Mar 14, 2010

Weekend Update

I had planned on going to Atlanta this weekend to visit my favorite Sara, but instead I stayed in Lexington. I did some laundry, cleaned, saw my parents, saw my Setzer babies, and made about 30 of these!Love baby bows! I have had some of my first orders and I am super excited. I also made a bunch for some of my friends sweet baby girls on the way. Can't wait to get my website up soon. Here is another pic-of me and Brooks, my little spider monkey. I kept the girls Saturday night, and they were hilarious as always. Brooks put me in time out, and Savannah told me she had been sleeping in the dog cage. HA. Laurel was a sweet angel as always. Love them. That's all I got for ya, tired and ready to snooze with the pug puppy. Night loves!

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Mo said...

Dear Pink Lou Lou,

I just love your baby bows!! BEYOND adorable!!! :)

Ps. Can I request you do a "daily morning routine post"?? You always look so fab and seem to be upbeat and out the door with a smile on your face! Just want to know what goes on in the morning? Do you work out? Listen to jams? Wake up super early to be more awake? Watch SBTB? Get a DC from Micky D's?? Let us know! ;)


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