Apr 7, 2010


I need to get a few things off my chest...

1. I sometimes don’t empty the clean dishwasher at work if no one is in the kitchen to see me…

2. I write things in my planner and to do list even when I have already done them just to have that feeling of “checking them off”

3. I feel SO guilty when I throw away a piece of paper in the trash can at work instead of recycling it that I have to go back, get the paper, and put it in the recycling bin.

4. I secretly want to squeeze out a whole tube of toothpaste.

5. When babysitting my girls, I always eat one of their fruit snacks before giving them their little baggy.

6. I get Chic-fil-a every Friday morning, and a large diet coke.

7. I once called shot gun when being escorted home in college by a friendly officer. (He just didn’t want me walking by myself!)

8. I have painted my nails in the stairwell at work, so no one will smell my nail polish!

9. I may or may not have eaten 12 pink bunny peeps today…

10. Sometimes I pretend to not hear my phone ring when it is someone who is calling and I know it is going to be a looooong conversation.

Ok. I feel better now.

Oh, and I also want to see this movie. Badly.


Lindsey said...

Hahaha- too funny, I love this! I totally do #2, #5, and #10.
AND I was to see the Last Song so bad too!!

Lauren said...

What fun confessions--I think we are all guilty of them!

I am absolutely check-list addicted as well and always do #2.

I also feel so guilty when I can't recycle.

DASH Photography said...

Ditto on the movie!

oh.. and I just did #2 not 30 minutes ago! :) How funny!

melissa said...

Love the thought of you hiding out in the stairway painting your nails. Too funny!

Laura said...

haha... confession, I also make "already done" lists. It's so rewarding to check things off!!


Jillian said...

You are too funny!!


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