Romance

I am kinda thinking about doing this again. I just love the light sweetness that this room brings. Here is a pic of the furniture I have now. It looks so pretty with the vintage romantic stuff, but it also works with my glamour chic stuff too. However I feel like black furniture would look better with the glamorous stuff I have now, kind like Maureen's room (Mo send me a pic!) So in conclusion I am slightly leaning towards going back to my shabby chic romantic roots. It's just more me I think. Let me know your thoughts girls! I need HELP!


Juliana said...

I honestly think you should do the romantic with hints of Paris, but that is just me. I like to change things up a lot! Are you a Gemini?

PinkLouLou said...

Not a gemini, but a libra! :)

Bloggerista Tarryn said...

I'm loving the first but you know me I'm a glam gal- if you do redo I may have to snag whatever you don't want from your current look because now I want to redecorate!! =)

Bloggerista Tarryn said...

Then again I can't even commit to a blog design for Al and myself's blog... hmmm

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